Slim Jesus Net Worth And 10 Secrets About Him

Slim Jesus net worth

Slim Jesus Net Worth 

Slim Jesus was born Easton Phillips and he is an American rapper who has been making waves for quite some time now with his drill rap style.

Slim Jesus was born on the 10th of April 1997 in Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America but has excelled very much in the drill rap style that you would think that he was born and raised in south side Chicago.

Slim Jesus net worth as of recent is estimated to be $1 million.

Who is Slim Jesus?

Slim Jesus is an American rapper who became famous after he uploaded a three minutes long music video of his on YouTube which quickly went viral and gained a lot of popularity for the youngster.

Slim Jesus grew up in Ohio but had many black friends who influenced him into using fire arms and other weapons and it also got to the extent that he now uses them in almost all his music videos.

Slim Jesus is also called swag Jesus.

He began his career at the age of 18 and have also staged a lot of successful concerts in both the United States and Canada.

Over the years since becoming famous he has been on the news for the wrong reasons and some of his bad habits include smoking weed, over speeding and being in constant possession of unlicensed weapons.

But even with all these Slim Jesus has managed to build up a huge fan base for himself as he has over five thousand followers on twitter.

Apart from rapping Slim Jesus spends most of his time doing what Donald Trump Loves doing which is tweeting and lashing out on his fellow rappers.

Slim Jesus Biography and Early Life

Slim Jesus was born on the 10th of April 1997 in Hamilton, Ohio and his real name is Easton Philips.

He was raised by his single mother Irene Brown who had to work as a craftsman to support her kids.

Slim Jesus always had a great talent when it came to music and it became very visible not only to him but to everybody after he turned 12 years of age.

He began to study at the Hamilton school in Ohio and that is where his rap career began especially after he began to associate with his black school mates.

Slim Jesus quickly formed a bond with them and did almost everything they did.

He also formed a music group with them, they each picked a unique stage name but Slim Jesus decided to go with Swag Jesus.

Due to the influence of his friends at that young age he got to enjoy being in possession of guns and taking drugs.

It only got worse for Slim Jesus after his school was shut down by former United States President George Bush.

Due to not going to school, he began to roam around the neighborhood with his friends and due to his many disputes and mischievous ways he became popular on the streets.

Slim Jesus Career

Slim Jesus career began in 2015 when he was just 18 years of age, but before that he was already a bit famous after he uploaded a three minutes rap video of his online.

He released his first music video in 2015 which went viral, but it was after the release of two of his albums God Father and Monster that everybody knew that this young rapper has come to stay.

He immediately capitalized on the success of two of his albums by touring most cities in the United States of America and Canada, hosting and shutting down shows and concerts.

Some of his biggest hit tracks are Ayoo, Buck Buck, Show My Ass, Mission, Problems, Homicide and lot more.

Slim Jesus is a rapper with his own unique style of rap but we can’t deny the fact that there is a bit of drill rap style in his songs which matches that of famous South side rappers like Famous Dex and a host of others.

The fact that he is a white kid doing the type of rap which is mostly popular among only black rappers has been a limiting factor to his career.

He began to do the drill type of rap because of the huge influence his black friends had on him.

Hearing his rap style, you would think that he grew up in South Side Chicago which is the origin of drill rap and the home of many drip rappers but he has been in Ohio all his life and has no connection with Chicago.

Slim Jesus has also come under fire and have been criticized a lot of times for always faking his death which he does so as to promote his upcoming music videos and other of his projects which he always denies every time.

His excuse is that it is the haters that do it all and not him.

But let us be very honest with ourselves, Slim Jesus simply fakes his death because he wants to promote his projects and that is it.

Back in 2015, a death rumor of his was spread and just after a few months he released a song.

The next year being 2016 he did the same thing again and weeks later released a track, so it is just an intentional action which he does to promote himself and his projects

2015 was his year indeed as it was the year he did his first ever performance on stage.

He performed his hit track Young and arrogant which immediately won him more fans.

In 2016, Slim Jesus became the topic of the media once more after he was accused by Sleep Couch of faking his own death so as to gain cheap popularity and coming up with the story of being killed in a gun shoot out while sitting in his car.

Sleep Couch also accused him of never being creative instead he copies everything that Drake and Kanye West does.

But even with all these controversies, death hoaxes and beefs we can’t deny the fact that this young white man doing the South Side Chicago type of rap has achieved a lot in less than five years of his career.

He has become very successful in both his rap and modelling career because as you would already know, the young rapper has the looks.

Just like most other rappers, Slim Jesus has been in and out of different crimes and some of his include over speeding and being in possession of drugs and unlicensed weapon.

One of Slim Jesus most successful projects so far is a thirteen track mixtape titled the most hated which was much of a success.

The rapper on various occasions have stated that he became a drill rapper because he just loved the rap style and figured out that he was good at it and all his idols and role models which includes Chief Keef, Lib Beeby and Lil Herb were all drill rappers.

One of his music videos Drill Time didn’t go down with most people because it showed Slim Jesus and some of his friends brandishing guns and drugs in the video.

Slim Jesus career has been full of controversies and a typical example of this is that of him and Lil Master which even got to the extent that Lil Master made a diss track for him and also accused him of stealing Chief Keef’s music, but it all ended up making Slim Jesus much more famous.

Slim Jesus has also recorded a high amount of success with his young & arrogant tour.

