DC Young Fly Net Worth and 10 Weird Things about Him

DC Young Fly net worth

DC Young Fly Net Worth 

DC Young Fly is an African-American rapper, comedian, actor, and social media influencer who rose to fame on vine because of his many hilarious videos.

Before Vine was shut down, he managed to build a large audience for himself with over 800,000 followers.

This rapper is also popularly known for his hit single Fawwwku mean, never thought and Gettin’ Outta hands.

He has since managed to build a great career for himself as an actor, comedian, television personality, YouTube star, rapper and a social media influencer and he has succeeded in all he’s done.

As of recent DC Young Fly net worth is estimated to be $1 million and it is only getting higher each passing year.

Who is DC Young Fly?

DC Young Fly is an American rapper who initially began his career back in Benjamin E. Mays high school where he was known as the class clown and a big time trouble maker.

Young Fly didn’t start his rap career until 2011 when his brother was killed.

He began to make videos of himself between 2013 and 2014 where he would attack and diss celebrities and some of his victims were B Dhat and comedy stars like Fat and paid.

He also dissed lot more stars like Kevin Hart, Meek Mill, Drake, Lebron James, Welvin DaGreat, but in 2014 one of his videos where he dissed Michael Blackson went viral and immediately skyrocketed DC Young Fly to fame.

The video has since gotten over 2 million views since it was uploaded.

DC Young Fly Biography and Early Life

DC Young Fly was born John Whitefield on the 2nd of May, 1992, but he is better known by his stage name DC Young Fly.

DC Young Fly was born and raised in Adamsville neighborhood on the west side of Atlanta with his two brothers whom he was very close to.

Growing up in the Adamsville neighborhood wasn’t all that good for the three brothers because the neighborhood was known to be full of crime and violence.

During his younger days as a kid, DC Young Fly would spend hours writing songs, jokes and making fun of everybody that came his way especially his classmates.

This earned him a name and a reputation as the class clown.

The new name didn’t go down well with DC Young Fly as he quickly began to make trouble with anyone who called him the class clown.

This rapper fought a lot while attending the Benjamin E. Mays high school and with the help of his two brothers who always teamed up with him, he always won his fights.

Not only was DC Young Fly popular in high school for being a big time trouble maker, he was also known for being very hilarious and funny especially whenever he was in a very good mood.

Since his childhood days he always had the music talent, because even back in his elementary school days he was already addicted to listening to songs, dancing and writing his own songs.

But he wouldn’t take his rap talent or any of his talents serious until 2011 after one of his brothers was killed.

As a kid, DC Young Fly and his two brothers didn’t have it easy in terms of finances as their mother had to work multiple jobs in a bid to put enough food on her children’s table.

Due to their mother’s constant absence from home, DC Young Fly and his sibling began to explore the world outside the four walls of their house and that meant entering the street life.

Without their mother always there to caution them, DC Young Fly and his two brothers went out fully on the streets of Adamsville and began to live the typical street life.

A Street known for high level of crime, drug abuse, violence, gang activities and every other negative behavior which is not healthy for young kids.

After they began to associate with a group of boys who were members of a street gang, at that early age in their lives, DC Young Fly and his two brothers would now engage in various crimes.

Being a member of a street gang even filled him with more confidence and as he went to school and made more trouble, got into more fights and was always backed up by his brothers and some of his gang friends.

DC Young Fly even became more aggressive on the streets of Adamsville as he would now roam around the neighborhood after classes with his brothers and his friends looking for trouble.

As this went on, both DC and his brothers got into lots of fights and problems not only with other gang members but also with the law agencies.

The street war became so serious for DC Young Fly and his siblings that they would intentionally beat up other gang members just to start up a fight.

With all these fights and violence DC Young Fly became a bit popular in not only his Benjamin E. Mays High School but also on the streets of Adamsville.

He became popular on the streets just like how he was popular in school.

He was now well known for being a trouble maker, a notorious gang member and a class clown.

DC Young Fly and his siblings got into all this activities without anyone in their family knowing.

But as unfortunate as it was, during one of the street brawls, DC Young Fly and his gang members were beaten to stupor and one of his brothers also got stabled to death.

DC himself having been stabbed four times, but surviving it all, knew that if he continued living the type of life he was living that he would surely end up like his dead brother, so he quickly called it quits on his street life and a new chapter in his life was opened.

It was at this point that he began to ask himself questions about his life and how to make something useful out of his future which seemed to be in the darks.

He couldn’t think straight because he was still suffering from the nightmare of watching his brother give up the ghost before his eyes.

