Trill Sammy Net Worth And 10 Weird Things About Him

Trill Sammy net worth

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Trill Sammy net worth

Trill Sammy is a well-known talented and versatile American rapper and hip hop artiste.

He is an African-American with a bit of Puerto Rican descent, he grew up being very close to his mother.

Trill Sammy was born Samuel Michael Perrares Garcia on the 3oth of November 1997 in Houston, Texas.

He rose to fame at the young age of 16 after he began to upload many of his free style video on social media which quickly caught the attention of people.


He is known for his charming personality and good looks which makes able to get any girl’s attention.

Trill Sammy net worth is estimated to be $500, 000.

Who is Trill Sammy

Finding fame isn’t always all that easy but once you have the talent it becomes much easier and that was the case of this rapper.

At the age of 16 Trill Sammy had already discovered his incredible talent and began to make good use of it by creating short free style videos which he then uploaded on various social media platforms.

This quickly made him popular among his local high school girls who quickly began to flock around him both for his fame and good looks.

The social media that made it all happen for Trill Sammy was twitter.

The videos he posted on twitter got a lot of responses and he was then advised to take his career very serious which he did and since then he hasn’t looked back.

Trill Sammy Biography and Early Life

Trill Sammy was born Samuel Michael Perrares Garcia on the 30th of November 1997 in Houston, Texas, United States of America.

He has an African-American and Puerto Rican descent and grew up very much attached to his mother who has been very influential and supportive in his career so far.

Sammy grew up being a school hater like most artistes. So it was no surprise that he dived straight into music at a very young age.

Just at the age of 16, Trill Sammy began rapping and making short free style videos which he would then share with his high school mates and post on social media.

His videos quickly became popular on various social media especially twitter and it was at this time he was encouraged by many to take his rap career to the nest level which he did and has never regretted since then.

But before then this rapper never liked school instead all he did in school was make new friends and rap for them and that also made him very popular.

Trill Sammy net worth
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Trill Sammy Career

Trill made himself famous at a very young age, but his career became a success in 2015 after one of his videos which was a collaboration with Born Stunna went viral and after that Trill began to work harder to produce more songs.

His first track titled Trappin instantly became a hit and it was after he released this song that people began to take him serious in the rap industry and he became an artiste to watch out.

In late November, 2015, Trill Sammy teamed up with Dice Soho to produce another hit song titled Just watch.

The video of this song became much of a success and started getting encouraging responses and applauds from even top stars and it has gotten over 15 million life time views.

This video also added to Trill’s already growing popularity and fan base.

The rapper even made things better for himself by staging concerts in different cities with his partner Dice Soho.

Trill Sammy’s career became much more successful after he released his debut album in 2016 titled Red Album.

Trill was then later signed by slim thug and kirko Bangs that same year which made him one of the most promising rappers.

One thing that made people love Trill Sammy was because of his unique rap style and this is very much evident in his songs Netflix and Chill and Uber everywhere.

At the age of 19 Trill Sammy was already a sensation and has also gone on to work with big name stars like Soulja Boy, Slim Thug and Kirko Bangz.

He has also toured the country with his good friend Dice Soho and Riff Raff.

There were reports that Trill Sammy had some issues with his mother owing to the fact that he dropped out of school to pursue his music career, but I bet by now his mother would be too proud of his son.

Trill Sammy net worth and Salary

Trill Sammy has been in the rap scene since 2015 and he is quickly making a name for himself as he has already achieved a lot in a short period of time.

He is definitely an artiste to watch out for.

Trill Sammy net worth is estimated to be $500, 000.

Trill Sammy net worth source

Trill Sammy net worth source can only be his music as he is a performer that means he earns from his various shows and concerts.

Sammy also earn money from his various brand endorsements and deals and personal investments that is if he has any.

Is Trill Sammy net worth decreasing or increasing?

This young man hasn’t even yet reached the peak of his career yet he has a lot to be proud of.

He is definitely a rapper to watch out and that means Trill Sammy net worth can only be on the increase.

Trill Sammy net worth 2015

As of 2015 much wasn’t yet known about this rapper, so there are no reports of his net worth.

Trill Sammy net worth 2016

Trill Sammy as of 2016 was already making waves in the rap industry and f then we can say that Trill Sammy net worth was a little bit above $74, 000.

