Sydney Brooke Simpson Biography, Net Worth, Boyfriend and More

Sydney Brooke Simpson

Who is Sydney Brooke Simpson?

Sydney Brooke Simpson is a businesswoman, but she is popularly known as the daughter of one of the greatest National Football League (NFL) players of all time in the person of O.J Simpson and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

Sydney Brooke Simpson was almost like every other kid out there who had no intention of becoming a celebrity one day as she had a very reserved attitude.

But her rise to fame came in 1994 after her mother was murdered in cold blood along with her alleged lover.

The murder of Nicole Brown Simpson came two years after she filed for a divorce in order to end her marriage to O.J Simpson.

Ever since then, due to the fact that her famous athlete father was the main suspect of the murder case, herself and the whole family have remained a controversial topic and we all know that controversy also comes with a bit of fame.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Biography and Early Life

Sydney Brooke Simpson was born on the 17th of October, 1985 to the late German-American Nicole Brown Simpson and the legendary National Football League player, actor, broadcaster and television personality O.J Simpson.

During her childhood days, Sydney Brooke Simpson was more of the quiet and shy type, she never thought of being famous or being a cause of attention.

She grew up being very close to her mother Nicole.

But before all these tragedies befell the Simpson family, Sydney was a vibrant but shy girl who did very in school.

At a very young age, she already knew what she wanted in life and put everything in place to make sure she achieved her dreams of being a successful female entrepreneur.

One thing that she loved doing especially with her mother was cooking.

O.J Simpson back then once boasted of how a great cook his young daughter was.

Since she was a talented cook, she then decided that it was what she wanted to be in life, but not just any cook or chef but a very successful one.

At school, Sydney Brooke Simpson excelled as she did very well in art classes and got good grades.

Sydney grew up with her brother Ryan and they are both very close even up till now in spite of the many tragedies and misfortunes that happened in their lives.

As a kid, Sydney Simpson was very close to his father O.J as they would always hang out together, in fact O.J Simpson became so fond of his daughter that he will live out his late ex-wife Nicole and son Ryan, so that he can able to spend quality time with her.

But all this have changed and the relationship between this father and daughter has gotten worse over the years, especially after O.J Simpson was accused of being the one behind his ex-wife’s death.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s problems began in 1992 when her late mother Nicole Brown Simpson filed for a divorce due to the several physical abuses she was receiving from her husband O.J Simpson.

It was just after a few months of her filing the divorce that the couple split living Sydney who was 7 years of age at that time and her brother Ryan in a very sad condition.

All these family issues could have gotten to her and might have had a negative impact on her education, but she remained focused.

But the worst of it all came in 1994 when she was only 9 years old.

It was that year that the whole O.J Simpson legacy came crashing down and everyone including Sydney was saddened.

After O.J Simpson and his then wife Nicole Brown Simpson split in 1992, two years later Nicole and a friend of hers named Ronald Goldman were found dead outside Nicole’s house in Brentwood.

Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman were murdered on the 12th of June, 1994, when Sydney and her brother were just 9 years and 5 years old.

After various investigations, all fingers were now pointing at Orenthal James Simpson but like everyone in that situation would do he denied all the accusations against him and stated that he had no reason to murder his ex-wife.

After over 7 months of trial, the former National Football League player was vindicated.

All this was made possible because of his then attorney Robert Kardashian who is also the father of Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian and ex-husband to Kris Jenner.

The trial and vindication of O.J Simpson didn’t go down well with many people as they still believed that he was the one responsible for the death of his ex-wife.

The reason why many believed this was because back then the late Nicole Brown was rumored to have been going around town with his new lover Ronald and this got O.J infuriated and he was left with no other option than to murder the two.

The trial has been dubbed one of the most controversial trials of the century especially by those who still believe that O.J Simpson is guilty.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s father O.J has been a well-known trouble maker right from his younger days and when he was active in his sport career.

Back in 2008, the television personality and actor was sentenced to 9 years in prison at the Nevada prison after he was convicted for kidnapping and armed robbery.

