Plies Net Worth And 10 Weird Things About Him

Plies net worth

Plies Net Worth 

Plies is a famous American rapper, song writer, performer and record producer who began his career in the 90’s and took it to the early 2000’s.

This rapper played a huge role in the emergence of some top artistes we all know today and they include Usher, Ludacris and DJ Khalid.

There is no doubt that Plies is nowadays enjoying the benefits of his years of hard work as he is living his life to the fullest.

As of recent Plies net worth is estimated to be $16 million.

Who is Plies?

Plies is a living legend in his own way, he is one of those rapper who defined and made the American rap industry what it is today.

He is known for his many talents as he is rapper, record producer, song writer and performer.

Plies is best known for his 2005 hit mixtape titled 100% Real Nigga and his 2007 single Shawty which featured T-Pain and it was this song that earned him his much acclaimed fame of today.

The Shawty single brought a lot of success to Plies and things even got better for the rapper after the song moved to the number 9 position on the billboard hot 100 and the second position on the Hip-hop song charts.

The single made him a world class rapper and it didn’t just make waves in the United States rather it was a hit in the whole world.

The song was later certified platinum by the RIAA.

Plies Biography and Early Life

Plies was born on the 1st of July, 1976 as Algernod Lanier Washington in Fort Myers, Florida, United States of America.

Plies unlike most rappers didn’t have much problem growing up as he was born in an average family and had all the basic things he needed at that young age provided for him.

During his early days he had no interest in music or even arts, all he did was go out on the street to play football.

His ambition as of then was to go to school as his family had wanted, finish high school with good grades, enroll at a university and then after that get a job or pursue his football career.

But unknown to him destiny had other greater and better plans for him.

Plies loved football and sprinting to the extent that whenever he was not in school or at the sport center playing football all he did was fix his eyes on the television watching football matches.

As a kid whose aspirations was to be a great footballer he admired a lot of footballers and was just fascinated about the game.

His love for the game of soccer even grew the more after he enrolled at the Forts Myers senior high school while growing up with his family in East Dunbar.

It was at this point that he concluded that all he wanted in life was to become one of the greatest football players in America.

This motivated him to join the school’s football team where he played as a defender and excelled in the position.

According to this rapper, while he was playing in that defensive position, it was very difficult if not impossible for any attacking player to get past him as he was very agile and muscular back then.

Even as much as he loved and adored the game of soccer, he did excellently in school as he didn’t allow his love for football to distract his studies in any way.

As a defensive player, Plies caught the eye of many admirers including the team coach who now made him a regular player in the team and he was later named the best defender for various seasons especially between 1995 and 1997 when he was simply incredible on the football pitch.

Being a football Maestro and also intelligent and good looking brought a lot of female admirers to him as he quickly became a guy most high school girls wanted to hang out it because he was also very cool.

Plies had all the good qualities to beat off any competition to any girl as he was energetic, hilarious, good on the football pitch, muscular like most girls love, good looking and he was also a perfectionist when it came to dressing.

When it comes to looking good and dressing very well, then Plies was the young man for you and that was exactly why he was named the best dressed male student of his high school and was subsequently crowned the Homecoming king that year.

All these brought up more admirers for him as Plies quickly became the teachers’ favorite, team coach favorite and the girls’ favorite.

Plies successfully completed his high school at the Fort Myers Senior High School with good grades and quickly enrolled at the Miami University where he continued his football career.

But in the Miami University Football team, he now changed from his usual position which was more defensive to a wider player.

During his first year at the University, his footballing talent was noticed by everybody including the team coach and fellow team mates and this made the coach to make him a first team regular.

At this point Plies was certain that it was only a matter of time for him to complete his University, graduate and finally get to become a professional football player as he had always dreamt of.

Plies excelled in all he did and it only got better for him in the capacity of Rookie where he covered 69 yards, making 9 receptions.

He trained harder, even sacrificed a bit of his studies because he was now very serious with his football career and was giving it his all.