After some months, he decided to channel a new career and life for himself, but also decided to use his talent of acting, rapping and comedy to the best of his ability.

By 2011, he began to post hilarious videos on Vine which was the reigning video platform back then and most of his videos went viral and within a short period of time DC Young Fly was already making a living for himself just by uploading his many videos on Vine.

Not only was he making money on vine, but he was also building a huge fan base for himself as back then he had over 800,000 followers on vine.

After the unfortunate death of his brother whom was popularly known in the Adamsville neighborhood as Da Crew, DC Young Fly got a D.C tattoo on his fore head which was a mark of respect to his late brother.

DC Young Fly as a young kid was very much addicted to comic and his favorite comic as of then was DC comic series as he would spend all day reading each and every single one of them.

But he did all these when he was not busy making trouble, cracking jokes, rapping or when he was not looking for trouble with his brothers on the streets.

DC Young Fly net worth

DC Young Fly Career and Rise to Fame

After the death of his elder brother whom he shared a lot of common bonds with, in 2011 he decided to forge ahead in life by living a better life.

At least that is exactly what his later brother would have wanted him to do.

It was also at this point in 2011, that DC Young Fly decided to make full use of all his talents as he could become a comedian, actor, rapper or even a television host.

But as of then he couldn’t just become a comedian or any of these, because nobody knew him and he had no connections.

So he decided to make use of any available opportunity that came his way and that was how the Vine idea was born.

In 2011, he created his vine profile and began to upload many funny videos of himself and within a short period of time DC Young Fly had already built a huge fan base for himself as most of his video were going viral.

Back then he already had over 800,000 followers and was already earning a significant amount of income just by posting his videos on Vine.

He became famous after he dissed a lot of famous superstars such as famous basketball player Lebron James, actor and comedian Kevin Hart, Welvin Da Great and rapper Meek Mill.

But he hit the jackpot and became a vine star after his video on Michael Blackson went viral as it accumulated over 2 million video views.

It was after this video went viral that DC Young Fly’s life really changed for good as he was now famous.

But in the early months of 2017 Vine was shut down and this nearly destroyed all his years of hard work, but the rapper quickly bounced back as he is now doing great on his YouTube channel and a host of other video platforms.

DC Young Fly is also doing very well on the television screens as he recorded a high level of success in the MTV Show Wild N Out which was hosted by Nick Canon.

That same season, he was named as the rookie of the year because of his incredible acting talent and he was given there varsity jacket as a symbol of his great talent.

This rapper has also worked with fellow comedians Karlous Miller as he now hosts a podcast named 85 South Show which have been a huge success so far as they have posted over 150 episodes.

2016 was much of a success for this rapper as he went from being a comedian, rapper and podcast presenter to landing his first film role which was on David E. Talbert’s film titled Almost Christmas which also starred other big name actors like Danny Glover and Omar Epps.

The film was full of comedy and drama and was all about a Christmas reunion between two dysfunctional families who can’t seem to be nice to each other.

After the success of his debut film he quickly landed a role in Digital Lives Matter which was also a comedy film which was all about cyber bullying and hating the internet.

Roles seem to be coming from all angles for this actor as he now starred in My Cousin’s Ghetto Wedding which was a combination of romance and comedy.

The film also featured top notch actors like Doug Jones and Claudia Wells.

His comedy career hasn’t stopped soaring as he released a short successful comedy film back in 2017 about himself which was titled DC Young Fly: Legend in the making which was directed by Joe Newman with a budget of not more than $3,000.

As an artiste he has gotten to work with notable stars like SY Arida Kid, B.O.B, Mike Will and a whole lot of others.

On January 22nd, 2015, DC Young Fly’s rap career got a boost after he was featured on a livemixtape.com collaboration mixtape titled Supplying Pressure which featured a good number of other rappers.

Much success came his way in 2016 after he signed a contract with ICM Partners which is the one of the largest talent agencies in the world.

DC Young Fly’s lost fame on vine where he had over 800,000 followers has been regained as he now has over 300,000 active channel subscribers and over 20 million lifetime YouTube video views.

This rapper made himself known in the competitive rap industry with the release of his mixtape titled Fly Allegiance which was made up of ten tracks featuring other artistes like Young Dolph, Sky Pad War, Quintez and Fetty Wap.

In 2017, he released his first studio album titled If You didn’t know me which included awesome songs like wishing, fake love, and body right.

He is popularly known for his many hit songs and some of them include FawwwkUmean, Never Thought, Getting Outtahand, Def Know, High with God, and lots of others.

He has worked with a lot of artistes since the start of his career and they include Young Ace, Ca$h Out, Toni Romiti, Sir the Baptist, Iman and a number of others.

