Daddy Dave Net Worth And 10 Weird Things About Him

Daddy Dave Net Worth

Daddy Dave Net Worth

This post is all about Daddy Dave Net Worth, his age, career, biography and every other thing you should know about him.

Daddy Dave Net worth 2018

David Comstock popularly known by his nick name Daddy Dave is a car addict who loves everything about cars.

Daddy Dave Net Worth according to reliable sources is estimated to be $2 million.

Who is Daddy Dave?

Daddy Dave whose real name is Daddy Comstock is a popular television personality best known for his incredible role on Street Outlaws and he was once known as the reigning king of the streets.

Apart from racing and love for customized cars, Daddy Dave is also an entrepreneur and the owner of Comstock Auto service where he customizes and designs automobiles.

Daddy Dave Early Life

Daddy Dave was born on the 4th of April 1973 and was raised by his parents.

His father Peter was a farmer while his mother Merger Stock was a house wife.

Daddy Dave fell in love with cars at the age young of 16 just after he completed high school and began driving his father’s car which was the Chery Impala 1978 model.

After he turned 18, he left home to pursue his racing career which later paid off.

Daddy Dave wasn’t the only child of his parents as he also had a brother who wasn’t all that interested in cars like him.

Daddy Dave Education

Much is not known about Daddy Dave’s educational background except for the fact that he completed high school at the age of 16 before moving out from his parents’ house to pursue a career in car racing.

Daddy Dave’s Career

Daddy Dave Net Worth
Source: Speedsociety

After moving from home to pursue his dreams, in 2009 he landed his debut role which was in a television show Pink, but made his career hit with his role on the Street Outlaws on discovery channel.

The series was all about street racing and he quickly made his name as the king of the streets in the series which also featured other big name drivers like Ryan Martin.

His near Death Experience

Back in August 2015, Daddy Dave nearly was a dead man after his car, the GMC Sonoma SLO Pickup truck flipped six times hitting a wall due to over speed, but he made it out alive.

The crashed car which was one of his best was an expensive customized one as he spent over a hundred thousand dollars tuning the car up.
The crash left him with various injuries on his head and he also suffered from concussion.

The new car

Just immediately after the car crash he began to work on another customized car which was the 1963 Chery Nova, he customized and redesigned the car all by himself.

One thing is for sure, even though Daddy Dave net worth isn’t all that much, but he can easily afford any car he wants.

Daddy Dave Personal Life

Daddy Dave’s life is all about cars and anything that moves very fast on the tracks, but this man hasn’t been consumed by his love for cars as he also a very happy married man, a caring husband and a father figure.

He dated his wife Cassie for many years before they decided to tie the knot.

Cassie was beside Daddy Dave all through his time on the sick bed after his close to death car crash and has been supportive to Daddy Dave since then.

After the accident, Cassie told Dave to quit racing, but Dave like we all know is very much addicted to cars and simply can’t do without his rides.

Cassie and Daddy Comstock are blessed with 2 daughters and have also managed to keep them away from the spot light.

Daddy Dave Age

Daddy Dave was born on April 4th 1973, so as of 2018, he is 45 years old.

Daddy Dave Cars

Ever since he fell in love with cars at the young age of 16, Daddy Dave has driven a lot of cars which include, the 1978 Chery Impala, GMC Sonoma Slo pickup truck, 1963 Chery Nova and a lot more cars.

Daddy Dave Net worth 2018

Daddy Dave has managed to afford most cars he had ever wanted and of course most of his cash go into the automobile market.

But this hasn’t affected his bank account in any way as his net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

Daddy Dave Net Worth And Salary

Daddy Dave net worth didn’t just become $2 million over night, he worked for it all and he earns over $2,000 for each episode appearance on the Street Outlaws.

Awards and nominations

Daddy Dave Net Worth
Source: wealthrecords

Daddy Dave began by starring in small roles before making it big with his series Street Outlaws with his friend Justin Shearer and this made him famous.

It was one of the best television series about cars, at least in his home town of Oklahoma and this brought him many award nominations and he also went home with a few of them.

Source of Daddy Dave Net worth

Daddy Dave worked hard for every single dime he has and most of it came from his television series, car dealerships, and other personal investments.

Is Daddy Dave net worth increasing or decreasing?

There is no doubt that this man is growing very strong financially yearly, therefore Daddy Dave net worth can only be on the increase.

Daddy Dave Net Worth 2013

By 2014 much wasn’t known about Daddy Dave net worth.

Daddy Dave Net Worth 2015

As Of 2015, Daddy Dave net worth was yet unknown.

Daddy Dave Net Worth 2016

By 2016, Daddy Dave net worth was estimated to be about $1.4 million.

Daddy Dave Net Worth 2017

By 2017, Daddy Dave net worth was at the $1.8 million mark.

10 Weird Things About Daddy Dave

Daddy Dave may be a gentle man but there are certainly some crazy things about him.

Let us check them out.

1. He was once the reigning king of the streets

Being one of the best street racers you can ever imagine, it only made sense for him to be the king of the streets.

2. How Daddy Dave got his name

Daddy Dave’s real name is Daddy Comstock, but his nick name Daddy Dave was gotten as a result if his awesome skills behind the wheel.

3. Dave Comstock is a family man

Not all Street Outlaws drivers are outlaws indeed as Daddy Dave is a very caring husband and father.

4. His near death experience

August 2015 would have been Daddy Dave’s last month alive but he was lucky enough to have survived a car crash which left him with several injuries.

5. He fell in love with cars at sweet 16

While his mate were busy falling in love with high school girls, Daddy Dave preferred to love cars.

6. He is not the only kid

While growing up Daddy Dave had a brother who isn’t much of a car enthusiast like him.

7. His first Chery Impala

Daddy Comstock fell in love with cars at a very young age and his first ever car was his father’s 1978 Chery Impala model.

8. His dad was a farmer

Not an ordinary farmer, but a farmer who owned a Chery Impala, get that!

9. He wasn’t a fan of school like almost all car lovers and addicts

Daddy Comstock wasn’t much of a school lover, like me!

10. He is not quitting cars any time soon

This guy eats, drinks and breathes anything called cars, so he is not quitting or reducing his love for cars anytime soon.

That means Daddy Dave net worth will be going much more in to cars.


Daddy Dave net worth may not be all that high but the fact still remains that he does what he does best and loves doing which is driving around in the best and most customized of cars.

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