O.J Simpson got himself into trouble by leading a group of men who were armed to break into a hotel room in Las Vegas in order to steal sports memorabilia.

But luck ran out for O.J and his gang as they caught, arrested and later charged and sentenced.

In July, 2017, Orenthal James Simpson once again was heartbroken as he stood for parole and also lost his multi-million house in Miami due to foreclosure.

After his sentence was fully over, he was released on the 1st of October, 2017 after spending 9 long years in prison.

But before all this family dramas, murder and bad lucks, there was a time when O.J was the happiest man ever.

Sydney Brooke Simpson was born just 8 months after the then famous athlete, actor and television personality got married to Nicole Brown Simpson just after divorcing his first wife Marguerite L. Whitley in 1979 with her 3 children just some few months after retiring from his sport career.

Before these two lovers met, O.J was one of the most famous National Football League players in the United States while Nicole Brown was a beautiful damsel who worked as a waitress at a popular night club.

After a few years of the most tragic moment in her life, Sydney Brooke graduated from high school and enrolled at the Boston University where she graduated from in 2010 with a degree in sociology from the Boston University’s college of art and science.

Sydney Brooke Simpson spent few months after graduating from college in Atlanta where she worked as an event coordinator at Canoe before deciding to move on with her life by relocating to St Petersburg where she now owns her own business called Simply LLC.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Career and Rise to Fame

As a kid Sydney Brooke Simpson loved cooking and dreamt of being a successful chef one day, but maybe due to the fact that she lost her greatest admirer in terms of cooking which is her late mother Nicole Brown Simpson, she decided to change her career choice.

After graduating from the Boston University, she tried out her hands on a lot of things which some failed and others succeeded, but altogether this young woman succeeded in channeling a successful career path for herself.

Few months after graduating from college, she worked as an even coordinator at Canoe which is located in Atlanta before ditching the job to get into real estate which she did successfully with her younger brother Justin Ryan Simpson.

She owns over four properties in the United States which include a property in St Petersburg, Florida which is where she currently lives with her boyfriend Robert Blackmon who is involved in the local politics of Florida and a host of other locations.

Her brother Ryan Justin is into real estate and also lives in the same St Petersburg neighborhood with his own family.

Apart from being into real estate, Sydney Brooke Simpson also owns a restaurant called Simply LLC which is located in Florida.

As of now she works as the manager of her restaurant and also involved in a host of other businesses.

Sydney’s lover Robert Blackmon is reportedly involved in the local politics of Florida.

With all these, there is no doubt that this young woman who is currently in her 30’s is headed for success and being as smart as she, it is then for sure she won’t make the same mistake her parents made.

If she continues like this, she may achieve even greater things than her father O.J Simpson ever achieved.

According to reports, this Simpson woman isn’t much of a social type especially after the tragedies and pains she had to pass through after losing her mother at a very young age.

But even with all these, she has managed to achieve something meaningful for herself.

Awards and Achievements

There is no better achievement especially for a celebrity kid than to perfectly fit into the shoes of his or her parents and even surpass their own achievements and that is exactly what Sydney Brooke Simpson is doing.

Little by little this young woman is building a career for herself, already in her few years as a restaurant owner and real estate businesswoman she has achieved a significant level of success and there is no doubt that she would achieve even more success.

But for sure Sydney wouldn’t make the same kind of costly mistakes her father made that destroyed his years of hard work.

She is really the next big thing in the Orenthal Simpson family and there is no doubt about that.

Sydney Brooke Simpson

Sydney Brooke Simpson Personal Life

Sydney Brooke Simpson since the death of her mother at that early age has been more reserved and rarely seen.

Nowadays she stays all by herself and have only few friends but her best friends are her 3 dogs whom she always strolls around with.

Sydney maybe the quiet type, but her love life hasn’t been all that quiet even as she tries her best to keep her life away from the public, especially from the media.

She is presently in a relationship with Robert Blackmon who is also into real estate but also a bit into politics.

