TJ Hunt Net Worth And 10 Weird Things About Him

tj hunt net worth

TJ Hunt Net Worth

YouTube has provided the platform for lots of youngsters to excel, make a name for themselves and even make millions for themselves and one of those people is famous YouTube star TJ Hunt.

Who is TJ Hunt?

TJ Hunt is one of the youngest and most successful YouTube stars and he has made a lot of money and fame for himself since kicking off his YouTube career in 2009.

TJ Hunt began his YouTube journey in 2009 by uploading videos on the social network and TJ Hunt net worth is currently estimated to be at the $2 million mark.

TJ Hunt biography and early life

TJ Hunt was born on the 29th of December in Montreal, Canada and after a while he left the city for San Diego in California.

Apart from these few facts nothing else is known about his early life.

TJ Hunt Education

TJ Hunt is well educated as he attended the Del Norte High School before he decide to further his education by joining the California State University where he also excelled.

TJ Hunt Family

Much is not really known about the roots or family background of this YouTube star but his online family which is made up of his loyal social media followers is overwhelming as he has over 400,000 followers on Instagram and over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube.

TJ Hunt Career

TJ Hunt since his childhood days have always been a huge fan of cars and that is why in November 2009 he decided to turn his love and passion for cars into a profitable venture.

He created a YouTube channel and began to upload videos and pictures about car repairs, latest car designs, reviews and car racing events.

TJ Hunt began from nothing and slowly built a huge fan base and community of car enthusiasts like him.

He now has over 160 million YouTube views on his YouTube channel.

And being a smart young man he also decided to capitalize on his fans and turned them into customers by creating his own clothing brand Hunt&Co which has also added huge amounts of income to his bank account.

TJ Hunt Body

TJ Hunt is without doubt a handsome young man as he is tall and have eyes girls could easily fall for.

Apart from his much success on YouTube, he seems to also be successful at the gym.

He is 6’0 inches, he has a black hair color, and brown eye color.

Tj Hunt net worth

TJ Hunt Personal Life

Being just a young man of 24 years, you do not really expect him to be married.

But when it comes to girlfriend he has used his fame, his looks and cash to get a lot of them.

As of recent he has been with a girl named Sabrina Alexis and of course they are romantically involved.

TJ Hunt kept the relationship between him and Sabrina a secret until December 2016 when he introduced Sabrina to his YouTube family by making a video with the title Meet my girlfriend.

Awards and Achievements

There is nothings as awesome as being young, successful, good looking and famous.

So that means TJ Hunt already has a lot to be proud of and he has also achieved a lot of success with all these at least by his own standards.

Apart from creating a multi-million YouTube channel, TJ Hunt also has a clothing line which is likely to be worth millions which is the Hunt&Co which deals in hoodies, tank tops and T-shirts.

TJ Hunt Net Worth and Salary

TJ Hunt net worth is estimated to be $2 million and most of his income comes from his YouTube channel which is his primary source of income.

Then his clothing brand which also brings some income and some other personal investments of his.

TJ Hunt Net Worth Source

TJ Hunt net worth source can only be his YouTube channel and his clothing brand as there is no reliable information on whether he has personal investments.

He earns from his YouTube channel by placing ads on his videos and he is paid over $5 per 1,000 video views.

So just imagine how much TJ Hunt would have made since he has over 160, 000,000 million YouTube video views.

Is TJ Hunt Net Worth Increasing or Decreasing?

Some few years ago, this young man couldn’t boast of having up to a million dollars as a net worth, but look at him today, he is all fly!

And that only means that he is made for life and his net worth is not going down anytime soon.

Success all through bruh!

TJ Hunt YouTube Channel

TJ Hunt YouTube channel is basically all about cars and his personal life.

TJ Hunt life before the fame

Like we all know, every famous person we know today had a time when he or she wasn’t all that famous or even rich.

So during that period TJ Hunt was just like every other normal kid out there in the neighborhood.

But these all changed after he began his YouTube channel and after some few years of hard work on the channel he gained fame and wealth.

TJ Hunt Age

TJ Hunt was born on the 29th of December 1994 and that means he is 25 years old.

tj hunt net worth
Source: Showbizpost

TJ Hunt Cars

One of the benefits of being young and rich is that you can have all the ladies, latest rides, the luxurious life and it is at this young age you would really know how to enjoy wealth.

And TJ Hunt being a huge addict of cars has spared nothing in his bank account when it comes to getting the best of rides.

Some of his cars include Nissan GTR, Nissan 370Z and Subaru BRZ.

TJ Hunt Trivia

TJ Hunt is one of the most successful YouTubers and his over 1 million subscribers and over 160 million video views speaks volume for him.


10 Weird Things about TJ Hunt

Apart from having a mind blowing net worth of $2 million at a very young age, there are also much insane things about this young man.

Let us check them out.

1. He began his YouTube channel at the age of 15

While his mates were busy playing around, TJ Hunt already knew what he wanted in life and was busy working on his future.

2. He is addicted to cars

TJ Hunt grew up loving cars and no wonder he began his YouTube channel as a car focused channel.

3. He is not much of a playboy

Being young and rich has a lot of consequences and one of those is you hardly get to settle down with a partner.

But TJ Hunt hasn’t allowed all his cash and fame to get into his head as he is not that much of a relationship jumper and girl cheater.

4. His car garage is something else!

This young man knows his ways around cars and no wonder his car garage boasts of a Nissan GTR, Nissan 370Z and Subaru BRZ.

5. The over 160 million views

It takes only hard work and dedication for any YouTuber to achieve this feat.

6. He is ambitious

TJ Hunt net worth may be $2 million, but that is just for now as he is very much focused on expanding his reach and also making his net worth bigger.

7. His school tug life

During his high school days he would prefer to make videos on cars instead of attending classes.

8. He is a fan of sunshades

Already a cool nigga, he prefers being cooler and hotter with the sunshades.

9. The sneaker collection

Just like all big name entertainers, TJ also has a huge sneaker collection to himself.

10. His cars don’t last

TJ Hunt is into several dealerships so that is why he doesn’t use most of his cars for over a year.


TJ Hunt net worth is not only an asset to him but also an encouragement and motivation to every single young hustler out there.

If a young man like TJ Hunt made it big, then there is no doubt that we all young niggas can also make it.


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