Rich Homie Quan Net Worth and 10 Weird Things about Him

Rich Homie Quan net worth

Rich Homie Quan Net Worth

Rich Homie Quan is best known for his hit song titled Type of the way which skyrocketed him to fame and ever since then he has become a household name.

As of recent Rich Homie Quan net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

Rich Homie Quan Biography and Early life

Rich Homie Quan was born Dequantes Devontay Lamar on the 4th of October, 1989 in Atlanta, United States of America.

Rich Homie Quan was raised by both parents in Atlanta and at a very tender age he began to read literature books and listen to music and soon fell in love with these two activities.

Homie like most rappers didn’t t have it easy while growing up in the Atlanta neighborhood as he was born into a financially handicapped family.

His father wasn’t all that successful in his job as well as his mother and all these brought the whole family including Rich Homie Quan and his siblings into a state of poverty.

While he was still very young, he began his high school at the Ronald McNar Sr. High school where he did pretty well in Arts and music classes.

Due to his love for arts and music classes he decided to try out writing song lyrics and eventually found out that he had an immense hidden talent all this while.

At that point, he could have dropped out of school but he didn’t because he wanted to make his family members, especially his mother proud by at least finishing college and maybe getting a good job.

After Rich Homie Quan discovered his talent of writing songs, he then began to try out some of his written works and from there he began to rap.

Discovering his rap talent made his life a lot better as he would write a lyrics and go to school the next day to share it with his friends.

Rich Homie Quan quickly became popular in high school especially among his many friends and he began to perform in school parties.

He would always call his friends together after classes so that they can listen to his new song and as he would rap he was being cheered by his friends and the young Homie loved it all.

Not only was he now popular in school, he was also very popular in his neighborhood as he would always showcase his newly found rap talent to anyone who cared to listen.

Rich Homie Quan took his rap talent to the next level as he wanted to see what it was like going to a studio to record and produce songs.

So he saved up some money, went to the studio and paid for some time to record one of his freestyles which he did and after it was produced he loved everything about it and wanted to do more of it in the future.

As of that time, Rich Homie Quan wanted to write more rap lyrics and rap the more just for the popularity in his school and he got all this for himself.

Rich Homie Quan grew up being a quiet and shy kid, but all these went away as he began to rap and grow in popularity in his school and his rap talent caught the attention of many people including his high school girls who were now trying their best to become his friends.

It was at this point that a lot of people began to encourage Rich Homie Quan to pursue a career in rap, but he didn’t want to as that would involve him dropping out from school which he didn’t want as that would break the hearts of his parents.

But before he discovered his rap talent, he was a huge fan of baseball and on an interview some few years ago he said that if he didn’t succeeded in his rap career then he would have definitely become a baseball player.

While Rich Homie Quan was busy making a name for himself in his neighborhood and high school, his family was hit by a worse financial crisis which left every one of them broke.

It got to the point that Rich Homie Quan’s only option for survival was to get into crime.

After a while, he was arrested and charged with burglary and theft, the once promising Rich Homie Quan’s dreams was now shattered as he was sent to prison.

It was while in prison that he began to see the positive side of his talent and he began to dream about being a big rapper one day.

It was then that he decided to pursue his rap career and give it his all immediately he got released from prison.

After he got out of prison, he decided to channel a new course for himself which was to take his rap career to the next level.

Rich Homie Quan net worth

Rich Homie Quan Career and Rise to Fame

After Rich Homie got out of prison after spending 15 long months in jail, he began to put everything in place to make sure he succeeds in his rap career.

He began by releasing his first mixtape titled Still goin in which was released in 2012 and the mixtape quickly became a hit.

That same year he released another mixtape titled I go in on every song.

His mixtapes after a while went viral and got a lot of positive responses and all this encouraged him the more.

It was at this point that everyone knew that a new rapper was about to take the center stage in the rap industry.

Rich Homie Quan decided to capitalize on his new found fame by embarking on a tour with Trinidad James.

With his rising profile and fame, he was able to feature in a lot of songs alongside other big name artistes like YG, Gucci Mane, and 2Chainz.

By 2013, Rich Homie Quan was already a household name in the rap industry and even solidified himself the more by releasing two more mixtapes titled I promise I will never stop goin in and still goin in which were all successful.

One of the mixtapes contained one of the best singles of his rap career which is Type of way and by the end of 2013, his Still goin in mixtape was named the 10th best mixtape of 2013.

Rich Homie Quan have also worked on various other songs with many of them becoming hits, some of his best songs so far are Flex, which peaked at the 4th position on the rap chart and have been certified 2x platinum.

So far he has worked with a lot artistes and his rise to fame was because of the collaborations he did with many of them.

Fellow rapper Lil Kim was actually the one who nurtured Rich Homie Quan into the star he is today.

He has also appeared in the songs and albums of many other famous artistes like Gucci Mane’s album called I heard and can’t trust he, as well as Chasing paper.