Trill Sammy net worth 2017

By 2017 this young rapper has proven his immense talent to the world as he was already shutting down shows and concerts.

Trill Sammy net wort in 2017 was $340, 000.

Trill Sammy Social media

Trill Sammy is also one of the most followed youngest rappers on social media and this was as a result of his new mix tape sorry for the sleep which made him accumulate over a million followers in both twitter and Instagram.

Trill Sammy’s Controversies

Trill Sammy just like most other rappers out there have one controversy or another hanging around there necks.

One of his recent bad days was when his most prized possession which is his expensive chain got snatched from him in North Carolina.

Trill Sammy net worth
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Trill Sammy songs

Trill Sammy is a killer when it comes to songs as it seems any song he makes becomes an instant hit.

Among his most popular songs are No Pressure, add it up, road runnin, faces hyp3beast and lot more.

He has accumulated millions of views since the inception of his career, he has a huge fan base and definitely a rapper for the future.

Trill Sammy Education

Trill Sammy grew up not being a much fan of education as he preferred skipping classes and doing what he does best which is rapping.

Trill completed his elementary school but dropped out from high school to pursue his music career.

So he isn’t a high school graduate nor a college graduate.

Trill Sammy Personal Life

Trill Sammy has been in and out of many relationships, but this rapper isn’t married.

He was once reported to be dating a reality star by name Shannon Jessie but none of them ever came forward to confirm the relationship, but the rapper mentioned her quite a lot on his social media profiles.

Trill Sammy has been rumored to currently being in a relationship with a girl known as Mizz Twerksum and they both have been seeing each other since 2017.

The couple share cute photos of themselves on social media a lot.

They are also huge fans of tattoos as they both have most part of their body covered with ink.

What is Trill Sammy’s Real Name?

Trill Sammy’s real name is Samuel Michael Perrares Garcia.

Trill Sammy Age

Trill Sammy was born on the 30th of November 1997 that means the rapper just turned 21.

Trill Sammy Awards and Achievements

There is no way you can talk about upcoming artistes who would be taking the center stage in the world of rap without mentioning Trill Sammy.

At a very young age he has already accomplished a lot and has all the ingredients and talents to become one of the big name rappers someday.

Trill Sammy Height and Weight

Trill Sammy is a tall handsome young man.

He has a height of 6 inches and weighs over 67kg.

Trill Sammy’s House

Trill Sammy was born in Houston, Texas and was also raised there by his mother.

Now he also lives in the same city with his mother, but he regularly flies out to Los Angeles for his different appointments.

Trill Sammy Cars

Rappers are mainly known for their flamboyant kind of lifestyle and they know how to spend without consideration when it comes to cars and Trill is no exception.

Trill Sammy definitely has the cash at his disposal, so there is no doubt that he has a car garage full of exotic cars which many can only dream of.

10 Weird Things about Trill Sammy

1. Trill Sammy has a huge fan base on different social media platforms.

He has over 700, 000 followers on Instagram, over 210, 000 followers on twitter and over 5, 000 Facebook followers.

2. He was the guy back in high school

During his high school days, Trill was loved by a lot of girls mainly because of his charming personality and cute face.

3. Vine was the way

Trill became famous at a very young age by posting many of his free style videos on Vine.

4. He was already flexing with the big boys

At a very young age, Trill Sammy had already done collaborations with big name rappers like Soulja Boy, slim thug, Riff Raff and a host of other rappers.

5. The queen of twerk

Trill Sammy’s girlfriend with nick name Queen Twerksum is a famous YouTube star known for her many twerk videos.

Trill really got an eye for awesome women, I must confess!

6. The motherly affection

Trill is what you would call mummy’s boy as the rapper grew up being very close to his mother and they are still very close till now.

7. The girls are all over him

Back in 2016, Trill said that over 80 percent of his fan base was made up of female fans, and this is because of his good looks and charming personality.

8. The one for the future

Trill Sammy has showcased his talents to the world and there is no doubt that he would become one of the biggest rappers in the industry someday.

9. Trappin made it all happen

Trappin which was Trill Sammy’s 2015 hit song was what made him famous and also brought up a lot of opportunities for him.

10. He would only get better

This young rapper is becoming better every single passing year and there is no doubt that he is destined for greater things.


Talking about Trill Sammy net worth, it is just a matter of time before it would turn into millions because the young rapper knows his grind and would only get better.


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