15 Richest Women in Africa

Richest women in Africa

This post is all about the richest women in Africa.

The African continent is generally known for its underdevelopment and lack of opportunities when compared to other continents.

Looking back at 100 hundred years ago, Africa could not boast of having any female millionaire or billionaire except for Queens and Princess who possessed massive wealth, properties, lands and jewelries.

Africa is also a continent where there are not opportunities for the men talk less for the women who are regarded as home caretakers whose work are to take good care of their husband and children and not to work.

But over the years a lot of women have broken out of these ideologies, cultures and mindset to become their own bosses and distinguish themselves in areas of politics, banking, business and so many more.

So we are now going to take a look at the 15 richest women in Africa and then decide on who the richest woman in Africa is;

15. Grace Mugabe

Grace Mugabe is the former first lady and wife to former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe.

Grace served in her position for more than 20 years and is said to have acquired a lot of wealth from her position and she also have massive properties scattered around the world. Some are in South Africa, Dubai, America and more.

14. Chantal Biya

Chantel Biya is the wife of Cameroonian president Paul Biya.

She has used her position to acquire a lot of wealth for herself even though her net-worth has not been made known to the public.

13. Jeannette Kagame

She is the first lady of Rwanda and wife to President Paul Kagame.

A lot of people say that she is a very descent woman but with the cases of fund mismanagement and diversions hanging around her neck, question are being asked.

Her net worth is yet unknown but she is worth millions of dollars.

12. Hinda Biya

Hinda is the first lady of Chad and she is popularly known for her expensive jewelries.

She is said to be worth millions of dollars and most of the money came from their poor country Chad.

11. Janet Museveni

Janet Museveni is wife to president Museveni of Uganda and she is worth over $10 million.

10.  Elisabeth Bradley

Elisabeth Bradley was born in 1962 and hails from South Africa.

Elisabeth is the daughter of Albert Wessels who is famous for bringing Toyato to South Africa.

Her source of wealth are mostly investments and acquisition of assets. In 2008, her company WESCO investment which she was the chairman of at that time sold over 20% of its Toyato South Africa shares to Japan’s Toyota Motor Cooperation for over $300 million in which she pocketed over $140 million.

Not only is she the chairman of her own company WESCO, she is also the vice-chairman of Toyota South Africa limited and a board member and shareholder of other companies which include Standard bank group in  South Africa, Hilton Hotel and suites, Roseback Inn. She is also the director of AngloGold.

Her net worth is at $33 million.

9. Sharon Wapnick

Sharon Wapnick is also a South African born in 1964.

Sharon is regarded as one of the biggest shareholders in South Africa as she has shares in loan stock companies like Octodec investment and premium properties, which were both founded by her father Alec.

She is also into partnership with one of Johannesburg finest commercial law firms TWB Attorneys.

Most of her money come from investments and real estate. She is also the non-executive chairman of Octodec, a position which she stepped into in October 2011 in order to replace her father.

She is ranked as the number 9 richest woman in Africa with a $44 million worth.

8. Bridget Radebe

A South African and born on February 26, 1960.

She is into mining business and has one of the most successful mining companies in South Africa which is the Mmakau Mining with operations in Gold, Platinum, uranium, coal, chrome and she is also into exploration.

She started all this by becoming a mine worker herself, which as of that time was a job meant for men only in South Africa, and that led her to the Mmakau mining and exploration company.

She is the president of South African mining development association, wife to South Africa justice minister Jeff Radebe and older sister to one of South Africa’s billionaires Patrice Motsepe.

She is also a recipient of International Business person award in 2008.

Her net worth is at estimate of $100 million.

7. Irene Charnley

A South African and born on May 6, 1960.

She is a former trade unionist and spent over 13 years as a negogiator for South Africa’s National union of mine workers and later became the Executive Director of MTN.

She is currently the CEO of Smile Telecoms. She spearheaded MTN’s expansion in Africa and beyond and played a major role in making MTN to operate in Nigeria and Iran. She was also a director of FirstRand bank and Johnnic communications.

But she later left MTN due to many controversial reasons. Her estimated net-worth is at $150 million.

6. Wendy Ackerman

Wendy Ackerman is a South African retail tycoon and a non-executive director of Pick N Pay Holdings limited and she also owns the Ackerman Family Trust.

The company Pick N Pay which her husband owns over 50% of have branches in Nigeria, Zimbabwe and a host of other African countries.

She is also the Executive director of the company and her net worth is at $191 million while her company is worth over $3 billion.

5. Wendy Appelbaum

She is from South Africa and was born in 1962.

She became the director of Liberty investors, which is am insurance and real estate Company founded by her father Donald Gordon Appelbaum, who at that time was a South African billionaire while Wendy was his only Daughter.

Wendy sold most of her shares in her father’s company and began her own personal investment.

She is a former Deputy Chairman of  Women’s Investment Portfolio Limited (WIPHOLD). She also invested in DeMorgenzon which is a wine estate in the Stellenbosch region. She is also into charity with over $27 million to her name in donation and charity works.

Her net worth is at $270 million.

4. Ngina Kenyatta

Ngina Kenyatta is the widow to Kenya’s first president Jomo Kenyatta. She is popularly known as Mama Ngina Kenyatta.

Mama Kenyatta is mostly loved by Kenyans because of her charitable nature and she also have gained a lot of respect from Kenyans and around the world. She spends most of her wealth on charitable education, feeding and caring for the less privileged ones.

It is doubtful that most of her money came from politics because she was also into business during her youthful days as she has shares in many big companies and banks like Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA), Heritage, Media Max, and many more.

Her net worth is not officially known but it is about $1 billion or more.

3.  Hajia Bola Shagaya

She hails from Kwara state Nigeria and was born on October 10, 1959. She has distinguished herself in the world of business in Nigeria.

Hajia is the director of Practical Limited,which is one of the biggest oil companies in Nigeria.

She is worth over $1 billion.

2. Folorunsho Alakja

Folorunsho Alakija was born on July 15, 1951.

She is Nigeria’s first female billionaire and founder of FamFa oil which is one of the biggest and most successful oil companies in Nigeria.

She was secretary of the now defunct International Merchant Bank of Nigeria in the 70’s before she went to United Kingdom to study fashion designing and later founded her own fashion designing company in Nigeria with name Supreme stitches which is one of the biggest fashion companies in Nigeria.

Alakija is also into estate management and is worth over $3 billion

1. Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos was born on April 20, 1973. She tops this list as the richest woman in Africa. She also comes from a very wealthy family in Angola.

She is the director of so many companies and also have shares in several companies in Angola, Portugal and many other countries with interest in oil and gas, cement and diamonds.

She studied engineering at Kings College London before coming back to start her first business at age 24.

She also has the record as the first female African billionaire and is worth over $4 billion.

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