Katt Williams Net Worth And 10 Weird Things About Him

Katt Williams net worth

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Katt Williams Net Worth

Katt Williams is one of the most successful African-American comedians in the United States and he calls himself the international man of mysteries.

He is best known for his controversial kind of lifestyle but all this makes him very unique and outspoken.

Over the years this comedian has made a name and wealth for himself.

As of recent Katt Williams net worth is estimated to be $12 million and it is on the increase.

Who is Katt Williams?

Katt Williams is a famous African-American stand-up comedian, singer, rapper, song writer, actor and television personality.

He became very popular after his role as Monkey Mike in the film Friday after Next.

He is also known for his hilarious role as Bobby Shaw on My Wife and Kids.

Katt Williams also voiced himself in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto IV which earned him a lot of money.

This man has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and he is only getting better.

He has appeared in various movies like Epic movie, Rebound and television series like NYPD Blue and Wild N’ Out.

Katt Williams Biography and Early Life

Katt Williams was born Micah Sierra Katt Williams on the 2nd of September 1973 in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America.

He wasn’t like most other celebrities who had to struggle as kids because he was born into a well-known rich family.

His family members back in those days were very rich and politically active as they were members of the Black Panther party.

This rapper and comedian spent most of his early days in Dayton, Ohio instead of his place of birth Cincinnati.

Among all of his siblings, Katt Williams was said to have been the most brilliant of them all and this was exactly why he could already read and write at the age of 3.

At that very young age, Katt Williams had already fallen in love with reading books, playing songs and drawing even without anybody teaching him how to do so.

He spent most of his time reading every book he could lay his hand on and loved everything about books to the extent that he could skip meals just to make sure he finish any book he had begun to read.

As a kid, Katt Williams had a sound education and could have decided to pursue higher degrees but at the age of 8 he began to develop interest in writing songs, making jokes and just doing silly things.

Katt Williams now became popular in school for his jovial behavior and many antics.

Anytime he was not reading books he would either have a group of students circled around him cracking them up or he would be serving detention for his many mischiefs.

He quickly began writing songs and singing all to himself but one day he decided to try it out in school.

After the first day of rapping to his friends, they all clapped and cheered him and that was how his illustrious music journey began.

He would now spend all his time writing jokes and rap lyrics which he would sing to his friends whenever he went to school.

Katt Williams became popular in his school for both his antics, rap and jovial nature.

Due to the amount of time he dedicated to his new found comedy and music talent his grades began to be affected negatively.

It didn’t go down well with his parents and family members who were now against him talking about pursuing a music or comedy career.

By the time he was 13 years old he was offered a scholarship which could have enabled him further his education, but he knew that the scholarship wasn’t what he wanted.

By the time he got fed up with all the family drama he decided to cut all ties with his family who were against his dreams.

It was at the age of 13 that Katt Williams decided to leave his family and cut all ties with them so that he can be able to pursue his dreams.

Katt Williams moved out from home, and started pursuing his dream as a stand-up comedian.

He began to perform comedy and show case his talent at local night clubs in Ohio using the comedian entrance as an underage.

To him it all didn’t matter as all he wanted was to achieve his dreams.

In order to support himself financially, he decoded to work as a vendor, but the money he was getting from the job wasn’t enough for him, so he decided to try his luck in stealing.

Katt Williams now began to steal food stuffs from local shops, he was caught on some occasions and beaten, but all that didn’t stop him.

Little by little, the young and naive Katt Williams began to establish himself in the neighborhood of Ohio as a comedy genius.

It is in California that he would establish himself in the world of comedy.

After he moved to California, he began to make a name for himself at local clubs and quickly rose to the biggest of stages due to his talent.

He went on to perform at huge events and locations such as The Improv, The Holiday Park Casino and the comedy club.

Slowly his career profile began to rise and he even began to explore other of his talents such as acting, rapping and hosting shows.

Katt Williams would later make his movie debut on the hit drama NYPD Blue.

Katt Williams net worth

Katt Williams Career and Rise to Fame

As a kid he had all his needs provided for him and lacked almost nothing but along the line he decided to separate himself from his family because they weren’t in support of his dreams. At the age of 13 he left home, but didn’t find it easy or rosy as he had to work as a vendor and also get into crime

But after he saved up some money, he moved to the city of opportunities, California.

It is in California where he would go on to perform on the biggest of stages and make a name for himself.

He went on to perform at notable and popular clubs like The Improv, The comedy club, the icehouse, The Hollywood park casino.

One of his biggest performance was at the BET’s comic view.

By 2002, Katt Williams was already an established name in the world of comedy and that same year he made his acting debut on the popular television drama NYPD Blue which also starred big name actors like Nick Canon.

His appearance on the NYPD Blue film catapulted the once struggling young comedian from Ohio into a famous screen star.

After the success of the 2002 television drama, more opportunities opened up for him as he starred in various other comedy shows and movies.

The turn of the next year was very massive and successful for him as he solidified his name in the world of acting with his appearance in films like American Hustle.

It was this film that won him several awards, which now made him a household name in Hollywood and in comedy.