The next season his hard work and intensive training paid off as he covered 262 yards, thereby making 25 receptions and 2 touch downs.

All these achievements were like no other and skyrocketed his position in the sport team.

Plies was now the new sport sensation as people couldn’t help but consistently watch him display his amazing talents on the sport arena.

Not only did Plies earn praises from his team mates, coaches and supporters but he earned applauds from the whole school and he was already famous as an athlete in the Miami University.

But it was during his final year in the University that Plies sport career and dreams began to fall apart as he had a very poor run that season.

Unlike the Plies whom everyone including the team coach and team mates knew he completed just 43 yards making only five receptions.

After successfully playing and making a name for himself even with a single bad season, he moved to the University of Central Florida.

But it was in this University that Plies football dream and ambitions hit the rocks and quickly turned in to that of music.

While at the University of Central Florida he mingled with a lot of people who were in to music and he quickly got influenced.

That same year he began to think a lot about music and all of a sudden he decided to try out some lines which he did and it was all amazing and fascinating to him.

When he went home, he told his brother who was then a bit in to music that he had almost no interest in football again that his mind was now focused on making music especially rap.

It was at this point that all of Plies football dreams, ambitions and aspirations were forgotten by him as he now decided to go into music full time.

Instead of Plies as usual going to train at the school’s football stadium, he would spend all day writing music lines which he will then later go to the music studio to record.

This new venture fascinated Plies and he just loved the feeling of hearing his own voice echoing on tapes.

This new change surprised everyone including his friends, team mates, team coach and his football admirers.

But according to him, it wasn’t his fault, it was just destiny calling and he had to answer.

Plies net worth

Plies Career and Rise to Fame

Plies interest changed from football to rap music while he was in the University of Central Florida and it was because he got to socialize with a good number of students who were into music.

His interest became hundred percent music after he featured in a song titled Tell Dem Krackers and it was after featuring in this song that his football aspirations all died off.

In a bid to immediately kick start his music career, he joined hands with his step brother Ronnell Lawrence Lavatte to establish his own music recording company which they named Big Gates Records.

The recording company did very well back in the 90’s even though it wasn’t all that big when compared to famous recording companies back then.

Plies now became very much addicted to rapping as he did everything in his capacity to improve on his rapping skills.

Just like those days he would train on the football pitch, he now spent hours even nights in the studio trying to perfect his craft.

The Tell Dem Krackers song which he featured in also exposed his talent to a lot of other music record labels such as Slip-N-Slip who signed him in 2004.

The next year, being 2005 the rapper released his first mixtape called 100% Real Nigga.

It was at this point that Plies realized that there was no stopping him and now set out for the fame and cash.

In 2006, with the much success of his mixtape which he capitalized on by organizing shows, concerts and different events, he released another big mixtape titled Bottom to Top.

Plies quickly began to build a huge fan base for himself as a lot of people loved the fact that he was telling a story with his music and his kind of rap style was unique and came with a lot of creativity.

In a space of two years with the release of his two mixtapes, Plies went from being an aspiring young boy trying to make it big in football to a famous rapper who was shutting down shows, concerts, and night clubs.

Things couldn’t get any better for Plies, on the 12th of June, 2007, his much anticipated single which featured T-Pain titled Shawty was finally released after a lot of controversies.

The song was his first ever single and having made a name as one of the hottest names in the rap industry at that time the song quickly blew up in the whole United States and began making waves in every part of the world.

Just after a few weeks of its release, the song made its way to the top of different music charts.

Shawty settled at the number 9 position on the billboard hot 100 chart and also clinched the number 2 position on the hip-hop songs chart.

The song was later certified platinum by the RIAA.

The song turned Plies into an overnight super star as different brand endorsements came in all direction and all of a sudden Plies became one of the most famous and acclaimed rappers at that time.

He organized concerts in the whole United States, New Zealand and a lot of other countries.

Plies quickly capitalized on his now huge fan base by announcing his much successful tour, the turnout was breath taking and Plies made a lot of money from all of this.

