15 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump

Donald Trump remains a controversial figure in the history of American politics and we simply can’t blame him for that.

To the surprise of many, our dear Donald became the unexpected 45th president of the United States of America.

There is no doubt that he has embraced his job as the number one citizen of the United States with optimum responsibility as many never expected, and to be honest he has achieved a lot which Americans should be a little bit happy about.

But even with all this achievements, reforms, and so on, there is still a lot we still don’t know about Donald Trump.

So let us check out those things.

15. Donald Trump’s mother was a poor immigrant

Donald’s late mother Mary Anne Macleod at the age of 18 migrated to America as a poor immigrant from Scotland with just fifty dollars.

14. Donald is Romantic

Unlike what people would think about Donald, but in an interviews with ET Online, Melania Trump revealed that her husband being Donald is a bit romantic as they share a tight bond together.

She also said that they enjoy their private moments together.

13. He doesn’t drink alcohol

Donald Trump may have made a lot of awful comments which only a drunk person can make, but the real truth is that he doesn’t even take alcohol.

So that means whatever nasty comment he has made was well thought by him as he was in his right mind and not drunk like many will think.

12. The death toll at the Trump Casino

Between 2008 and 2011, one out of eight murders in Atlantic City was connected to the Taj Mahal which of course is owned by Donald.

This brought up a lot of issues for him before he eventually let off the casino due to his many bankruptcies.

11. He is into winery

Donald without doubt is a jack of all trades as he invests his money in virtually everything he can.

Some years back he bought a 1, 000 acres vine yard at an auction which he had almost no use for.

But in 2012 he bought a winery which he then handed over to his son Eric.

10. He is the master of debts and bankruptcies

In this area nobody comes close to Donald Trump, but one thing about him which many people admire is that he always knows how to bail himself out from his many debts and bankruptcies.

9. He detests guns

As president of the United States, Trump has paid a lot of attention to gun control and to the surprise of many he doesn’t allow guns on his properties.

But of course, his security personnels are always armed.

So be warned!

8. He has donated more to Democrats than Republicans

Even before deciding to run for the presidency on the platform of the Republican party, Donald was a big time donor to the United States government which has been majorly run by the Democrats.

He once donated $25, 000 to Ronald Regan for his presidential election and he also donated $5, 000 to the Edward M. Kennedy Centre for study and many other donations which were affiliated with the democrats.

7. He is a Sagittarius

Trump’s astrological moon sign is Sagittarius as he was born on the 14th of June, 1946.

And it isn’t a surprise because Donald Trump has all the characteristics of a person whose astrological moon sign is Sagittarius.

Those qualities include talking a lot, being straight forward and never filtering there comments.

6. He was born a blond

Donald Trump’s hair has remained a controversial point, but he seems to enjoy it all.

According to a lot of his childhood photos, Donald was born with a blond hair, but he continually bleaches it.

5. He hates talking about his hair

Donald maybe the type of person that will comment on virtually everything, but one question he continually shies away from is that of his hair.

On many occasions he has debunked questions about his hair routine and hasn’t also revealed his hairdresser’s identity.

4. He may have mistakenly donated to the church of Scientology

Back in 2006, Donald reportedly donated $1, 000 to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Fund, which was a fund promoted by actor Tom Cruise who is a staunch member of the church of scientology.

Donald Trump may have made this donation unknowingly as he is not a fan of scientology.

3. He is a big wedding spender

Donald Trump’s wedding with celebrity wife Melania came with its own records.

The 2005 wedding set the record for the second most expensive wedding cake ever with the first position being held by Prince Williams and Kate Middleton.

The 200 pound cake which was covered with 3, 000 white icing roses took chef Barbaret two months to make.

2. He has never used an ATM machine before


Yes, it happens to be true, the 45th president of the United States hasn’t used an ATM machine before.

But it is not a big deal.

Who cares!

1. He wanted to run for the presidency in 2000

Donald right from his youthful days always set his eye on the white house and according to reliable sources he intended on running for the office of the president in 2000 before he decide not to.


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