Dr Nowzaradan Net Worth And 10 Weird Things About Him

Dr Nowzaradan net worth

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Dr Nowzaradan Net Worth 

Dr Nowzaradan is one of the most experienced and respected gastric bypass surgeons in the world.

His career became much of a success after the launch of My 600-LB Life show and in this show he is the brain behind all the various successful surgical operations.

The show is all about the life of those who are obese and are trying to return to a fit body state.

In the show Dr Nowzaradan is the lead cast.

This man has been helping obese people take their fit body shape back for the past forty years in his Houston based clinic which is also one of the clinics featured in the show which is at its seventh successive season now.

This man is very successful as both a surgeon and a screen reality star because he has featured in other reality shows which include half ton dad, shrinking the heaviest man, survival of the ton teen, and half ton teen which were all successful.

Over the years he has made a lot of income from both his profession and the various television shows he has been a part of.

Dr Nowzaradan net worth is estimated to be $6 million.

Dr Nowzaradan Biography and Early life

Dr Nowzaradan was born on October 11, 1944 in Iran, he attended high school and later went to the much acclaimed University of Tehran and graduated in 1970.

His birth name is Younan Nowzaradan and he also holds an American nationality.

Right from his childhood days in Iran, he always had a thing for treating and caring for others, so that was one of the main reasons he decided to pursue a career in medicine which he did successfully.

After he finished college, he decided it was time to open up a new chapter of his life which involved relocating to the United States.

After he moved over to Tennessee, he furthered his education.

The youthful Nowzaradan did a general surgery residency and also followed it up with another Thoracic surgery residency in Texas.

Since then he has practiced at a number of hospitals including the Renaissance hospital, first street hospital, and university general hospital.

He has now become one of the most sought after professionals in his field of study.

Dr Nowzaradan Career

This man has created both fame, respect and wealth out of his profession.

After he completed college in 1970, he began to practice but one of the biggest moments of his career was in 2012 when he became a cast in My 600-LB Life which was created by TLC.

My 600-LB Life show is all about the life of obese people and how they struggle to get a fit body with the help of Dr Nowzaradan.

The process involves strict diet rules, and in some cases it would involve surgery.

The show has been successful so far and currently on the seventh successive season.

This medical professional became famous on the show as he was the lead cast and his Houston based clinic also got featured on the show.

Dr Nowzaradan apart from his incomes from the show makes over $270, 000 as a surgeon because the average surgeon in America makes over $240, 000 per year.

He has also successfully featured in other reality shows like half ton dad, half ton teen, shrinking the world’s heaviest man and survival of the half ton ten.

But as of recent he isn’t involved in any other show apart from My 600-LB Life show which is also his most successful screen show so far.

Dr Younan Nowzaradan has also achieved quite a level of success as an author as he authored a book titled Last Chance To Live which is all about his over forty years career in treating obese patients.

Dr Nowzaradan Age

Dr Nowzaradan was born on the 11th of October 1944 and that means he is 74 years old.

Dr Nowzaradan Net Worth and Salary

Dr Nowzaradan net worth as of recent is $6 million.

Dr Nowzaradan Net worth Source

Dr Nowzaradan net worth didn’t just become what it is over night, it was as a result of his hard work and commitment to his job.

He gave it his all by going to high school, college and doing everything possible to have a bright future.

Apart from his earning as a medical professional, he has also earned heavily from his book which he authored and also from starring in various television series which include My 600-LB Life, shrinking the world’s heaviest man and a lots of others shows.

There is no information on whether he is into any private venture.

Is Dr Nowzaradan Net Worth Increasing Or Decreasing?

Without doubt Dr Nowzaradan net worth is on a steady increase as he is not in any debt and doesn’t spend his money extravagantly.

Dr Nowzaradan House

Dr Nowzaradan has been living in his Houston, Texas home for some time now and it is also where he practices his profession and also has a clinic located in the city.

Dr Nowzaradan Net Worth 2013

In 2013 Dr Nowzaradan net worth was estimated to be $4.9 million.

Dr Nowzaradan Net Worth 2014

Having established himself as a world class surgeon, by 2014 Dr Nowzaradan net worth climbed to a tremendous $5.2 million mark.

Dr Nowzaradan Net worth 2015

As of 2015, Dr Nowzaradan was active on My 600-LB Life show and various other shows and had a net worth of $5.6 million.

Dr Nowzaradan Net Worth 2016

By the year 2016, Dr Nowzaradan net worth was estimate to be $5.6 million.

Dr Nowzaradan net worth 2017

2017 was the year he cut ties with some of his shows, but that didn’t affect his net worth all that much as he was now worth $5.8 million.