In a bid to cement his position in the rap industry and clear all false impressions that he was a one song star who would soon fade, he announced the release date of his first studio album.

Within some few weeks of making this announcement, he released his much anticipated studio album titled The Real Testament.

The album’s reach, applause and recognition spread like wildfire to the extent that other rappers were now wondering how Plies who just began his career some few years back made it this far in a period of not over 4 years.

In the first week of its release, the album sold over 95, 000 copies in the United States of America.

It also did very well on the charts as it took the 2nd position on the billboard hot 200 and in the third week it had already sold over 25, 0000 extra copies.

The album also claimed the second position on both the Top R&B and Hip-Hop album charts and Top rap album chart.

The only phrase that could describe Plies at that time was Plies is simply on fire and not stopping anytime soon.

During that period it was rumored that Plies made over $2, 000, 000 from record sales, concerts and different brand endorsements.

From then on it was certain that Plies has taken the center stage in the American rap industry and every song he released or featured in instantly became a massive hit and success.

After a few months of allowing his album to make waves, he quickly released another single called Hypnotized.

This song even became bigger and surpassed the success of his previous songs as it got huge responses and has since sold over a million copy.

It was later certified platinum by the RIAA and claimed top positions on various music charts.

It took the 14th position on the billboard hot 100, 2nd position on hot R&B songs, 3rd position on hot rap songs, and 23rd position on mainstream top 40 and in 2008 the song was used in the hit movie Step up 2: The Street which further increased its popularity.

There was no stopping him now as he was now what a lot of people termed over-successful.

In 2008, he thrilled his millions of fans with the release of his second studio album titled Definition of Real which was released on the 10th of June, 2008.

The album was a huge success and topped the number 2 position on the billboard hot 200 and fighting off other competition it settled at the number 2 position on the top hip-hop album and top rap album charts.

The album made a lot of sales and made Plies lots of money and that is why up till today this album is his best-selling album ever with over 500, 000 sold copies.

It seemed as if Plies was impatience in 2008 as he couldn’t wait for the success of his second studio album to reduce a little before exciting his ever growing fans with his third studio album which was a complete banger.

The album consisted of 16 hit tracks and just days after its release it claimed the 14th position on the United States Billboard hot 200.

Over 115, 000 copies were sold within the first week of its release.

Out of the 16 tracks on the album, 3 were the most successful as they topped different charts and they are Want it Weed it, Put it on ya, and many more.

The album may have not been as successful as his previous ones, but it was able to sell over 500, 000 copies and made Plies over $500, 000 which was very impressive.

After the success of his mixtapes, singles ad three albums, he decided to take a little break from his active music career, and for the next two years Plies was on a low key but his songs continued growing and making waves across the world.

In 2010, plies returned even stronger than before to active music and released his fourth studio album after a long vacation.

The album titled Goon Affiliated made waves and announced the comeback of the rap sensation by selling over 56, 000 copies in the United States.

It claimed the 5th position on the U.S Billboard 200 chart and a song from the album Becky was later certified gold by RIAA.

But according to a lot of critics, the album wasn’t all that huge like his three previous ones, but all this didn’t matter for Plies as he pocketed a mouthwatering $300, 000 just from the album sales.

That same year Plies released his first EP called 3 headed monster which made a lot of waves and added to his already huge fan base.

Not only has Plies excelled as a rapper, but he is also a big time performer, in fact as of then most of his fans preferred him performing live on stage than watching his music videos because of the kind of energy and vibes he brings while performing on stage.

After the success of his EP, he began to appear on different television shows such as BET News, Access Granted and The Mo’nique show and a lot of other shows which further increased his popularity and net worth.

Plies also created a documentary of himself which he titled The Good, the Bad and The Bling which added to his already huge net worth.

As a rapper he has worked with a lot of notable artistes and some of them are young Jeez, Dj Khaled, Gucci Mane, Ludacris and a whole lot of others.

Plies shut down a lot of shows and most of his memorable concerts were hosted in California, South Carolina during his Ran off on Da Plug Twice Tour.