By 2008, Katt Williams was now a name associated with fame and success, he even made things much better for himself with the release of his second HBO comedy special called Pimpin Pimpin which came under a lot of criticisms for being politically motivated.

But all these controversies made him more famous.

Katt Williams also appeared in the Tracy Morgan show, my wife and kids, Boondock and a lot of other television series.

Before Katt Williams’ much success in 2008 he appeared in a supporting role in the 2005 movie Rebound and the 2007 movie Epic movie and Norbit.

In 2006 Katt Williams began his much successful music journey and has since then released over 5 albums which has earned him a lot of money over the years.

Katt Williams’s first album was released in 2009 which was titled It’s PimPin PimPin.

This album gained him a lot of prominence as both an artiste and a comedian.

It was at this point that he was now known as one of the most talented celebrities in the United States as he could do almost everything when it comes to entertainment.

Over the years he has collaborated and worked with a lot of other big name artistes like Baby Bash, Lil Scrappy, Nick Canon and a whole lot of others.

His first entrance into music was an appearance on Nick Canon’s single Gigolo in the year 2003.

Williams almost called it quits on his comedic career in 2008 when he took a break from the stage for over 4 years before making a comeback with a new show titled KattPacalypse in 2012.

Katt’s career has been full of lots of controversies and one of those was in 2012 when he was jailed and after this event he announced his retirement from stand-up comedy only to come out of retirement three days later.

By late 2013, he released a diss track which was targeted at Trinidad James, an Atlanta based rapper and song writer.

By 2014, Katt Williams’s career only got better with the release of another of his HBO shows titled Katt Williams: priceless, Afterlife special which was directed by famous director Spike Lee.

In 2015, Katt Williams decided to capitalize on his now huge fan base and therefore announced his Conspiracy Theory tour, but the tour didn’t work out because of his many legal battles.

According to him, the tour would be the best tour of his career so far and he promised to make it one that fans won’t forget so soon.

Katt Williams between 2015 and 2016 was into several legal battles and even found it hard to focus on his career.

In 2016 he began his much anticipated tour with the name Katt Williams: Great America tour with stand up shows in various cities in both United States and across Europe.

The tour was highly criticized, but it didn’t stop it from being a huge success as it was a sold out show.

Katt Williams Awards and Achievements

In terms of awards and achievements, Katt Williams has reached the highest level any comedian in the United States could ever dream of.

From nothing, all by himself he pioneered his career to success.

Today this same man who had to support himself financially by being a vendor is now one of the most successful entertainer in the United States.

In his own way, he is already a legend in comedy.

He hasn’t just made a name for himself in comedy, but also as a rapper, singer, television host and a role model to many.

Katt Williams Net Worth and Salary

Katt Williams net worth as of recent is estimated to be $12 million.

Katt Williams Net Worth Source

Katt Williams net worth source comes from many of his works as a rapper, stand-up comedian, actor and television host.

There is no doubt that he has excelled in all he has done and that is why he earns tremendously from making use of all his incredible talents.

He earns from brand endorsements and many of his tours in both the United States and across Europe.

Another source of income of his is the sale of his many albums and songs.

There are no reports on whether he owns any private investment or not.

Is Katt Williams Net Worth Increasing or Decreasing?

Without doubt I can confidently say that Katt Williams net worth is on the positive side of growth and even with his many controversies and legal battels, his net worth continues to grow.

Katt Williams Net Worth 2010

In 2010 Katt Williams net worth was estimated to be $3 million.

Katt Williams Net Worth 2011

By 2011 this comedian’s net worth was estimated to be at the $4 million mark.

Katt Williams Net Worth 2012

2012 was a great year for him as he made his comeback after four long years of absence from the comedy scene.

That year Katt Williams net worth was $5 million.

Katt Williams Net Worth 2013

By 2013 Katt Williams net worth was at the $6 million mark.

Katt Williams Net Worth 2014

His net worth in 2014 was $7 million.

Katt Williams Net Worth 2015

A lot happened in this comedian’s life in 2015 and most of them had negative effects on him but not on his net worth as he was worth $8 million back then.

Katt Williams Net Worth 2016

With his ever growing fan base and his many sold out tours Katt Williams net worth in 2016 was estimated to be $9 million.

Katt Williams Net Worth 2017

By 2017, Katt Williams net worth was estimated to be $10 million.

Katt Williams Age

Katt Williams was born on the 2nd of September 1971 as Micah Sierra Williams in Cincinnati, Ohio.

So that means as of recent he is 48 years old.

Katt Williams Real Name

Katt Williams was born Micah Sierra Williams.

So there is almost no difference between his real name and his stage name.

Katt Williams Height, Weight and more

Katt Williams is a man of many talents and also a man with great looks.

He has a height of 165cm, and weighs about 66kg.

He has a dark brown hair color which always looks clean, brown eye color and a slim fit body.

Katt Williams Personal Life

This comedian back in 1995, got married to his girlfriend Quadriah Locus, they had a child together but like most celebrity marriages it didn’t last.

After many problems with each other, they decide to call an end to their marriage and finally got divorced in 1996, leaving there young son at the center of their many personal issues.

