Hazel E Net Worth And 10 Weird Things About Her

Hazel E net worth

Hazel E Net Worth

Hazel E is a popular television personality who rose to fame on VH1’s reality series Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

She has been on the series since it began alongside other long time casts like Omarian, Lil Fizz, Ray J, Teairra Mari and a whole lot of others.

Hazel E has made a name for herself not only as an accomplished reality star but also as a rapper.

She has released a number of songs which include Act in up, say so, no chill, everything, na u kno and lots of others.

With all these success and various other achievements in her name she has also made a lot of money in doing all these.

As of recent Hazel E net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Who is Hazel E?

Hazel E is a popular American reality star and rapper who is best known for starring on Love & Hip hop: Hollywood.

As an artiste Hazel E is known for her famous collaborations with big name acts like Diamond, Willie Taylor, Asia Lynn, Jeremiah and many others.

Hazel E Biography and Early Life

Hazel E was born on the 25th of April, 1980 in Cincinnati, Ohio and was named Erica Adams by her parents.

This famous reality star and rapper was born into a military family background and this also meant that she and the whole family were always on the move.

While growing up Hazel E always spent most of her free time watching different television series and movies.

It was while watching all these shows that she began to pick interest in both music and acting.

At the young age of 9, Hazel E was already a good actress and became a bit popular in her school due to her incredible acting talent, but this beautiful rapper had one problem back then and that was being camera shy.

She could act freely in the open or on stage but once a camera was involved she would become shy.

It wasn’t until she was 13 years of age that she did away with this camera problem.

At the age of 17, Hazel E also began to pick a little interest in rap but her acting talent which was now every visible even to her family members suppressed that part of her.

At that early stage in her life she was doing very well in her academics, but with the incredible talent she had, she already knew that once she graduated from college that she was heading for the entertainment industry.

Just like every other caring parents out there, Hazel E mother and father wanted their daughter to complete her high school, attend a university, get a degree and then follow whatever career path she wants.

Hazel E could have dropped out of high school at that time, but knowing that her parents and family members weren’t going to take it lightly with her, she decided to fulfil her parents’ wishes of completing her education first before making use of her talents.

Apart from being a big fan of rap, she also loved hip-hop songs and showed a lot of interest in it.

Hazel E has a mix of American, African and Puerto Rican race.

She has been a long time best friends with popular actress and reality star Teairra Mari who also featured Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood.

After Hazel E completed her high school, she enrolled at the South West Texas State University.

It was at this university that she was able to perfect her acting and rapping talent as she began to associate with a number of other students who had the same talent as hers.

While at the university she was able to land a few supporting roles and performed on stages.

After she had graduated, she decided that it was time to take her talent seriously and push her career to the next level.

She didn’t really have any success initially in the rap industry as there were a lot of competition, but she persevered till she became what she is today.

Hazel E Career and Rise to Fame

Hazel E is a woman of many talents and she has succeeded with all her talents as she is a very successful rapper, actress and reality star.

Her career took off when she was just 17 years of age and since then she achieved a lot.

In 2008 Hazel E released her first mixtape which was titled Shoe Fetish and by 2010 she released another song which she titled Valley Girl.

The Valley Girl song was the turning point for Hazel E as the song quickly became a hit, bringing in thousands of fans to her.

Erica Adams then went on to prove that she has come to stay for good by releasing her second mixtape titled The Diary of a Valley Girl which skyrocketed her fan base and brought in more brand endorsements for her.

As Hazel E fan base grew, so did her income and net worth increase.

By the year 2012, this rapper was already an established name and was already one of the most talented and successful female rappers in the United States.

Hazel E has also succeeded in her career as a publicist as she has gotten to work with big name stars like Soulja Boy, Tank, Barley and Gnarls.

The reality star has also been associated with music groups such as KT music groups and also released a number of songs under the recording company.

Hazel E Awards and Achievements

There is no better achievement other than making a name for yourself and creating wealth while doing so and this woman has exceptionally done both.

She is a successful artiste, actress, publicist, and reality star and television personality.

