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Famous dex net worth

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Famous Dex Net Worth

This post is all about Famous Dex net worth, his net worth source, his personal life, famous Dex career, and every other things you should know about him.

Famous Dex Net Worth 2018

Famous Dex also known as Black Migo Dex is a popular American rapper, song writer and producer, he is best known for his drill and trap rap style of music.

Two of his biggest mixtapes so far has been Never seen it coming and Dexter’s laboratory.

Famous Dex had his humble beginnings and even though he hasn’t yet made it big like we all expected, but he is quickly making a name for himself.

Famous Dex net worth is estimated to be at $1.5 million as of recent.

Famous Dex Early Life

Famous Dex real name is Dexter Gore Jr., he was born in Harlem, New York city on September 6th 1993.

His dad was a US Army Lieutenant, and his mother worked as a waitress and chef in a popular Chicago restaurant.

But after some years in New York they moved to South side of Chicago where he attended a Catholic school in Hyde Park before switching to the Hernandez Middle school and Paul Robertson High School.

Famous Dex childhood wasn’t all that easy as he spent most of his early years in the most dangerous part of Chicago which also was the beginning point of other big name rappers like Lil Reese, Chief Keef and Fredo Santana.

Before he fully kicked off his rap career, Famous Dex got himself into drugs and also sold it.

After he began his music career, he was nearly broken and lost grip on his career due to the sudden death of his parents in 2015.

After the demise of his parents in 2015 he released his first mixtape Never seen it coming and a second one Dexter’s laboratory which were all hits.

According to Dexter, after his mother passed away, he lost it all but was given a second chance by music and that is why he is now addicted to making songs.

Some of his initial hits were Hell yeah, 4real, my energy and I’m crazy.

Famous Dex net worth
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Famous Dex Career

Most big artiste you see today began from almost nothing and that was also the story of Famous Dex who began his music career as a hype man in his friend’s music video before deciding to make it big in rap.

He first became popular after two of his remixes made waves.

He followed it up by releasing his debut single in 2014, Bottle After Bottle which has gotten over 500,000 YouTube views.

Famous Dex even made things better for himself by releasing a song called Duh Dumy which instantly became a massive track and have also been viewed over 400,000 times on YouTube before he then dropped his first album titled Never Seen It Coming.

Famous Dex has remained consistent since then, he also released a mixtape in 2015 called the Dexter’s Laboratory which quickly went viral on social media and that also made him more popular.

In 2016 he released four more remixes, the most popular of them all being Dexter the robot which accumulated over a million views on Spinrilla app after a week of its release.

Due to his massive and impressive works, he got signed to Rich Forever Music Record Label which is owned by fellow rapper Rich the Kid.

In 2017 he released his debut album called Dexter Meets Dexter which also featured Rich the kid.

When you talk about drill rap which originated from South side Chicago which is defined by violence and social vices then Famous Dex is one of the best in that rap niche.

The Broken Deal

Famous Dex was already on high wheels of success but nearly got broken down again after he lost a major Brand endorsement deal which could have changed his life for good, but like always the rapper bounced back even better.

Famous Dex Days on the Streets

Hustling is a long stressful journey, but when you are hustler on the streets it even gets harder and more dangerous.

Famous Dex is one among a dozen children birthed by his parents and also his dad who was a former US Army Lieutenant also had some problems with the law because of gang related issues.

And this all made Dex and his siblings even suffer the more.

Famous Dex during his early days on the streets of Chicago played basketball and often got into fights and also had issues with his school authority and this always got him suspended.

After some time of getting used to the street life, he got into drugs and also sold some.

At the age of 12 he was already a gang member and began to sell drugs and this got him into various fights which also left him with various stabs on his body.

But in 2015 after his mother passed away he called quits on his street life and decided to focus fully on his music career which has been a success since then.

How Famous Dex Net Worth Came To Be

Famous Dex net worth being at the $1.5 million is not a joke as it was as a result of hard work and dedication in spite of the various challenges he faced while growing up.

Famous Dex is more of an inspiration to every hustler out there because if this young man from the streets could make it big, then you too can make.

Famous Dex Net Worth Source

The major source of income of this rapper can only be his music which involves his brand endorsements, his sold out concerts, his various deals and personal investments that is if he has any.

Is Famous Dex Net Worth Increasing or Decreasing?

As of 2017 or so, Famous Dex net worth was not even up to a million dollars and some years after it is now over the $1 million mark, so the rapper is set for life.

Famous Dex Net Worth 2007

By 2007 much wasn’t known about Famous Dex net worth.

Famous Dex Net Worth 2008

By 2008 much wasn’t known about Famous Dex net worth.

Famous Dex Net Worth 2009

By 2009 much wasn’t known about Famous Dex net worth.

Famous Dex Net Worth 2010

By 2010 much wasn’t known about Famous Dex net worth.

Famous Dex Net Worth 2011

By 2011 much wasn’t known about Famous Dex net worth.

Famous Dex Net Worth 2012

By 2012 much wasn’t known about Famous Dex net worth.

Famous Dex Net Worth 2013

By 2013 much wasn’t known about Famous Dex net worth.

Famous Dex Net Worth 2014

By 2014 much wasn’t known about Famous Dex net worth.

Famous Dex Net Worth 2015

As Of 2015, Famous Dex net worth was yet unknown.