He has also been featured on Dae Dae’s music video titled Big Bank roll.

The New York Times once quoted Rich Homie Quan saying he is one of Atlanta’s rising generation of rappers, think of Future who delivers lines with melody and heart, like a singer on the verge of a break down.

One of Rich Homie Quan’s songs was so successful that it ranked 50th position on the US billboard hot 100 and this skyrocketed his already huge fan base and career as a whole.

One of his songs titled Type of way was very much successful to the extent that it was adopted as an anthem by the 2013 Michigan State Spartans football team at the 100th Rose Bowl.

His songs over the years have accumulated a lot of views ranging in millions on both YouTube and other platforms.

Rich Homie Quan Net Worth and Salary

Rich Homie Quan is one of the big names in the rap industry and that means that he is also one of the biggest earners in the industry.

Rich Homie Quan net worth as of recent is estimated to be $4 million.

Rich Homie Quan Net Worth Source

Rich Homie Quan without doubt is a pure hustler and a young man who is always on the grind, so having different streams of income isn’t that much of a problem for him.

As of now this rapper’s net worth source is his many brand endorsements and promotion, album sales, his many concerts and shows and a whole lot of other things.

Rich Homie Quan charges about $80,000 per show, he earns over $1 million every year.

He also makes a little amount from his many YouTube video views and companies and brands pay him significant amount of money for him to sponsor there products on his social media which of course has millions of loyal followers and fans.

Is Rich Homie Quan Net Worth Increasing or Decreasing?

Without doubt, we all know that Rich Homie Quan net worth is not decreasing in any way as he is a comfortable millionaire rapper.

Rich Homie Quan Net Worth 2010

Back in 2010 Rich Homie Quan net worth was not known.

Rich Homie Quan Net Worth 2011

In 2011 Rich Homie Quan’s career was already on the rise and back then he had an estimated net worth of $230, 000.

Rich Homie Quan Net Worth 2012

The year 2012 proved to be good for Homie as his style of rap was appreciated by many and that year he pocketed significant amount of endorsements and this added to his net worth.

Back then this rapper had a net worth of $350,000.

Rich Homie Quan Net Worth 2013

Rich Homie Quan net worth in 2013 was $400, 000.

Rich Homie Quan Net Worth 2014

By 2014, Rich Homie Quan had already begun to taste fame and this all pushed his net worth higher as it was now estimated to be $420, 000.

Rich Homie Quan Net Worth 2015

2014 and 2015 were one of the most fantastic years in this rapper’s life as he got more brand endorsement deals and also went on tour.

In 2015 Rich Homie Quan net worth was at the $1.2 million mark.

Rich Homie Quan Net Worth 2016

Rich Homie Quan net worth have always been on the increase and in 2016 his ever increasing net worth got to $2.6 million.

Rich Homie Quan Net Worth 2017

In 2017, Rich Homie Quan was already established in the rap industry and joined the list of the biggest earners in the rap industry as his net worth rose to $3.5 million.

Rich Homie Quan Awards and Achievements

Rich Homie Quan has come a long way in his rap career and he is very successful in his own way, and that is undeniable.

Apart from all the cash and fame he has made for himself over the years, he has also been nominated for a number of awards which he went home with a few.

He was once nominated for the BET best new artiste award, BET Hip-Hop awards for Rookie of the year and best mixtape award for one of his mixtapes I promise I will never stop goin in.

He has also been nominated for the best Hip-Hop song of the year award by iHeart Radio.

One of his songs which was a hit Flex (oho, ooh, ooh) was certified 2x platinum by the RIAA and this same song also peaked at the number 4 position on the U.S rap chart after it was released.

His mixtape still goin in was named the 10th best mixtape of 2013.

Quan has also featured and performed alongside some famous artists like Young Thug, Lil Kim, 2Chainz, Gucci Mane, Dae Dae and a whole lot of others.

In Fact this rapper is a total success and have achieved almost everything a rapper can ever dream of achieving.

Rich Homie Quan Legal Tussles

Every famous person out there has one controversy or even more hanging around his or her neck and Rich Homie Quan is no exception.

In May, 2012, he was arrested along with five other persons for being in possession of allegedly stolen weapons.

Rich Homie Quan Education

While growing up, Rich Homie Quan was a bit shy and quiet but after he discovered his incredible rap talent all that changed as he became a superstar in his high school.

He was very bright in his academics and attended the Ronald McNair Sr. High School in Atlanta, Georgia.

Once he finished his high school, as brilliant as he was he was awarded a scholarship to the Valley State University.

He completed his education there and instead of deciding to pursue higher degrees, he then decided to turn his attention to his rap career which has since been a success.

Rich Homie Quan Personal Life

Rich Homie Quan is one of those rappers who love to live a low profiled life to prevent unwanted media attention and that is very much understandable.

But he is a father of 3 kids named Khosen, Royal and Devin.

Nothing much is known about his love life.

