Shy Glizzy Net Worth And 10 Weird Things About Him

Shy Glizzy net worth

Shy Glizzy Net worth 

Shy Glizzy is an American rapper and song writer known for his hit single No Brainer.

Born Marquis Amonte King, he began his rap career in 2011 with his debut mixtape No Brainer which instantly became a huge success.

The rapper has had lots of ups and down over the years as he found it very hard to solidify himself in the rap industry.

Shy Glizzy net worth is estimated to be $3 million.


Who Is Shy Glizzy?

Shy Glizzy was born Marquis Amonte King on December 12, 1992 and he was raised in Washington D.C, United States of America.

Shy Glizzy began his music career in 2011, but also had to face lots of problems as he was always getting himself in to problems with the law.

Shy Glizzy net worth

Shy Glizzy Early Life

Shy Glizzy’s real name is Marquis Amonte King and he was born on the 12th of December 1992 in Washington D.C, United States of America.

Shy Glizzy was raised together with his younger brother by his mother and grandmother as his father was murdered when he was a teenager.

His younger brother who goes by the name 3 Glizzy is also a rapper making waves in his own small way.

Shy Glizzy didn’t have the best of childhood as he grew up in a town where he was exposed to crime, fights, gang activities, smoking, violence and different criminal activities and this all contributed to his lack of love for education.

He grew up not being a fan of school or anything that had to do with going to school and this was all because of the kind of environment he grew up in.

His high school days was not all that good for him as he always got into fights and other mischievous behaviors and this made him spend more time in detention than in classrooms.

This rapper grew up with the mentality that the key to success was all about fighting for what you believe in and not sitting in the same room for hours learning different subjects.

Shy Glizzy’s teenage years in the Washington D.C neighborhood was that of crime and violence as he was popularly known by almost everyone as a rogue and violent person.

After a while of living the crime life he began to learn to write rap lyrics which he slowly perfected himself in and before he even knew what he was doing he already began to rap bunch of rap lines in a few seconds.

After he turned 19 years, his father was murdered and some months later he was charged with unlicensed gun possession, drug abuse and theft and he was imprisoned.

While serving in prison he began to think about pursuing a career in rap once he regains his freedom.

He once again began to pick interest in his rap talent and began to work hard to achieve his dreams.

Shy Glizzy Career

Shy Glizzy never knew that he would become as big as he is today especially after passing through all the hardships he had to pass through while growing up.

2011 was the big year for him, it was the year he ushered himself in to the rap world and became a rapper to watch out for.

A lot of things changed in his life after he dropped his first mixtape No Brainer on January 19th 2011.

The mixtape was made up of 13 awesome tracks which were mostly about his life in the hood and all he had to do just to survive.

The mixtape included tracks like Ball out, 4 my town, suck me and lot of other tracks.

The mixtape quickly gained popularity and this turned Shy Glizzy who was previously a no body in to an artiste to watch out for.

All this encouraged him the more and he immediately began to work on his second mixtape titled ‘Streets hottest youngin’ which he released before the end of 2011.

The second mixtape was even better and contained fourteen tracks which also featured big name rappers like P-Wild, Future, Mayo and Young Richie P.

Shy Glizzy at that point realized that there was no going back for him and remained consistent since then.

Just as the New Year (2012) was unfolding he released another mixtape called Law which skyrocketed his fame and show appearances.

He then teamed up with another rapper Jose Guapo to work on another hit song titled Fly Money which was released on November 14th 2012.

By December 2012, the consistent and now famous Shy Glizzy released another mixtape named Fxck Rap which was well received by his fans and that has been his most successful project so far.

A lot of people then thought that it was the end of Shy Glizzy, but they were all shocked with the release of another mind blowing mixtape titled Law 2 which was even bigger and better than most of his previous works, it featured top notch artistes like Doe B, Kevin Gates, Yo Gotti, Migos, Starlito.

Things were now perfect for the young rapper as he got nominated for several awards which included the O Music Awards and a host of others.

One of his biggest moments came in February, 2014 when he dropped another mixtape titled Young Jefe and later dropped Law 3: Now or Never on December 2nd, 2014.

This two mixtapes brought up more opportunities for this rapper as he became one of the most sought after young rappers as of then.

He went from concert to concert, show to show and shut them all down and along the way was also building a huge fan base for himself.

The Law 3: Now or Never mixtape has been played over 300, 000 times online and this has succeeded in giving Shy Glizzy a much bigger fan base.

The mixtape has topped several charts and some of them include topping the 47th position on the Hip-Hop Album and Top R&B Charts.

In 2015, Shy Glizzy proved to everyone once more that he wasn’t going anywhere any time soon with the release of another mixtape titled Be Careful on June 3rd 2015 and just after some months later he spiced it up with the release of another hit song called For Trappers Only which was a collaboration with Zaytovan.

Shy Glizzy also released another mixtape Young Jefe 2 which included songs like Let it rain, huh, ride4u and many more.

Young Jefe 2 quickly became a hit and topped the 14th position on Top R&B Hip-Hop Albums but didn’t make any position on the Billboard hot 200 which didn’t help his career at all.

Shy Glizzy release another mixtape on the 6th of January 2017 which contained 13 tracks and he featured his younger brother 3 Glizzy, and other artistes like Ralo, Young boy and a lot of others.

Even though not much has been heard of him in 2018, but there is no doubt that he is working on something even bigger than his past projects.

