15 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Mark Zuckerberg

This post is all about Weird Things about Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg has achieved a lot of success at a very young age, the kind of success that a lot of people can only dream of.

Mark Zuckerberg according to a lot of people is a nerd, but for me the real truth about this young man is that he is simply unique.

These uniqueness of his can also be mistaken by a lot of people as being weird or awkward.

Let us now check out those weird things about this Facebook founder.

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15. He Prefers His dog over his wife

Mark Zuckerberg’s wife Priscilla is not the type who loves being on the spot light, but on the rare occasions she has been interviewed, she came clean with the most important people in her husband’s life.

According to Priscilla, Mark’s number one priority is his great invention which is Facebook as he is always trying his best to further improve the social media.

The second on the list of most important things in his life is his Hungarian Sheep dog who has a Facebook page which has millions of followers.

While the third on the list is his wife.

But of course, this is a joke because Mark can’t really choose a dog over his wife, it is simply impossible, but a bit weird I must say.

Do you agree with me?

14. He has no sense of fashion

It is no surprise that a man as busy as Mark Zuckerberg will have no time to wear the latest designer clothes or sneakers.

To avoid all these problems he simply stock to a daily routine of wearing the same type of clothes.

Mark’s iconic fashion style is his T-shirt, hoodie, jeans and a pair of sneakers.

It was also because of his poor taste in fashion that he was named as one of the worst dressed men of Silicon Valley in 2011 by GQ.

13. You earn more than him

Being the founder of Facebook, a company worth billions of dollars, you would also expect him to have billions as salary.

But to the surprise of most people, Mark pays himself just $1 per years.


This is definitely weird!

12. Mark is a vegetarian

In 2011, Mark gave up eating meat and became a vegetarian.

His reason was that he couldn’t continue eating animals who gave up their lives daily to serve as food for us human beings.


11. Mark is color blind

Have you ever wondered why Facebook’s iconic color is blue, in spite of the thousands of colors known Mark still choose blue.

Well, it wasn’t just a coincidence, it was for a reason.

And the reason was that since birth Mark have had a type of color blindness known as Red-green color blindness which allows him to see the blue color best.

So that is why he opted for the blue color at the initial stage of Facebook.

10. It all began in his Dormitory

Unlike most students who spend all their time in the University partying, watching movies, hanging out with their friends and doing other crazy things, Mark dedicated most of his time to his future.

Mark began to work on Facebook after his first social media network in Harvard called FaceMesh was shut down by the school authorities because it was against the school’s guidelines.

It was after FaceMesh was shut down that he created a website called Facebook.com while in his dorm with some of his friends.

After he moved from his dorm to tech Centre, Palo Alto, California, he changed the name to Facebook.

9. The cheap marriage

Any millionaire or billionaire you know, would definitely spend lots of money when it comes to parties and ceremonies then talk les of a wedding.

But Mark being the simple gentle man we all know him as almost has no taste in luxury.

Mark and Priscilla got married in a cheap back yard wedding ceremony which was only attended by a few people.

The invited friends weren’t even aware that they were going for a wedding as they were told that it was to celebrate Priscilla’s graduation from medical school.

8. Mark and Priscilla’s first meeting was a bit awkward

Mark and his wife Priscilla met for the first time at a Fraternity party while they were in line for the bathroom.

Mark made the first move by approaching Priscilla.

According to Priscilla, as of that time she saw Mark as a nerd, but loved a lot of things about him.

So that is why she agreed to go out on a date with him.

7. He was already a programmer by the age of 12

By the age of 12 a lot of kids just play around and take nothing serious.

But at the age of 12, Mark Zuckerberg was already a big time programmer and inventor.

As of then he created an instant messaging program called ZuckNet which alerted his dentist father whenever a patient arrived.

6. He knew coding more than his tutor

After Mark’s father saw the incredible talent his son portrayed, he decided to sharpen his skills by hiring a programming tutor who would teach him more.

But to the surprise of his tutor, Mark already knew everything he was about to teach him.

5. He could have sold Facebook

There is no doubt that Facebook is very dear to Mark Zuckerberg, because if not he could have sold it a long time ago and made more money for himself.

A lot of companies that tabled billions of dollars just to acquire the software include Microsoft, Myspace, Google, NBC, Yahoo, Viacom and a whole lot of others.

But in spite of all the money, Mark didn’t let go.

4. Mark Zuckerberg is on Twitter

Hardly do you see a company’s CEO being a fan of another company, especially when the company is a competition.

But Mark doesn’t mind at all.

He’s been on twitter since 2009, but he isn’t all that active as he barely has up to 20 posts on the social network.

3. The fitness goal

Not every billionaire has the time to engage in fitness activities but that is with the exception of the young and vibrant Mark Zuckerberg.

Back in 2016, he set a goal for himself which was to run 365 miles during the course of that year.

He completed this goal just few months before the year came to an end.

2. He is a fan of Hollywood

Mark may be a busy billionaire, but he still has the time to release his many stresses and he does so by watching movies.

One of his favorite movies is The return of Xander Cage which he can literally quote every one of Vin Diesel’s lines.

Vin Diesel and the Facebook founder have a very strong relationship and hang out sometimes.

1. His simple T-shirt is very expensive

Mark has created a unique type of fashion for himself which is his usual T-shirt, a hoodie, Nike sneakers and a pair of jeans.

The clothes are very simple and prevent him from making a lot of decisions when it comes to which outfit to wear.

One of his custom T-shirt costs a whopping $300 to $400 and it is made by Italian designer Brunello Cucinelli.

Do you agree with this post or do you have any suggestion or personal opinion?

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