Plies huge fan base can be seen in the success of his YouTube channel which boasts of over 300, 000 active channel subscribers and over 200 million video views.

Plies Awards and Achievement

Without doubt Plies have made it big in the world of rap and he continues to get bigger and there is no doubt that he is one of the greatest rappers ever.

His first ever single Shawty which featured T-Pain ranked at the 9th position on the billboard hot 100 and 2nd position on the hip-hop song charts and was later certified Platinum by the RIAA.

His first album The Real Testament ranked 2nd position on the billboard hot 200 and second position on both Top R&B and Hip-Hop albums and Top Rap Albums.

Another of his hit single Hypnotized sold over a million copies, ranked 14th position on U.S billboard hot 100, number 22 on hot R&B songs, third on hot rap songs and 23rd position on mainstream top 40.

Plies second album Definition of Real took the second position on the billboard hot 200 and 2nd on both Top Hip-Hop albums and top rap album charts.

His third studio album Da Real reached the 14th position on the U.S billboard hot 200.

After his two years break, his fourth album Goon Affiliated sold over 55, 000 copies and ranked at the 5th position on the U.S billboard hot 200.

One of his songs Becky was certified gold by RIAA.

Plies have also worked with big name artistes like DJ Khaled, T-Pain, Gucci Mane, Young Jeez, Ludacris and have also appeared o shows like BET News, Access Granted and Mo’nique show.

Plies Net Worth and Salary

Plies have been in the music industry for over a decade and he has been very successful.

It even got to the extent that all the music he released were all hits.

With his remarkable career, Plies net worth is estimated to be $16 million.

Plies Net Worth Source

Plies net worth source is his music career.

This rapper is a seasoned performer, song writer, recording artiste and have different streams of incomes.

But most of his incomes come from his many tours, concerts and shows.

He also earns from brand endorsements and record sales.

Plies also has a huge social media following and this is visible on his YouTube channel which has over 300, 000 active channel subscribers and over 200 million video views.

Plies earns over $2 per 1, 000 views on his YouTube channel and just imagine how much he has earned with over 200 million video views.

Is Plies Net Worth Increasing Or Decreasing?

Without doubt Plies net worth is on a steady increase because for the past decade now the rapper’s net worth hasn’t gone below what it was the previous year.

So Plies net worth is simply on the increase.

Plies Net Worth 2010

Plies had a net worth of $2 million back in 2010

Plies Net Worth 2011

With his ever growing fan base and concerts, this rapper’s net worth was on the increase.

In 2011 Plies net worth was $3. 6 million.

Plies Net Worth 2012

Plies net worth inn 2012 was estimated to be $4.7 million.

Plies Net Worth 2013

By 2013, Plies was already one of the biggest artistes in the industry.

So as of then Plies net worth was estimated to be $5.6 million.

Plies Net Worth 2014

With his ever growing popularity and huge fan base, what else do you expect?

There was also rapid increase in the number of brand endorsements the rapper had and this all increased his pay checks.

As of 2014, Plies net worth was at the $7.2 million mark.

Plies Net Worth 2015

Even though his appearance were now low, but this rapper’s money couldn’t stop piling up.

Plies net worth was estimated to be $9.5 million in 2015.

Plies Net Worth 2016

Plies net worth in 2016 was estimated to be $12 million.

It increased from what it was in 2015 due to more record sales and guest appearance on music videos and different television shows.

Plies Net Worth 2017

As of 2017, Plies didn’t make much appearances and didn’t even produce much tracks, but his net worth was always on the rise.

Plies net worth in 2017 was estimated to be $14 million.

Plies Personal Life

Plies is one of those celebrities who tries his best to keep his personal life hidden.

But over the years he has been in a number of relationships.

One of those was with Lira Galore, whom he dated for over a year.

The rapper also got involved with singer Brandy Lacole Lyons and their relationship resulted to the birth of a son Nijier Lanier Washington who was born on October 2003.