Some of his best albums so far are Gangsta in 2016, Godfather, Monster, young puppy, 22 savage and the most hated in 2017.

Slim Jesus biggest music video so far is Drill Time which has gotten over 25 million video views on YouTube.

Slim Jesus net worth

Slim Jesus Death

Slim Jesus has been subject of death rumors, but the real truth is that this rapper was never shot and might have never been shot before.

He went all about the death rumor just to gain more popularity so as to promote his music videos and all his projects which he did successfully.

Slim Jesus Net Worth

Slim Jesus net worth as of recent is estimated to be at the $1 million mark and it can only get better for this rapper as he is still young and have many more years to make himself more famous and richer.

Slim Jesus Net Worth Source

Slim Jesus net worth source as of now can only be his music career which is all about his various tours, music sales, concerts, brand endorsements.

There are no reliable reports on whether he owns any personal investments or not.

Is Slim Jesus Net Worth Decreasing Or Increasing?

Slim Jesus net worth has steadily been on the increase for a teenager that just began his career in 2015, we can only say that he would get better with time and that also means more cash and fame.

Slim Jesus Net Worth 2015

By 2015, much was not known about Slim Jesus, so we have no record of his net worth as of then.

Slim Jesus Net Worth 2016

In 2016, Slim Jesus net worth was at the $360, 000 mark

Slim Jesus Net Worth 2017

By 2017 Slim Jesus was already a famous name in the rap world as he began to go for more shows and tours.

As of 2017, Slim Jesus net worth was $634, 000.

Slim Jesus Age

Slim Jesus was born on the 10th of April, 1997 and that means as of recent the rapper is 22 years old.

Slim Jesus Height, Weight and more

Slim Jesus has a height of 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 65kg.

Slim Jesus Education

Slim Jesus even with his incredible talent managed to start school but he quickly dropped out after the school was shut down by former United States president George Bush.

But it was also during his time in school that he got to realize his full potentials and it is also where all his problems and mischief began.

Slim Jesus Real Name

Slim Jesus real name is Easton Phillip but he got his nick name Swag Jesus from his friends while he was in school.

Slim Jesus Personal Life

Slim Jesus has managed to keep his private life away form the public eye, but we all know that he must be in relationship, at least with all his looks he should have melted a girls heart.

So for sure this rapper is definitely living his best life when it comes to ladies.

Slim Jesus net worth

Slim Jesus Parents

There are no information about Slim Jesus parents as he has never talked about them.

Slim Jesus Siblings

Slim Jesus loves to keep everything about his personal life on a low key, so much about his family is yet unknown.

Slim Jesus House

Without doubt, Slim Jesus net worth can afford him a nice luxurious crib.

But he hasn’t shown any photo of his house online.

Slim Jesus Cars

Being young and Rich has a lot of advantages and one of those is that you can get any ride you so desire.

For sure Slim Jesus has a nice expensive car garage full of exotic rides.

Slim Jesus Awards and Achievements

For a person whose career began in 2015, he has definitely come a long way and has a lot to be proud of.

Slim Jesus has one of the most viral videos on YouTube and that is his Drill Time music video which has accumulated over 25 million video views.

Slim Jesus Social Media Presence

Slim Jesus is very active on social media as he is on twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

His YouTube channel boasts of over 300,000 active subscribers, his twitter account has over 30, 000 followers while his Instagram has over 50, 000 followers.

His YouTube channel has a lifetime video views which is over 60 million.

Slim Jesus Pets

There are no reliable information on whether Slim Jesus owns any pet.

Slim Jesus children

Slim Jesus as of recent has no kid.

Slim Jesus Controversies

Slim Jesus career has been defined by a lot of criticisms and controversies.

Such was when he was accused by Sleep Couch of stealing Drake’s and Kanye West’s works which he denied and when he was charged for possession of drugs and unlicensed firearms.

10 Secrets About Slim Jesus

There is no way this rapper won’t have anything he doesn’t want us to know.

Let us check them out.

10. The Drill Rap

The drill rap style originated from the south side of Chicago and it is mostly common among the black folks but surprisingly Slim Jesus who was born and raised in Ohio is very good at it.

9. The Weed Style

At the age of 12, Slim Jesus had already gotten into drugs

8. His idols

According to Slim Jesus, Chief Keef and Lil Beeby are his rap idols and role models.

7. He is not creative

Slim Jesus has been criticized a lot of times for never being creative, instead all he does is copy the works of other rappers like Drake and Kanye West.

6. He Loves Beefs

All through his career he has been involved in one beef or another, but all these also made him more famous.

5. The death Rumors

This is a strategy he has used a lot of times to gain popularity so as to promote his projects.

4. His black friends

Slim Jesus began his career on the wrong path and this was mostly due to the influence his friends who were mostly blacks had on him.

3. He Loves Privacy

As controversial as the rapper may be, he loves keeping his personal life away from the public.

2. He is addicted to twitter

Apart from rapping, another thing Slim Jesus does best is twitting and it is where he lashes out on his fellow rappers.

1. He may be limited

One of the reasons why Slim Jesus hasn’t attained the level of success he should have in the rap industry by now is because of his rap style which is mainly common among the black folks and not whites.



Slim Jesus net worth is rising by the day and it is only a matter of time before he would be a world class rapper.

He is definitely a rapper to watch out for.


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