According to reliable reports, both of them haven’t yet gotten married, but they are likely to wed anytime soon.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Age

Sydney Brooke Simpson was born on the 17th of October, 1985, so that means as of recent this O.J Simpson daughter is 34 years old.

Sydney Brooke Simpson House

Sydney Brooke Simpson is already a successful woman, so affording a nice crib of her own wouldn’t be much of a problem for her, as of recent she lives in one of her properties in St Petersburg, Florida.

Even though she has the money to purchase a mansion for herself but she prefers to maintain a very simple and modest lifestyle by getting a nice but simple house for herself where she stays with her 3 dogs and sometimes her boyfriend.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Cars

Being the kind of quiet, unsocial and reserved person, she isn’t on social media and therefore hasn’t displayed her cars.

But for sure, a very successful woman like Sydney Brooke Simpson must have one or more luxurious cars.


Sydney Brooke Simpson didn’t allow all the tragedies she passed through as a kid to get to her or affect her education negatively.

Even with all the pains and sorrows, she was able to complete her education at the Gulliver Academy High School before enrolling into the Boston University where she graduated from in 2010.

She graduated from the University with a bachelor’s of arts in sociology from the University’s college of arts and science.

Real Name

Sydney Brooke has no stage or nick name as she is not a rapper, comedian or entertainer of any sort, so her real and full name remains Sydney Brooke Simpson.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Height, Weight and Personal Looks

This businesswoman has a height of 155cm and weighs over 70kg.

She has a chubby body type as she is a bit fat, a brown hair color, olive skin tone and a dark brown eye color.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Children

Sydney Brooke Simpson as of recent is still not married but she is in a relationship which is likely to lead to a marriage very soon.

But as of the time of writing this post, she has no kids.

Sydney Brooke Simpson


Sydney Brooke Simpson was born to famous ex-National Football League (NFL) player Orenthal James Simpson who is popularly known as O.J Simpson or the Juice.

Her mother is the late Nicole Brown Simpson who used to work as a waitress at a popular night club before getting married to O.J Simpson.

This couple were happy for years, but in 1992 the unfortunate happened as they divorced and went their separate ways.

But just after two years of their divorce, a tragedy which changed the lives of both O.J Simpson and his entire family occurred.

Sydney Brooke Simpson and the Khloe Kardashian Controversies

There have been rumors and controversies trailing the Kardashian-Simpson longtime family ties.

As awkward as it is, Khloe Kardashian was once rumored to not being the biological child of famous lawyer Robert Kardashian rather she was rumored to have been fathered by O.J Simpson as a result of his secret love affair with Kris Jenner.

But all this rumors have been proven wrong as the paternity test confirmed that Khloe Kardashian is actually Robert’s biological daughter.


Sydney Brooke Simpson grandparents are now late, but Sydney had a great relationship with them especially after the death of her mother.

But much is not known about them as she has kept much of herself and her family’s details away from the public.


After the death of her mother in 1994, Sydney was sent to live with her aunts and it was them that raised her up and they became the caring mother she no longer had.


Sydney Brooke Simpson has 3 elder step siblings which was as a result of O.J Simpson’s failed marriage to Marguerite L. Whitley, but out of these 3, one had died at a very young age in the family’s swimming pool.

But she has a biological brother who was born by her mother Nicole Brown, and his name is Justin Ryan Simpson.

Both Sydney and his brother Ryan are very close as they both live in the same neighborhood and have also partnered in several of their real estate business projects.

The names of her step siblings and relatives are Jimmy Lee Simpson, Judith Anne Brown, Eunice Simpson, Louis Hezekiel Brown and a whole lot of others.


People who live very quiet and unsociable lives have one thing in common and that is love for pets.

This Brooke girl has three dogs whom she always walks around her neighborhood with.

Social Media Presence

Unfortunately Sydney seem not to have gotten over the shock of losing her mother and this has really taken a toll on her social life.

This real estate businesswoman is not on any social media network.

She is not on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube or any other social media platform.

Controversies, Rumors, and Legal Issues

Sydney is one lady who have had to deal with different controversies and rumors all her life.

