How to get Voters card in Nigeria

How to get voters card in Nigeria

This post is on how to get voters card in Nigeria

The only way democracy can have a true meaning in a country or state is when the masses partake in the voting in or voting out of their leaders.

In Nigeria only few people take advantage of their voting rights to usher in good leaders and vote out the bad ones which is a very unhealthy character.

The only way we can be able to vote in good leaders and vote out the bad ones who have not only ridiculed this country but have also sucked it dry is through the power of voting.

How to get your voters card

As long as you are a Nigerian that have attained age 18 and above, then here are the steps to get your registered Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

1. Go to any INEC office in any LGAs with valid identification documents like birth certificate, driver’s license, national passport, or any other means of identification and most importantly make sure you go from 10am to 3pm.

2. After the registration process which includes capturing of face, getting your finger print and names is completed, you would be issued a temporary voters card which you would hold till the permanent voters card is ready.

3. Whenever INEC announces that the Permanent Voters Card is ready, all you have to do is go back to that INEC office, when you show them the temporary card they would give you the permanent one.

NOTE: After you get the PVC, make sure you verify it by checking the ‘ Voters Registration Verification Platform’ on the INEC website.


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