15 Football Records That Can Never Be Broken By Messi and Ronaldo

This post is all about the 15 football records that can never be broken by Messi and Ronaldo.

As we already know there is no other player except for Pele and Maradona that can boast of achieving what Ronaldo and Messi have achieved in the past ten years and these have made the both of them the best players of all time.

Before Messi and Ronaldo started playing football, there were a lot of football records yet to be broken but over the past decade breaking and making their own records have been a daily hobby for them on the pitch.

Any record that Ronaldo breaks today, the next day Messi will have another one broken. So is it a common habit for them.

But when you sit down and think about it very well, you will notice that it is not possible for them to break all the records set by the previous football players before them.

So what are these football records which Messi and Ronaldo have not yet broken and may never break till they retire from football?

Let us now check them out.


15 Football Records That Can Never Be Broken By Messi and Ronaldo

1. Most goals scored by a player

You may think that it is Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi who have scored the most goals in football, but that is not so.

Josef Bican played for Australia and Czechoslovakia at the international level and during his time, he scored an unbelievable 1468 goals in all competition before his retirement from football.

Next on the List after Josef Bican is the legendary German forward Gerd Muller and during his time he scored an amazing 1461 goals.

As you can see, none of the active footballers including Messi and Ronaldo are close to this record, as Messi and Ronaldo have not even scored up to 1,000 goals each.

2. Most goals by a player in a FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World can only be the last World cup that Ronaldo and Messi will ever be part of, because in the next World Cup Ronaldo will be 37 years while Messi would be 35 years of age.

Just Fontaine was one of the French sensations in the 1958 FIFA World Cup as he went on to score 13 goals in six appearances for France, and his 4 incredible goals against West Germany would never be forgotten by many Germans.

The closest anyone came to breaking this record was Gerd Muller in the 1970 World Cup when he scored 10 goals for West Germany.

The highest goals Messi has scored in a single World Cup is 6 while Ronaldo’s highest is 8, so they are both far from breaking this record and if they do not break it in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, then they would never be able to break it again.

3. Most Red cards in La Liga

Messi and Ronaldo hardly gets into fights and brawls in there La liga matches, so rarely do they get red cards.

The person holding this record of the reddest cards in La liga history is Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos with a total of 19 red cards to his name.

4. Fastest Hat-trick ever in a Match

Messi and Ronaldo have scored a lot of hat-trick goals and Ronaldo currently have an edge over messi as he has scored over 50 hat tricks while Messi has less.

But the record for the fastest hat-trick in a single match is being held by a Alex Torr which he scored in 70 seconds.

5. 4 hat-tricks in consecutive games

Scoring a hat-trick in a game is a difficult job for most players, but repeating it in four consecutive matches is something else altogether.

The person with this record is Masashi Nakayama who plays for Japanese J1 league club and he scored it from April 15 to April 29 in 1998.

And that means 16 goals in four matches.

6. Most goals in a single match

The highest goal Ronaldo has scored in a single match is six, while Messi is four, but Archie Thompson scored an incredible 13 goals against American Samoa in Australia’s 31 – 0 victory during a 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification match.

7. Fastest Red Card in Football history

Cross Farm Park Celtic player holds this record after he was sent off after just 2 seconds in to a game in October 2000.

So it is not even possible for Ronaldo or Messi to break this 18 years record.

8.Highest number of Match Appearances

The person holding this record is Rogero Ceni, who is also the goal keeper with the highest number of goals.

Rogero Ceni made 1141 appearances for country and club.

9. Winning FIFA World Cup Thrice

This record cannot possibly be broken by Ronaldo or Messi as they have not even lifted a single World Cup trophy.

The only person who has successfully lifted the World Cup trophy three times is the Brazilian football legend Pele.

10. 5 goals in 9 minutes

Messi and Ronaldo have scored a good number of goals but they have not scored five goals in nine minutes.

Only Robert Lewandowski has done this in a match between Bayern Munchen and Wolfsburg and both Ronaldo and Messi are not anywhere close.

11. Most International Appearances for Country

This record is held by Egypt’s Ahmed Hassan with 184 appearances for his country while in the women’s side is American Kristine Lilly who also made 352 international appearances for the United States of America.

12. Most goals in a single La Liga Match

Ronaldo has the upper hand over Messi here, as he has scored 5 goals in a single La Liga match while Messi has only scored 4.

There are two players in La Liga history who hold this record with each of them having scored 7 goals in a single La Liga game.

They are Athletic Bilbao’s Augustine Sauto in 19932 and Barcelona’s Laszlo Kubala in 1952.

13. Most Career hat-tricks

Ronaldo has scored 50 hat-tricks in recent time, but look back at history you would notice that there is a footballer who has 92 hat-tricks to his name.

It is no other person than Pele of Brazil, and it is certain that neither Messi nor Ronaldo can surpass this record.

For me, it would be there for eternity, unless someone better than Ronaldo, Messi, Pele and Maradona is born.

14. Youngest player to score a hat-trick in FIFA World Cup

Pele was just 17 years of age when he scored 3 goals in a semi-final match against France in the 1958 FIFA World Cup.

Nobody has come close to breaking this record and it has stood and still standing for the past 58 years.

15. Youngest player to score in a FIFA World Cup final

In the 1958 World Cup final, Pele scored two incredible goals against Sweden at just 17 years and 249 days of age. The second of his two goals in that match would be regarded as one of the greatest goals in World Cup history.

The record have also stood for 58 good years.

Do you think that Ronaldo or Messi can break any one of this fifteen records listed above?

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