Jeff Lutz Net Worth And 10 Weird Things About Him

Jeff Lutz net worth

Jeff Lutz Net Worth

This post is all about Jeff Lutz net worth, his age, career, personal life, biography, awards and all you need to know about him.

Jeff Lutz Net Worth 2018

Jeff Lutz made a name for himself with his role on Street Outlaws, without doubt Jeff is one of the actors who made the television series even much more interesting with his incredible skills behind the wheels and he has a lot in common with Daddy Dave.

Who is Jeff Lutz?

Jeff Lutz became famous with his appearance on Street Outlaws which was a series that began on June 10 2013 on discovery channel and he has been among the casting crew since then till now after 9 seasons and 88 episodes.

The show made waves and was one of the most popular car race shows in the United States

Jeff Lutz Early Life

Jeff Lutz’s full name is Jeffrey Lutz and he was born on May 15th, 1970.

Jeff unlike other casts of Street Outlaws wasn’t really a fan of cars talk less of car racing since his childhood days because he had parents who didn’t also fancy cars.

But his elder brother who was a former Marine introduced him to cars and after he bought his Camaro Jeff couldn’t just stay away from it, and his brother always allowed him to drive it and that is how his love for cars began.

He also took it to the next level by getting his own car and becoming a car addict.

After he got his driving license, his father bought him his first ever car which was a 1974 Nova Hatchback.

Jeff Lutz Education

Much is not really known about Jeff Lutz education but for sure he completed high school because he had strict parents who were also fans of education themselves.

Jeff Lutz Streets Outlaws

In the season 9 of the show Jeff became a sensation because of his latest acquisition which was a car called Mad Max.

Jeffrey Lutz Career

jeff lutz net worth

Jeffrey Lutz didn’t start his career with cars, instead he worked as a construction officer before venturing in to the world of cars.

He excelled as a brick layer and also had a crew for himself, but financial problems kicked in and he could no longer maintain or pay the crew members, so he decided to open a hot rod shop instead.

After he opened his hot rod shop, he began driving cars for fun and later discovered that he had what it took to excel as a street car racer and then decided to try it out.

His love for cars also made him to open his own car company Lutz Race Cars which is located in Pennsylvania.

Jeff has managed to not only excel in his career on screen but also as an entrepreneur as his car business has been going very well for him and it is even getting bigger by the day.

Jeff Lutz Personal Life

Jeff is not only an actor, businessman and car lover but also a good husband and father to his beautiful wife Christine Lutz and children.

Jeff married Christine on July 31st 1989, Jeff also has a son Jeffrey Jr who is in his twenties who has also become a car racer just like his father.

Jeff has always made his personal life an open one as he regularly shares picture of his family on social media.

Jeff Lutz Net Worth

Jeff Lutz net worth has been on the increase over the years and he has managed to have made millions from his career and business as he is worth $1.5 million.

Jeff Lutz Net worth and Salary

Jeff started making money off car racing as a cast on the Street Outlaws and he was paid at least $2,000 per episode appearance on the series.

The Competition

jeff lutz net worth
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Jeff Lutz was one of the most famous stars on the Street Outlaws show, but the continuous influx of other top stars almost reduced his fame to nothing as other stars like Murder Nova, Ryan Martin and Huge Boss were overshadowing him.

Jeff Lutz cars

Jeff has laid his hands on many cars and they are all awesome and fast cars, some of those rides include the Chevrolet Camaro, which he customized to perfection and it is known on the show as Mad Max.

Jeff Lutz Age

Jeff Lutz was born on the 15th of May 1970, and that means as of 2018 he is 48 years old.

Jeff Lutz Net Worth Source

Jeff Lutz was able to accumulate his net worth as a result of his various personal investments and appearance on television show and series.

Is Jeff Lutz Net worth Increasing Or Decreasing?

Without doubt, we can boldly say that Jeff Lutz Net Worth has been on the increase since the inception of his illustrious career.

Jeff Lutz Net Worth 2013

In 2013 much wasn’t known about him, so we can’t really say what Jeff Lutz net worth was at that time.

Jeff Lutz Net Worth 2014

By the year 2014, Jeff Lutz net worth was around $920, 000.

Jeff Lutz Net Worth 2015

By 2015, Jeff Lutz attained the million mark as it was now $1.1 million.

Jeff Lutz Net Worth 2016

Jeff Lutz net worth in 2016 was at the $1.3 million mark.

Jeff Lutz Net Worth 2017

By 2017, Jeff Lutz net worth was now $1.4 million.

Awards and Nomination

Being among the cast of Street Outlaws which has been nominated and won some awards, Jeff Lutz can boldly be said to be an award winning star.

Jeff have some personal awards to his name which include the 2016 Hot Rod Drag Week Competition which he won with his co-pilot Scott Murray with a run of 6.106 at 243.51 Mph and the following year he became the king of Drag Racing after surpassing Larry Larson’s 5.89 seconds with his unbelievable 5.85 seconds pass at 251.34 Mph.

Jeff Lutz and his son

Back in 2012 Jeff and his son Jeffery Jr built a new 1957 Chevy which was debuted at the 3rd annual Tri-Five National in Bowling Green Kentucky in August 2017.

10 Weird Things About Jeff Lutz

Being a street driver and racer, you would be sure that there are some crazy and insane things about this man.

Let us check them out.

1. He made it to fame on Street Outlaw

Jeff Lutz wasn’t much of a popular name till he made his appearance on the street outlaws.

2. He is a huge car addict

Some people cannot do without cars and one of those people is Jeff Lutz.

3. His brother turned him in to a car addict

While growing up, Jeff didn’t really have a thing for cars but his marine brother who then drove a Camaro made him drive it and after a while he couldn’t just stay away from the car.

4. He nearly lost his license

After he got in to trouble with the law because of his speed while shooting an episode of the street Outlaws his license was nearly stripped from him.

5. He hates normal cars

Any car that doesn’t come with customized rims, body or even mixture of different colors is a good for nothing car for Jeff Lutz.

6. He nearly lost his fame on the Street Outlaws

Jeff almost became worthless on the television show because he was being overshadowed by other drivers like Murder Nova, Huge Boss, and Ryan Martin.

7. He nearly lost out on his destiny

Jeff grew up not liking cars and never thought he would make a name as a street racer and even opted to become a brick layer but destiny has its own way of putting us back in the right direction.

And that was the case of Jeff Lutz.

8. The Lutz Race Cars is his best investments so far

There is nothing as good as planning for the future and that is why Jeff invested his money where his heart lies which is on street race cars.

9. His son is also a car addict

Like father like son, so it is not a surprise that Jeff’s son decided to follow in his father’s footsteps.

10. Jeff Lutz net worth took time

Jeff didn’t just wake up one morning to know that his net worth has gotten to millions.

It took time and he hustled for it all.


Jeff Lutz net worth has been on the increase over the years and his incredible career so far still has a lot of potentials and that can only mean more money for him.

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