Rich Homie Quan Age

Rich Homie Quan was born on the 4th of October, 1989 in Atlanta, United States of America, that means as of recent this rapper is 29 years old.

Rich Homie Quan net worth

Rich Homie Quan Cars

Rich Homie Quan net worth is very high, so it can possibly afford him any car he wishes to own, no matter the price tag.

He has a car garage which is full of exotic cars like Ferrari, Camero, Mercedes Benz, and a whole lot of other expensive rides.

His car garage has been reported to be worth over $1 million as he is a big fan of cars.

Rich Homie Quan House

Rich Homie Quan was born and raised in Atlanta in an average family house and according to him, when he was young he promised himself that he would work hard and buy a mansion for himself and his family in that same city, Atlanta.

As a rapper and a rich one at that he splashed millions of dollars in getting a nice mansion for himself and his family as he once promised himself.

Rich Homie Quan Real Name

Rich Homie Quan’s real name is Dequantes Devontay but the rapper prefers to go by his stage name.

Rich Homie Quan Height, Weight and Personal looks

Rich Homie Quan’s height is 183cm while he weighs 84kg.

He has a black hair color and dark brown eye color.

Rich Homie Quan Kids

Rich Homie Quan have a very private kind of lifestyle as he prefers to keep much of his personal life away from the public so as to prevent any form of controversy.

But the rapper as of the time of publishing this post has 3 children and their names are Khosen, Royal and Devin.

Rich Homie Quan Parents

Up till date, there have not been any report about this rapper’s parents and it is because he doesn’t talk much about them as he prefers to keep it all private and locked up.

Rich Homie Quan Siblings

For sure, Rich Homie Quan has siblings but their names are not known to the public or even to his most loyal of fans.

Rich Homie Quan Sexual Orientation

This rapper is into women and that means he is straight and not gay.

Rich Homie Quan Birth Sign

Rich Homie Quan was born on the 4th of October, 1989, so that means that his zodiac birth sign is Libra.

Rich Homie Quan Pets

There are no reports on whether this rapper or his children own any pet as he hasn’t shared any on his social media.

Rich Homie Quan Social Media Presence

Rich Homie Quan is not an all social media type of celebrity which is very common among male rappers.

But he is on a few social media platforms and some of those are Instagram where he has over a million followers, twitter where he has over 200,000 followers and he is also active on a few others.

Rich Homie Quan also has a very active YouTube channel where he uploads his music videos.

The YouTube channel has been doing very well over the years as it has over 200,000 active channel subscribers and over 20 million lifetime video views.

The Marriage Issues

Like we all know Rich Homie Quan had three kids with two different women,

His first two kids was with his longtime ex-wife Amber Rella.

Amber tried her best to contain the rapper’s unfaithful ways but when she could no longer take it she parted ways with him.

His third child Khosen was with another of his girlfriend named Jhonni Blaze with whom she was cheating Amber Rella with.

Whenever this issue is brought up maybe in an interview Rich Homie Quan always denies it claiming that he is happily married and have never cheated on any woman.

Rumors and Controversies

Rich Homie Quan have come under fire a lot of times for being involved in various drug case and possession of illegal fire arms.

In 2014, he was rumored to have had a seizure while shooting the music video for his song Walk them in his hometown as a result of drug over-usage.

He later admitted to having a seizure but denied the fact that it was as a result of drug over-usage.

10 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan is one of those rappers who never had it easy, but they still managed to make a name for themselves.

Let us now check out those weird things about this rapper.

10. He is an addict

Rich Homie Quan has been arrested on different occasions for being in possession of drugs and he is also rumored to be addicted to the substance which he always denies.

9. His love for weapons

On various occasions, this rapper haven’t only been arrested for drug possession but also for being in possession of unlicensed hand guns.

8. He is car addict

There is no way you can talk about Rich Homie Quan without talking about cars as he spares no dime in getting the best of rides for himself.

7. He is very religious

It is a rare combination, a life of crime and a life of religion.

But it makes a little bit of sense as Quan is a strong believer.

6. He is a good bible reader

For sure, him being able to read bible is very encourage-able.

5. He is too good at billiards

If he is not making music, then you must find him playing billiards.

4. He is a potato crisps eater


Not a lot of people do eat this stuff, but Homie does.

3. He may be a bigtime celebrity liar

I wouldn’t say for sure, but on many occasions Rich Homie has denied rumors about him.

Not one or two, but every single rumor, he denies them all.

Lol, what a rapper!

2. He doesn’t believe in money

This rapper once said on an interview that to him money is not the most important thing in life but family.

I definitely agree with Homie here!

1. He could have been a baseball player

As a kid, Rich Homie Quan was one of the best Baseball players you could ever find in his neighborhood.

According to him, he could have pursued a career in baseball if he didn’t have a music talent.


Rich Homie Quan net worth will only get higher as he has a lot of projects coming up and for sure we are yet to see the best of Quan.


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