She is not only successful as an entertainer but has also succeeded as an author as she has written a book titled Girl Code: Ethnic as a Lifestyle which is available for purchase on Amazon.

Some of her music has gone viral and have also gotten her nominated for several awards.

Hazel E Net Worth and Salary

Hazel E net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

During her time on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood realty show, she was reported to be pocketing at least $100, 000 every season.

From many of her ventures, this rapper earns over $200, 000 every year.

Hazel E Net Worth Source

Hazel E is a woman of many talents, so that means that she has different streams of incomes.

As of recent Hazel E net worth source is her music career and a host of other of her entertainment ventures.

She earns from shows, concerts, brand endorsements and a lot of other things.

Being a big name in the entertainment industry means that she will have a huge following on social media and that also means that she can be paid by companies and brands for her to promote their brands and products.

It is very rare nowadays to find someone who doesn’t own a YouTube channel, especially those in the entertainment industry and being paid over $3 or more per thousand video views only means more cash for this rapper.

Hazel E has also exceled as an actress, in fact she began her career as an actress before moving over to rap and reality shows.

Being an actress also means that she is paid very well before she can feature in any movie or television series.

There are no reports on whether she has any personal investments of her own, but for sure it is a new trend nowadays for celebrities especially the female ones, so she should have a fashion line or something similar to that.

Is Hazel E Net Worth Increasing or Decreasing?

Only a smart person can be able to have gotten to the extent that Hazel E has gotten to and being the smart person she is, there is definitely no way her net worth will be on the decrease.

So for sure Hazel E net worth is on the positive side of growth.

Hazel E Net Worth 2010

In 2010, Hazel E net worth wasn’t yet known as she hasn’t become all that famous back then.

Hazel E Net Worth 2011

This rapper back then was still struggling to cement a place for herself in the entertainment industry.

Hazel E Net Worth 2012

As of 2012 Hazel E net worth was estimated to be $65, 000.

Hazel E Net Worth 2013

2013 proved to be a good year for Hazel E as her net worth back then was $82, 000.

Hazel E Net Worth 2014

By 2014, Hazel E net worth got a little bit higher as she was then involved in a lot of projects which also meant more income for her.

As of then, the rapper was worth $142, 000.

Hazel E Net Worth 2015

Every year meant more growth for this rapper and not only in cash but also in popularity.

By 2015, Hazel E net worth was estimated to be $253, 000.

Hazel E Net Worth 2016

By 2016, Hazel E net worth was estimated to be $360, 000.

Hazel E Net Worth 2017

2017 was a great year for Hazel E, even though much of her reality shows was cut down, but being more focused on her music company proved to be very much rewarding.

By 2017, Hazel E net worth was at the $600, 000 mark.

Hazel E net worth

Hazel E Personal Life

Hazel E is definitely one of the hottest and most attractive reality stars you could ever meet.

And being that gorgeous means that she will have a lot of men trying to win her heart.

If you are a fan of the Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood then you should know that Hazel E began the show with then boyfriend  Yang Berg, but the relationship later hit the blocks and it even got to the extent that Hazel E always shouted at him before they finally split.

After Yang Berg, she got hooked up with famous comedian and screen actor Katt Williams, there relationship lasted for long but it was rumored to be all about money for the rapper.

Katt Williams being one of the richest and most successful stand-up comedians in the United States had the money at his disposal, so he frequently showered it on his then girlfriend Hazel E.

The comedian bought for her a house and a Porsche car which all cost millions of dollars.

Their relationship later went sour before the both moved on.

Hazel E later got into a relationship with actor and singer Ray j but things didn’t work out for them.

She was also rumored to be dating co-star on the Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood reality show Rose Burgundy back in 2016.

As of recent, much is not known about her love life as she tries her best to keep it away from the public, most especially from the media.

Hazel E Age

Hazel E was born on the 25th of April, 1980 in Cincinnati, Ohio and that means as of recent the rapper is 39 years old.

Hazel E House

Hazel E is known for her materialistic type of lifestyle especially when it comes luxury and comfort.

There are reports that she currently lives in Beverly Hills, California, in the house that her ex-boyfriend Katt Williams bought for her when they were still dating.