Plies Age

Plies was born on the 1st of July, 1976 and that means as of recent the rapper is 43 years old.

Plies House

Plies with his incredible net worth can easily afford any house he wants therefore it is no surprise that he lives in his $11 million mansion in Greenwich with his child Nijier Lanier Washington.

Plies net worth

Plies Cars

Plies is one of those rappers who love to get the best when it comes to cars and he spares no cash when getting a new ride for himself.

His car garage boasts of exotic cars like customized Lincoln continental, Cadillac CTS-V, Pontiac 350, Aston Martin, Maserati Quattroporte, Bentley Bentayga and 1968 Pontiac Grand Pix.

Plies Jewelries

Plies has a habit of spending on jewelries and some of those are his $200, 000 diamond covered Patek Phillipe wrist watch and a 7-kilo gold chain which reportedly cost him $250, 000.

Plies Education

Plies during his younger days had a sound and quality educational experience and did very well in school which is unlike most rappers who are usually school dropouts.

He attended the Fort Myers senior high school, he then later enrolled at the Miami University before he went on to attend the University of Central Florida.

Plies Real Name

Plies real name is Algernod Lanier Washington but the rapper prefers to go by his stage or nick name which is Plies.

Plies Height, Weight and More

Plies height is 5 feet 5 inches, while he has a weight of 66kg.

This rapper has a clean shaved hair and he is dark in complexion.

Plies Children

Plies back in October 2003 fathered a child named Nijier Lanier Washington with his singer ex-girlfriend Brandy Lacole Lyons.

Plies Parents

Ever since coming to limelight, this rapper has kept his parents identity all to himself, but for sure his parents are very proud of all his achievements.

Plies Siblings

Much is not known about Plies intimate family, the only relation of his he usually talks about is his step brother Ronnell Lawrence Lavatte.

Plies Pets

There are no information on whether Plies or his children own any pets as he hasn’t shared any on his social media.

Plies Social Media Presence

Plies YouTube channel which was created in 2007 has been very successful over the years as it has over 300, 000 active channel subscribers and has accumulated over 200 million video views over the years.

Plies Controversies

This rapper has made a mark in the music industry, but even as talented as he is has been criticized a lot of times for his extravagant lifestyle.

10 Weird Things You Didn’t know About Plies

Even successful rappers like Plies have also had awkward moments in their careers.

Let us check them out.

10. He would have been a football star

While growing up all he wanted was to become one of the greatest football players ever, but as destiny would have it he changed his mind and took up a music career which has since been very successful.

9. He was influenced in the University

While going to the University, he already had plans of taking his football career to the next level by turning professional.

But while in the University he got to meet various students who were involved in music and little by little that was how his music journey began.

8. He is one of those who made DJ Khaled

Every popular star you see today began from almost nothing and one of those was DJ Khaled but his career was boosted due to the influence of Plies.

7. T-Pain worked the magic

There is no doubt that Plies was already making waves in his own little way, but his career became as successful as it is today after he collaborated with one of the most famous artistes back then T-Pain to release one of his best songs called Shawty.

6. He is a Playboy

Being young and rich has a lot of advantages and one of those is that you get to have any girl you want, because girls are naturally attracted to success and this guy made great use of his success.

5. His expensive lifestyle

This rapper has come under criticisms a lot for his extravagant lifestyle, but to be honest who cares.

He worked hard and he is simply enjoying the fruit of his labor.

4. He can’t stay away from chains

If there is one rapper who simply can’t stay away from expensive chains, then it is Plies.

He once squandered over $200, 000 just to get a piece of chain.

3. His car garage

This rapper has the money, and it is no surprise seeing him getting the best of cars.

2. He had a show

Plies once had a television show called The Good, The Bad and The Bling which aired for some time.

1. Plies net worth may soon decrease

Plies has a tremendous net worth, but he sure knows how to squander his money, but for sure we all know that this rapper is a hustler, so once his money finishes, he would still hustle and get more cash for himself.


Plies net worth is a proof of his hard work and dedication to what he loves doing which is making songs.


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