Shy has also gathered a huge fan base for himself and this reflect on his YouTube channel which has gathered over 200, 000 active subscribers.

Shy Glizzy Age

Shy Glizzy is still a young man as he was born on the 12th of December 1992, and that means as of recent he is just 26 years old.

Shy Glizzy net worth

Shy Glizzy Net Worth and Salary

Shy Glizzy net worth is estimated to be $3 million and he has accumulated this significant level of net worth in his over 5 years of active rap career.

It may be a bit little for now, but this rapper has all it takes to make it big in the rap industry.

Shy Glizzy Net Worth Source

Shy Glizzy net worth sources is his rap career as all he has so far is as a result of his career.

He is a big time performer, so that means he is paid for his shows, concerts and also he has different brand endorsement deals.

There is no reliable information on whether he owns any personal investments, so as of now I can confidently say that Shy Glizzy net worth source is primarily his rap career.

Is Shy Glizzy Net Worth Increasing Or Decreasing?

Shy Glizzy went from nothing to something.

Some few years back he couldn’t boast of having a million dollars in his account, but look at him today, he is all fly.

There is no doubt that he still has a lot to offer and that is why he can only keep on going forward and not backwards.

Shy Glizzy Net Worth 2015

By 2015 much information wasn’t yet known about this rapper, so we can’t really say what his net wort was at that time.

Shy Glizzy Net Worth 2016

Shy Glizzy net worth as of 2016 was estimated to be about $900, 000.

Shy Glizzy Net Worth 2017

By 2017, Shy Glizzy net worth went up to $1.9 million.

Shy Glizzy House

Shy Glizzy is one of those few rappers who do not go around boasting of having these and having that and that is why up till now much information is not known about his house or any of his properties.

Shy Glizzy Cars

Shy Glizzy like we said earlier isn’t that much of a show off, but for sure this rapper this rapper would have an expensive car garage but unfortunately he hasn’t yet revealed those properties to us, even to his fans.

Shy Glizzy Education

Shy Glizzy was never a fan of school and that is why he didn’t attend college and spent most of his high school days in and out of Juvenile detention, but there is no doubt that his rap talent worked the magic for him.

Shy Glizzy didn’t attend college but he successfully earned a GEO for himself after self-education and afterwards got serious with his rap career.

Shy Glizzy Real name

Shy Glizzy’s real name is Marquis Amonte King, but according to the rapper he prefers being called his nick name which is Shy Glizzy.

He got the stage name through his friends who thought he was timid while he was just a cool dude who could tear anyone down if he loses his cool.

But that is just for the Shy, Glizzy is just a slangs which means Glock.

As of 2017, Shy Glizzy decided to throw off the Shy Glizzy stage name to go by Jefe.

Shy Glizzy Height and Weight

Shy Glizzy is a tall handsome young man, he is 5 feet 8 inches tall, but his weight is still unknown.

Shy Glizzy Personal life

Everything personal should remain personal, that is this rapper’s rule and that is why nothing much is known about his personal life.

Back in 2015 he was reportedly in a relationship with a girl named Blaidy and it even became a controversial topic after both of them got arrested.

But except for this information, no other thing is known about his personal life.

Shy Glizzy Awards and Achievements

Shy Glizzy hasn’t yet achieved that much, but at least he has a lot to be proud of.

Some of his mixtapes like Yung Jefe 2 has topped charts on both Billboard hot 200 and Top R&B Hip-Hop albums.

He’s also been nominated for a number of awards including an O music awards and lot more.

So this young rapper is definitely made for life.

Shy Glizzy Best Tracks So Far

Shy Glizzy has churned out a lot of hit tracks in his illustrious career but his bests so far are Young Jefe 2, Gold Link which featured Brent Faiyaz and a host of other artistes.

10 Weird Things about Shy Glizzy

A rapper of his caliber would surely have some insane stories.

Let us check them out.

10. His dad was murdered

Just when he was about to turn 19 years of age, Shy Glizzy’s father was murdered.

9. His school days was a mess

Growing up in a neighborhood full of crime made Shy Glizzy to have no interest in going to school.

8. He was raised by his mother and grandmother

Shy Glizzy and his younger brother 3 Glizzy were both raised by their mother and grandmother as their father was always on the move.

7. 3 Glizzy

3 Glizzy is Shy Glizzy’s younger brother and both are rappers.

6. Detention after Detention

Due to his many mischievous behaviors Shy Glizzy spent more time in detention than learning in the classrooms.

5. It all began in 2011

After the release of his first mixtape in 2011 which got a lot of positive responses, he became more serious with his music career.

4. Migos made it better

After he featured Migos in one of his mixtapes in 2014, he attained the highest level of fame ever.

3. He thought it all in prison

While he was in prison for his various crimes, Shy Glizzy began to think about his rap career and that is where all the inspirations came from, he began to write his lyrics while in prison and immediately he came out he released all of them.

2. He could have ended up a no body

Had it been that Shy Glizzy didn’t pursue a career in music, he could have ended up on the streets.

1. It was all hard work

Shy Glizzy net worth is a proof of his dedication and hard work to his rap career which is becoming much more successful every day.


Shy Glizzy net worth is just a proof of all his hard work and the fact that it doesn’t matter whether you are a college graduate or not, the main thing is that as far as you know your grind and work hard on it, you are going to be eventually successful.


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