At first being in the limelight was fun for her as she was popularly known as the daughter of one of the greatest National Football League players of all time, but all this changed after the death of her mother.

From being known as the daughter of O.J Simpson who is one of the greatest National Football League player to being known as the daughter of a murderer, kidnapper, and a whole lot of other bad names.

Over the years she has suffered from a lot of depression and this has all been as a result of the tragedies she passed through as a kid.

And all this has made her more of a reserved personality and she tries her best to stay away from the public especially the media.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth and Salary

Sydney is without doubt a very hard working woman and she is rapidly making a name for herself as an illustrious businesswoman.

As of recent Sydney Brooke Simpson net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth Source

Being a businesswoman also means that she has a lot of income sources because she is into several businesses.

Apart from being actively involved in her real estate business, she is also into event management, she owns a restaurant in Florida, owns over 10 other properties in the United States of America.

So Sydney is really all fly and she is definitely one to watch out for in the Simpson family and in the world of business.

Is Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth Increasing or Decreasing?

Sydney has remained consistent in her quest for success and without doubt if she continues like this, then her net worth will surely remain on the increase.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth 2011

After she graduated from the Boston University with a degree in sociology in 2010, by 2011 she was working as an event manager in Canoes, Atlanta.

But as of then she wasn’t making all that much money, so her net worth as of then wasn’t known.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth 2012

Back in 2012, Sydney was still struggling to kick start her different business after she moved to Florida.

As of then she was still a struggling entrepreneur, so her net worth was very much unknown.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth 2013

By 2013, Sydney Brooke Simpson net worth was beginning to accumulate and back then even as a young woman that was still starting out in the business

World, she had a net worth of $14,000.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth 2014

Within two years of establishing her businesses, the future already looked very bright for this young woman as she was now recording huge profits from her investments.

In 2014 Sydney Brooke Simpson net worth was estimated to be $80,000.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth 2015

As the years went by, so did she acquire more properties and record more profits in her businesses.

As of then Sydney Brooke Simpson net worth was at the $1 million.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth 2016

Only hard work, and self believe can take you to success and Sydney definitely has these two and that has been her success recipe since day 1 of her business.

Back in 2016 Sydney Brooke Simpson net worth was $2.5 million.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth 2017

By 2017, her various properties and restaurant were all doing great and she had a net worth of $5 million.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Net Worth 2018

In 2018, Sydney Brooke Simpson net worth was estimated to be $6 million and it can only get better for her.


10 Facts You Didn’t Know about Sydney Brooke Simpson

Let us now check out those facts you didn’t know about this O.J Simpson daughter.

10. She is a dog lover

This celebrity kid doesn’t just have one dog, she has 3 of them.

What! What the hell is she doing with 3 dogs?

9. She is not a fan of social media

It is very surprising to see someone as young as Sydney not being on social media.

For me, it is a bit strange!

8. She maybe autistic

Anyone who doesn’t like socializing with people around her may have a problem with communication and those are signs of autism.

7. She isn’t getting married anytime soon

For reasons best known to her, she is not getting married any time soon.

6. She doesn’t talk to her neighbors

Everyone should be very friendly with neighbors for so many reasons, but Sydney doesn’t relate all that much with her neighbors.

5. She hates the media

If there is one person who the media have hurt in several ways, it is Sydney and she now tries her best to avoid them.

4. She now hates O.J Simpson

After the tragedies that occurred in the Simpson family, a lot of relationships went sour and one of those relationships is that of O.J Simpson and his daughter Sydney.

3. She still misses her mother

Every child who lost his or her mother at a very young age would live the rest of his or her life remembering his or her mother and that is the exact case of Sydney.

2. She maybe a sadist

Shutting herself away from the society means that she is hiding her sadness from us all.

1. Sydney Brooke Simpson net worth

Even with all the pains and tragedies she passed through as a kid, she still remains ambitious and that is why her business is growing by the day.


Brooke Simpson is a young woman who has passed through a lot in life, but she remains strong and ambitious and for sure she is still going to achieve greater things as she is still young.

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