Dr Nowzaradan House

Dr Nowzaradan has been living in his Houston, Texas home for many years and also got his clinic situated in the city.

His Personal Life

Dr Nowzaradan’s personal life hasn’t been as interesting as his career.

He met and married his wife Delores Nowzaradan in 1975 and they both had three kids.

His wife Delores worked as a secretary at the time of their marriage before she quit the job in order to become a house wife and take care of the kids.

But the unfortunate happened as the couple split in 2002 after 27 years of marriage.

According to rumors the reason for the split was because of Dr Nowzaradan’s busy schedule and because of the fact that he had no time for the family.

His wife once said that he filed for divorce because of the various ill treatments she has been receiving from him and that he wasn’t also supportive of her and the kids.

The marriage eventually collapsed but Dr Nowzaradan never stated his side of the story.

Ever since there split in 2002, Dr Nowzaradan has remained single as he is no longer interested in getting married rather he now dedicates all his time to his work.

Dr Younan Nowzaradan’s relationship with his kids has been a good one so far as he has been reported to be in good terms with his son who is also the producer of My 600-LB Life show and Half ton teen.

Dr Nowzaradan net worth

Dr Nowzaradan cars

Like we all know, this man isn’t much of a big spender, so there are not much information about his cars or other luxurious properties.

Dr Nowzaradan Education

When it comes to education, Dr Nowzaradan has it all and that is why he is as successful as he is.

He got his bachelor’s degree in surgery from one of the best universities in Iran which is the Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Dr Younan Nowzaradan later relocated to the United States to further his education.

He participated in medical orientation program at St. Louis University before joining the surgical internship at St. Johns hospital.

He successfully completed his four years surgical residency at St. Thomas hospital in Tennessee.

He then did his cardio vascular fellowship at the Texas heart institute in Houston Texas.

Dr Nowzaradan Real Name

Dr Nowzaradan’s real name is Younan Nowzaradan, he is also called Dr. Now.

Dr Nowzaradan Awards and Achievements

Dr Nowzaradan is not just a name, it has become a brand on its own and that is because of his hard work and years of dedication.

When you talk about very successful surgeons in the world, then you simply have to mention this man.

He has a lot to be proud of as he is both famous and rich, all from his medical profession.

The Law Suit

Nowzaradan just like every other successful person have had his own ups and down and one of those bad days was when he got sued by a patient.

The woman who sued him claimed that he left a piece of tubing inside her body during a gastric sleeve surgery.

Dr Nowzaradan’s Books

Apart from being a successful surgeon and reality star, this man has also succeeded in the writing world.

His book titled Last Chance to live focuses on his over 40 years career of treating obese patients.

Dr Nowzaradan net worth

Dr Nowzaradan Son

Dr Nowzaradan’s relationship with his wife Delores may have been rough, but it hasn’t affected his relationship with his son as the both get along very well.

His son Jonathan is rumored to be the producer of My 600-LB Life show.

Dr Nowzaradan Yearly Salary

The average surgeon in the United States earn over $250, 000 per year and that means Dr Nowzaradan being a successful surgeon and reality star earns more than this.

Dr Nowzaradan Wife Delores

Dr Nowzaradan wife Delores has been much of a topic in his life since there split in 2002, but they still maintain a good relationship.

Dr Nowzaradan Religion

This man loves keeping most things about himself private, so much is not known about his religion or beliefs.

10 Weird Things About Dr Nowzaradan

Let us check out those insane things about this surgeon

1. He is a divorcee

He split with his wife Delores in 2002 and have since remained single.

2. He is a workaholic

One of the reasons for his split with his wife was because of his busy schedule.

3. He is a good father

He hasn’t allowed the split with his wife to affect his relationship with his kids in any way.

4. He has changed a lot of lives

Dr Nowzaradan has changed many lives through the show, especially obese patients.

5. His image almost got tarnished

A Woman once sued Dr Nowzaradan claiming that he left a tubing in her body while performing surgery on her.

6. He’s no big spender

This man really knows how to economize his budgets as he has no luxurious property.

7. He is an Iranian

Dr Nowzaradan was born and grew up in Iran before moving to the United States.

8. His fame

Hardly do you see famous surgeons, but he shot to fame due to his many reality shows.

9. He is single

After he split with his wife in 2002, he has since been single but not searching.

10. Dr Nowzaradan net worth is not coming down

This man literally spends his cash on nothing, so I don’t see his wallets ever becoming empty.


Dr Nowzaradan net worth is evidence of his years of hard work and commitment and that is already a lesson to learn for many.


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