Famous Dex Net Worth 2016

By 2016, Famous Dex net worth was estimated to be about $1.2 million.

Famous Dex Net Worth 2017

By 2017, Famous Dex net worth was at the $1.3 million mark.

Famous Dex Awards and Achievements

There is nothing better than for an artiste to notice that his hard works are being noticed and welcomed by many.

Famous Dex tracks have attracted a significant large audience to him and that is why he has been opportune to work with some big name artistes like Justin Bieber who even got featured in one of his albums.

He has quickly built up a huge fan base for himself and being young and hardworking only means greater things are coming his way.

Famous Dex Net Worth and Salary

As of recent, this young rapper has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million which is getting higher by the year.

Famous Dex Best Hit Tracks So Far

Famous Dex seems to turn everything he touches into a hit and some of his best tracks so far have been Japan which was produced by JGramm and released on March 16, 2018.

The song hit number 28 on Billboard Hot 100 and it was no surprised how the song quickly went viral on social media.

It was inspired by Japanese visuals and anime motife.

The second of his best tracks is Pick Up which also featured A$AP ROCKY which was produced by FK and Sosa808 and it peaked the number 54 position on billboard hot 100 and have also been certified gold by the RIAA.

Famous Dex Education

Famous Dex was a very promising kid and did very well in school.

He attended a catholic school in Hyde Park before moving to the Hernandez Middle school, and Paul Robertson high school.

Dex did not attend college, because his street life got the better of him at that time and afterwards he fell in love with his music career.

Famous Dex House

Entertainers generally have one thing in common and that is love for luxury.

Famous Dex net worth may not be all that much and enough to get a mansion but this rapper knows his ways when it comes to getting the best low budget luxurious houses.

He once revealed his luxurious apartment on his social media, it is not all that extravagant as expected but it suits him very well.

Famous Dex Age

Famous Dex was born Dexter Gore on the 6th of September 1993 and that means as of 2019 he is 26 years old.

Famous Dex Cars

Famous Dex has quite a luxurious taste when it comes to cars as he has a car garage which is made up of exotic cars like Lamborghini and a Bentley Bentayga.

He also owns a Maserati, an Audi, a jeep and various other cars.

Famous Dex Jewelries Collections

Another thing this rapper seem not to be able to stay away from are expensive necklaces, chains, wrist watches and other wearable items.

He has a closet full of expensive diamond watches, necklaces and so on.

Famous Dex also claimed to have gotten a diamond-studded Audemars piguet wrist watch which cost him a mind-blowing $80,000.

He also has lots of expensive Gucci and Luis Vuitton wears.

This young rapper is definitely living a life many can only dream of.

Famous Dex net worth
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Famous Dex Personal Life

Famous Dex has been rumored to be a woman beater, but most of these news are just rumors primarily to tarnish the rapper’s image as no woman has come forward to testify to this allegations.

He had a baby boy in 2017 with his longtime girlfriend and also has two daughters.

Famous Dex Real Name and Family

Famous Dex real name is Dexter Gore and he is one among a dozen kids born by his parents.

His father was an Army Lieutenant while his mother worked as a waitress and chef at a popular restaurant in the city of Chicago.

Other Rappers He Has a Lot In Common With

There are some rappers Famous Dex has gotten to work with and they include Rich the kid, Jay Witch, Ugly God, Maxo Kream, Madein TYO, Lil Pump, NBA YoungBoy and a lot of others.

Famous Dex Height and Weight

Famous Dex is 180cm tall and weighs 72kg.

Other personal looks about this rapper includes he has a slim body type, dark brown hair color, dark brown eye color and he is also a huge fan of tattoos.

Famosu Dex Social Media Presence

Famous Dex has an Instagram page, a twitter page, a YouTube channel and a personal website but he isn’t on snapchat and Facebook.

10 Weird Things about Famous Dex

These are the 10 most insane things about this Chicago rapper.

1. He has been stabbed many times

While he was still hustling on the streets of South side Chicago, he got into drugs, and gang activities and often got stabbed.

2. He is of Moroccan, Haitian and Indian descent

Famous Dex has Indian, Haitian and Moroccan ties.

3. He grew up with rappers

Dexter grew up in South side Chicago which is also home to various other big name rappers like Lil Durk and Lil Wop 17.

4. His mother died of breast cancer

After Dexter lost his mother to breast cancer.

He tattooed her name on his body.

5. Famous Dex was the first artiste signed on the Rich Forever Record Label

He was the first rapper signed by Rich the Kid and he is also the CEO of the record label.

6. He is a color addict

When it comes to experimenting with different hair colors, then Famous Dex is the man for you.

7. He is multi-talented

Not only is Famous Dex a rapper, he is also a song writer, producer and also good at basketball.

8. He is a cartoon fan

Dexter’s Laboratory which is one of his most popular tracks was inspired by a cartoon that aired from 1996 to 1999.

9. He is a car addict

Only a person addicted to cars can lavish his money on Lamborghinis, Audi, Bentley Bentayga and various other expensive cars.

10. His $80,000 wrist watch

Famous Dex knows how to hustle for cash and also an expert at spending it, no wonder he got himself an Audemar Piguet Wrist watch for $80,000.


This Chicago rapper has a lot to be proud of and we can only expect more from him.

Famous Dex net worth is only on the increase and getting higher by the year.


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