DC Young Fly has definitely proved that he is one of the most talented individuals in the whole American entertainment industry and with his many incredible talents which include singing, rapping, and lots of others, that can only mean that he still has a lot more to achieve.

He has succeeded in all he’s done so far and it is only a matter of time before he would get to the peak of his amazing career.

And as the years go by, so will DC Young Fly net worth and fame also increase because the young man is extremely talented and for sure he also knows his grind and works hard a lot.

DC Young Fly Awards and Achievements

DC Young Fly without doubt is one of the most talented celebrities you can ever think of and he has proven that over and over again.

His incredible arrays of talents has made him a successful rapper, comedian, television personality and he has also succeeded in every other thing he has done which is related to entertainment.

In terms of achievements, DC Young Fly has succeeded as a rapper, comedian, television personality and a whole bunch of other things he is into.

And mind you DC Young Fly is still very young and still has more years to achieve even greater things.

DC Young Fly Net Worth and Salary

It is not just a matter of being talented, if you do not work hard and improve your talent then you will end up a failure.

This rapper, comedian and actor has proven that he is a hard worker and a very talented individual and that is why his career so far has been a massive success.

As of recent DC Young Fly net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

DC Young Fly Net Worth Source

DC Young Fly net worth source for sure is his acting career, comedy career, rap career and many other things which he does.

He has featured in few films which made him a significant amount of money.

As a comedian he has succeeded and also pocketed huge amounts of cash.

DC Young Fly has also starred in a lot of shows which made him a significant amount of income.

But his most successful stream of income so far is his rap and comedy career which has pulled in a major part of his net worth and also the reason why he is very famous.

His many concerts and tours pay him a significant figure and it was reported that he earns over $30,000 yearly from his many concerts and shows.

Coming to the YouTube aspect, this rapper’s YouTube channel has grown massively over the few couple of years he has been on the platform.

As of now, it boast of over 300,000 active channel subscribers and over 20 million lifetime YouTube video views which is simply amazing.

He is paid $3 or more for every thousand views he gets on his YouTube channel, so just imagine how much this rapper would have made with his over 20 million lifetime video views.

DC Young Fly has also earned significantly from different brand endorsements and sponsored posts which he promotes for different brands and companies on his social media.

Is DC Young Fly Net Worth Increasing or Decreasing?

DC Young Fly net worth without doubt is on the increase because according to reliable reports this young man is a great family man and knows his way around spending economically.

DC Young Fly Net Worth 2010

DC Young Fly net worth in 2010 wasn’t known because back then he was still very much active on the streets and had no reliable means of income.

DC Young Fly Net Worth 2011

Likewise in 2011, DC Young Fly net worth was still in the darks.

DC Young Fly Net Worth 2012

In 2012, due to laying his hands on a few things, he began to make some money for himself, back then he had a net worth of $4,000.

DC Young Fly Net Worth 2013

DC Young Fly net worth in 2013 wasn’t all that high as he had a net worth of $10,000 back then.

DC Young Fly Net Worth 2014

DC Young Fly net worth in 2014 was estimated to be $35,000 because as of then his Vine channel was a bit popular and he was also doing very well in his rap career.

DC Young Fly Net Worth 2015

One thing is having talent, another thing is utilizing it very well and without doubt this rapper has shown that he can do the both to perfection and that is why in 2015 his net worth was estimated to be $200,000.

DC Young Fly Net Worth 2016

In 2016, DC Young Fly featured in more films, dropped more songs and mixtapes, collaborated with many artistes and his Vine channel back then was hitting over 500,000 active subscribers and all this saw a significant boost in his net worth.

DC Young Fly net worth in 2016 was estimated to be $420,000.

DC Young Fly Net Worth 2017

2017 wasn’t all that great for this rapper as it was the year that he lost his Vine channel due to the platform being shut down but all these didn’t affect his net worth at all.

As of then DC Young Fly net worth was at the $720,000 mark.

DC Young Fly Age

DC Young Fly was born on the 2nd of May, 1992, so that means as of recent this rapper, comedian and actor is 27 years old.

DC Young Fly Personal Life

DC Young Fly even with all his fame and high net worth has managed to keep himself grounded when it comes to women and relationships.

For the past few years he has been dating a girl named Jacky Oh who is an actress and model and she is of Brazilian descent.

DC Young Fly and Jacky Oh seem to be very happy with each other as their relationship has produced a daughter.

DC Young Fly House

DC Young Fly is a man who knows what poverty is all about because he didn’t have it easy as a kid.