Hazel E net worth

Hazel E Cars

Hazel E car garage boasts of exotic cars like Maserati Ghibli, Porsche Panamera sport and a Merecedez-Benz G-Wagon and a lot of other cars.

Hazel E Education

Hazel E completed her high school with good grades before enrolling at the South West Texas University where she got a degree.

So that means that she is both a high school and college graduate.

Hazel E Real Name

Hazel E was born Erica Adams but adopted Hazel E as her stage name.

Hazel E Height, Weight and More

Hazel E is what you would call an ebony beauty as she has an African-American and Puerto-Rican descent.

This realty star stands at 1.68m and weighs a bit above 55kg.

Hazel E Children

Hazel E hasn’t been in any relationship that led to marriage, so she is not married and she doesn’t also have any kids.

Hazel E Parents

Hazel E comes from a military background and that either means her mother or her father was a military officer.

The rapper doesn’t talk much about her parents, but for sure they are very proud of all her achievements.

Hazel E Siblings

Hazel E is not the kind of person who talks much about herself or her family and that is why much is not known about her parents or her siblings.

Hazel E Pets

This rapper hasn’t posted any photo of her pet on social media, so i can’t really say if she has a pet or not.

Hazel E Controversies

Every big name entertainer is bound to have one or more controversies tied around his or her neck at some point in their career and Hazel E being a popular name and figure in reality series, music and movies have had lots of it.

One of her initial controversies was that of her and her ex-boyfriend Yung Berg whom she dated for a while before verbally abusing him on an episode of the Love and Hip-hop: Hollywood reality show.

The relationship between Hazel E and Katt Williams was very much criticized by a lot of people who believed that the rapper was into the relationship just for the money.

The couple later broke up but Hazel E didn’t go empty handed as she had a car and mansion to her name.

She has also been criticized a lot by those who believe that she is not a good role model especially for the young ones who look up to her.

There have been rumors saying that Hazel E is not a fan of gays and hates them.

She was rumored to have said that all gays should not be a part of the society and they should all go to hell.

She has also gotten into beefs with a lot of other stars and fought several time while on the Love and Hip-hop: Hollywood reality show.

Hazel E Social Media Presence

Hazel E is for sure is a woman of many substance as she has excelled in all she has ever done.

Not only did she make it big as an artiste, reality star, actress but also as a publicist.

She has over a million followers on Instagram, her YouTube channel is also huge and she is also very active on Facebook, twitter and snapchat.

Hazel E Birthday Mates

Hazel E is birthday mates with famous Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald.

Hazel E Zodiac Sign

Hazel E was born on the 25th of April, 1980, therefore her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Hazel E Books

This rapper like I said earlier is a woman of many talents and gifts.

She is also a successful author as she written a book titled Girl Code: Ethnic as a Lifestyle.


10 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Hazel E

Let us now check out those awkward things about this rapper.

10. She is an author

Hardly do you see entertainers who are authors, so for sure this woman is very much talented.

9. She is not a fan of gays

She has been rumored on various occasions to have lashed out on gays whom she believes should not be a part of the society.

8. She comes from a military family

Hazel E comes from a military background, so thinking about it you would easily conclude that her parents would have been very strict on her but instead they were in full support of their daughter’s dreams.

7. She is into younger men

Most men that have dated this rapper are always very much younger than her.

6. She is a graduate

Before going into the entertainment industry, Hazel E successfully completed her high school, before graduating from college.

5. Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood

Hazel E wasn’t all that popular before she became a cast of the love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood reality show.

4. She was once rumored to be dating Soulja Boy

Having worked as a publicist for famous rapper Soulja Boy, she was once rumored to be dating him.

3. She quit Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood

Hazel E called it quits on the reality show in order to focus on her music career.

2. She is a CEO

This rapper owns her own music company called the KT Music group.

1. Hazel E Net Worth

A lot of people can only dream of reaching the level that this rapper has gotten to, and it was all because of her hard work.


Hazel E net worth is a proof of her hard work and dedication to her craft in spite of her many rumors and controversies.

This rapper is still getting better and achieving more by the day.


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