Sue Aikens Net Worth And 10 Weird Things About Her

Sue Aikens net worth

Sue Aikens Net Worth

Sue Aikens most famous project is that of National Geographic Channel’s documentary series life below Zero.

She launched herself to stardom with her role on the TV series and have also remained consistent with her appearance on screen.

Sue Aikens net worth as of recent is estimated to be $1 million.

Sue Aikens Biography and Early Life

Sue Aikens full name is Susan Aikens and she was born on the 1st of July 1963.

She spent most part of her childhood moving from one place to another and one of those places she moved to was Alaska at the young age of 12 when her mother also left her father.

After her mother left, she had to live through the harsh weather conditions of Alaska.

Sue Aikens due to her family issues could have decided to stay back home or stay away from school, but she was the kind of girl who already knew what she wanted in life and therefore she enrolled at the Lowell Whiteman School.

Throughout Sue Aikens life she has always been faced with one difficulty or another but this woman always finds her out.

Apart from the fact that she had parents who cared less about her, she also had to pass through various other challenges.

Living and growing up in the Alaska wilderness at that young age thought her a lot of lessons and some of them include waking up very early in the morning, it also taught her how to survive even with the harsh conditions of life.

But all that is in the past as she is now a successful woman.

Growing up in the Alaska wilderness also helped her to fit perfectly in to her role on Life Below Zero because all her childhood she had to pass through the same harsh weather conditions.

Sue Aikens Career

Her career on screen became much of a success after she landed her role on Life Below Zero which is a documentary series hosted on the National Geographic Channel.

There is no doubt that Life below Zero is the reason why Sue Aikens is now famous and have also made a significant amount of net worth.

Aside from starring on Life below Zero, Sue has also appeared in various other television series which have been so far successful.

She became a member of the Life below Zero casting crew after her incredible talent was spotted on one of her previous projects called Flying Wild Alaska.

It was not all that easy for her in the television documentary as she had to live all by herself in the cold wilderness of Alaska surrounded by animals.

But according to her she is already used to that kind of life and feels happy and better when she is all by herself in the wilderness.

Susan Aikens loves nature and shares this her love for nature with her fans on social media.

Sue Aikens net worth

Susan Aiken Age

Sue Aikens was born on the 1st of July 1963 in Chicago and that means as of recent Sue Aikens age is 55.

Sue Aikens Education

Sue Aikens education is a whole different story, but to cut it all short, her education was almost affected due to the different family issues she was having.

But she did finish school, she attended the Lowell Whiteman School.

Sue Aikens Family

Sue is successful both in her career and as a family woman.

Even though much is not known about her personal life but there is no doubt that this woman is a great mother and grandmother.

She has two daughters and grand children who all live in the United States of America.

She rarely sees her kids and grandchildren because they are cities apart coupled with her job which doesn’t create much free time for her, but any time they are around she can’t help but flood her social media with their photos.

Sue also has a son who much is not also known about except the fact that he got married to his longtime girlfriend in October 2016 and Sue as usual shared cute photos of the ceremony.

Sue Aikens Personal Life

When it comes to dating, love and marriage Sue Aikens have been on the negative side of it all as all she has gotten from her years of different marriages and relationships have been heart breaks.

Her first husband whose name is unknown passed away likewise her second husband.

Her third husband than left her to be with a much younger woman.

Sue Aikens Net worth and Salary 2018

Sue Aikens net worth as of this year is estimated to be $1 million.

There is no need to be surprised because whatever success she has achieved so far in her career is very much deserving.

Sue Aikens Net Worth and Salary 2017

As of 2017, Sue Aikens net worth was at the $800,000 mark.

Sue Aikens Net Worth and Salary 2016

Sue Aikens net worth back in 2016 was estimated to be $640, 0000.

Sue Aikens Net Worth and Salary 2015

As of 2015 Sue Aikens net worth was $500,000

Sue Aikens net worth source

Sue Aikens net worth source can only be from her various screen appearances and other personal investments.

She is also reported to be earning $5, 000 per week.

Is Sue Aikens Net Worth Increasing or Decreasing?

This woman is a typical hard worker and there is no way she is backing down from her many projects any time soon.

So that only means that Sue Aikens net worth can only be on the increase.

Social media presence

Rarely do you see big name stars that are over 50 years still active on social media, but that is with the exception of Sue Aikens as she is still very much active on twitter and Facebook.

Sue Aikens net worth
Source: Eceleb-Gossip

Life Below Zero so far

Life below zero has been a success since it began and the addition of Sue Aikens in the casting crew only made the show better.

The show is all about six individuals with their families who live in the cold and remote areas of Alaska.

Sue is the sole resident of Kavik River camp, a B&B in northern Alaska and aired on Thursdays at 9 pm.

Sue Aikens joined the show in 2013 and the show is growing stronger by the year.

She has also appeared on other shows like Sarah Palin’s Alaska and Flying Wild Alaska in 2011.

Sue Aikens Various Ups and Downs

Being what I call a cold girl as she has spent most part of her life in the coldest parts of Alaska you would be surprised to know that she is very much afraid of ice.

In 2017 Sue sued BBC Worldwide Reality production for forcing her to do unsafe activities in order to create a story line.

In 2007 she was attacked by a bear which left her with several injuries but the bear was very unlucky because it got killed by Aikens.

10 Weird Things about Sue Aikens

Let us check out those insane things about this screen star.

1. She was abandoned by her parents at a very young age

Sue Aikens had parents who cared less about her welfare, but all this made her the strong and successful woman she is today.

2. She is afraid of ice

Having spent most part of her life in the cold, am very surprised that she is afraid of ice.

3. She is a bear killer

Aikens was attacked by a bear in 2007 and she got rid of its life.

4. She sued BBC Worldwide

In the earlier parts of 2017, Sue Aikens filed a law suit against BBC Worldwide for forcing her to do unsafe activities.

5. She may not be in the wilderness after all

Sue Aikens may be in the wilderness all year long but she has a power generator, cell phone and internet service provided in her camp.

6. She is a camp host

Aikens host brave adventurers once in a while in her camp.

7. She is not in the military

Sue seem to be a former marine because of her tough nature but she is not.

8. She nearly lost her life

After she was attacked by a bear in 2007, she nearly lost her life but later got saved by a pilot who saw her lying unconscious in the wilderness.

9. Flying Wild Alaska was the beginning of it all

Sue was able to star in Life below Zero because of her role in Flying Wild Alaska.

10. Her love life is a mess

Sue hasn’t experienced much luck with men as her relationships either end up in heart breaks or death.


This woman is not only tough but also knows her way around money and no wonder she has created fame and wealth for herself and that is why today I can write and you can read about Sue Aikens net worth and biography.


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