So now that he has made it in life, he is trying his best to enjoy all those things which he couldn’t enjoy as a kid.

This rapper owns a nice house in his home city of Atlanta, but he owns an apartment in Los Angeles where he stays whenever he jets to L.A.

DC Young Fly net worth

DC Young Fly Cars

DC Young Fly is a huge fan of exotic cars and since he began to make money he has acquired a good number of them.

He has a Mercedes Benz and a host of other cars.

DC Young Fly Education

DC Young Fly did very well academically but he dropped out of school at an early age so that he could focus fully on his career.

This rapper attended the Benjamin E. Mays High School where he performed excellently even though he was known for his various mischievous behaviors.

But after he got serious with his rap career he decided not to attend college.

DC Young Fly’s Real Name

DC Young Fly got his nickname from his favorite comic book which is the DC comics.

But his real name is John Whitefield.

DC Young Fly height, Weight and Personal Looks

DC Young Fly is a tall handsome young man as he is 180cm tall and weighs 74kg.

He has an average body build, a dark hair color, dark brown eye color and has tattoos on various parts of his body.

DC Young Fly’s Children

This rapper has a daughter whom he birthed with his longtime Brazilian actress and model girlfriend Jacky Oh.

DC Young Fly’s Parents

DC Young Fly grew up with his two brothers under the care of their mother who had to work multiple jobs just to put food on their table.

Much is not known about this rapper’s dad, but he has a very good relationship with his mother and some few years back he bought for her a Mercedes Benz car.

DC Young Fly’s Siblings

DC Young Fly grew up with his two brothers whom he shared strong bonds with.

He fought and made trouble with them alongside him but in 2011 his elder brother was stabbed to death.

His death changed him for good as he decided to make something great out of his own life because that is what his late brother would have wanted.

He tattooed his late brother’s name Da Crew on his forehead as a mark of respect.

The rapper also has a great relationship with his other brother.

DC Young Fly’s Pets

There are no reports on whether this rapper owns any pet or not as he hasn’t shared any photo of his pets on his social media profiles.

DC Young Fly Social Media Presence

DC rose to fame on social media during his days on Vine, so it only makes sense that he is even more popular on social media.

DC Young Fly has a huge social media following, his Instagram account has over 1 million followers.

He has over 300,000 active channel subscribers on his YouTube channel with over 20 million lifetime video views.

The rapper is also huge on Facebook, twitter, Snapchat and a host of other social media networks.

DC Young Fly Controversies, Legal Issues and Rumors

Controversies, law suits and rumors has become a common topic among celebrities and DC Young Fly has had his own fair share of it all.

Among his many controversies is that of him being arrested for the first time when he was only 18 years of age.

He has also made trouble and beefed with celebrities like fellow comedian and actor Kevin Hart.

The beef between these two all happened on Instagram and it was after these beef that a lot of people began to know who DC Young Fly was.


10 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About DC Young Fly

It may not be all that weird, but a rapper like DC Young Fly would definitely have some crazy facts.

Let us now check them out.

10. He was arrested at the age of 18

DC Young Fly got himself involved in crime at a very young age and was first arrested at the age of 18.

9. He is multi-talented

It is very rare to see a person who can act, dance, make jokes, rap and host shows all at the same time.

So for me, this guy is simply a genius.

8. He would have been dead

During his days on the streets of Adamsville in Atlanta, this rapper was stabbed four times but was lucky enough not to have lost his life.

7. He was a class clown

While attending the Benjamin E. Mays high school, DC was very hilarious and silly, because of this he earned the nick name of the class clown.

But he hated it when people called him the name and always got into fights because of it.

6. The D.C Tattoo

The D.C tattoo on Young Fly’s forehead is the name of his late brother Da Crew who lost his life back in 2011.

5. Vine made it all happen

DC Young Fly began his Vine career in 2011 and within a short period of time he built a huge following on Vine which catapulted him to fame.

4. The surprise for his mom

Over the years, DC has maintained a very good relationship with his mother and some time back he decided to surprise her with a new Mercedes Benz Car.

3. DC Young Fly is a great Father

Even with his notorious past, this rapper has managed to become a great family man and father figure to his kids.

2. He isn’t a play boy

It is unusual to see a young rapper who is rich and famous stick to one girl, but DC did it.

1. DC Young Fly Net Worth

DC Young Fly’s net worth didn’t come all that easy, he achieved it all with hard work and dedication to his craft.


This rapper’s success story is what you would summarize as he came, he saw, and he made it big.

DC Young Fly net worth is just a proof of how dedicated he has been towards his career over the years.


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