After several law suits and battles, he finally got custody of his only son Micah.

As the years went by so did his net worth increase, so he decided to expand his family since he had the money to take care of all of them.

With his very strong financial capability he adopted seven of his ex-wife’s children and have never regretted ever doing so.

Katt Williams is known to be a very hardworking and responsible father, at least by his kids.

Apart from his marriage to Quadriah Locus, this comedian has also been in so many other relationships and some of the women he had a thing with include Eboni Gray, Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood reality star Hazel E, Arica Kane, Jhonni Blaze and a lot of other women.

Katt Williams House

This comedian without doubt can afford any house he wants and that is exactly why he got a mansion for himself and his kids in South Dakota.

Katt Williams Cars

Williams is not the type of man who often shows off his latest luxurious acquisitions but for sure he owns an expensive car garage.

Katt Williams Education

Katt came from a very rich and prominent family, so there is no doubt that during his early days he had a very good educational experience.

Due to his much love for comedy and music he couldn’t complete his high school as he abandoned it all in pursuit of a career in comedy and music.

Katt Williams Kids

Katt Williams had a child named Micah in his first marriage to Quadriah Locus, but due to his strong financial capability he adopted the 7 children of his ex-wife in a bid to expand his family.

Katt Williams Parents

This rapper comes from a very rich and politically involved family as his parents were members of the Black Panther party.

But as a kid, his family members never supported his dreams of being a famous comedian and television star.

So at the young age of 13 he ran away from home in order to pursue his comedy career.

Katt Williams Siblings

Katt Williams doesn’t talk much about his family, so as of now there are no reports about his siblings.

Katt Williams Pets

This comedian hasn’t shared any photo of his pet on his social media, so I can’t really say if he or his kids own any pet.

Katt Williams net worth

Katt Williams Controversies

If there is one celebrity who love being on the news for the negative reasons, then Katt Williams is the celebrity for you.

Since 2006 till date he has always had one controversy or another tied to his neck, but all this contributed to his fame.

In 2006 he was arrested for being in possession of an unlicensed hand gun which he stole.

In 2012, he was once again arrested, this time outside a bar in Seattle, Washington following a fight that broke out between him and three of his fans.

After that incident he was aggravated by the way the media rewrote the whole story and cause of fight making him look like the one at fault, so he announced that he was retiring from comedy.

But after this announcement he quickly came out of retirement three days later.

By January 2013, Katt Williams was once again a victim of the law as he was arrested by the police while he was riding a three wheeled motorbike in downtown Sacramento, California.

Katt Williams Social Media Presence

This stand up comedian has an official website, he also has a Facebook page with over 300, 000 fans, a twitter page and he is also very active on other social media platforms.

Katt Williams Gay Issues

Katt Williams has been in and out of many controversies, but one of the dirtiest was that of him and Jamie Foxx which brought about the gay issues.

Katt Williams may have been joking about it all, because as a comedian he probably jokes about everything.

He once called out Jamie Foxx as being gay.

But after he said this, in an interview Jamie Foxx replied saying that only a man who have been struggling with his desire to be gay can say what Katt Williams has said.

He even said that he was very certain that Katt Williams was a gay.

Katt Williams Death Rumors

There was a time when Katt Williams was rumored to be dead especially after it became public knowledge that the conspiracy theorist was into drugs.

This sparked the rumors about him being dead, but everyone was proved wrong quickly afterwards.

10 Weird Things about Katt Williams

Katt Williams is a man of many talents as well as a man of many problems and controversies.

Let us now check out those weird things about him.

10. He ran away from home at the age of 13

By the time he was 13 years old, due to his parents not being in support of his dreams to become a comedian he cut all ties with them and ran away from home.

9. He adopted 7 kids

In a bid to expand his family, with his strong financial state he decided to adopt the 7 kids of his ex-wife.

8. He may be a gay

One controversy about Katt Williams that doesn’t seem to fade is that of him being a gay which he has always denies.

7. The beef with Jamies Foxx

The beef between famous actor Jamie Foxx and Katt Williams got to the extent that they accused each other of being gay.

6. He would have been a politician

Had it been that Katt Williams decided not to pursue his dreams of being a comedian, he could have ended up being a politician like most of his family members.

5. His wife and the divorce

Katt Williams got married to his ex-wife Quadriah Locus in 1995, but the marriage fell apart in 1996 due to unknown reasons.

But rumors have it that the marriage didn’t last because Katt Williams was cheating on her.

4. He is a good father

He might have created a controversial and negative image for himself in the public but this comedian is a great father to 8 of his kids.

3. He has touched lives

Apart from being controversial, Katt Williams has also embarked on a number of charity projects which for sure has changed lots of lives.

2. The fight with his fans

One of the main reasons why he almost retired from comedy back in 2012 was because of how the media rewrote the story on the reason he got into a fight with 3 of his fans at a bar in Seattle.

1. Katt Williams net worth

Katt Williams net worth over the years hasn’t decreased in spite of him being involved in so many legal battles.



Katt Williams took his future into his hands at a very young age, and this is to show how passionate he was about his dreams.

It can only be a good lesson for many young people out there.


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