Bretman Rock Net Worth And 10 Weird Things About Him

Bretman Rock net worth

Bretman Rock Net Worth 

Bretman Rock is an Instagram, YouTube and Vine sensation who was born in Philippines and raised in Hawaii.

He has had some issues with his gender stereotypes, but he is best known for his sense of humor, talent and his many make up videos.

YouTube and other social media platforms have provided opportunities for youngsters to excel and Bretman Rock has taken full advantage of it all to show case his immense talent to the world.

He has amassed quite an amount of money in his YouTube career so far.

Bretman Rock net worth is estimated to be $900, 000.

Bretman Rock Biography and Early Life

Bretman was born on a Friday, the 31st of July 1998 in the Philippines, but him, his sister and his mother later moved to Hawaii, United States after his mother divorced his father when he was just seven years of age.

So we can confidently say that this Youngman grew up in the United States.

According to some reports his family also has a bit of Portuguese descent and like we all know he achieved fame and some significant amount of wealth at a very young age.

He began his career on Vine by posting crazy and hilarious videos before tapping in to the opportunities on Instagram and YouTube.

This young man is so much dedicated to what he does or should I say addicted to what he does, so no wonder he is very consistent and successful.

Bretman Rock updates his Instagram account every day and all his posts always gets tons of views.

He also does same for his YouTube channel which is growing by the day.

Ever since starting his career on Instagram he has accumulated over 6 million video views.

His YouTube channel likewise is also growing bigger as he has over 4 million subscribers and over 150 million views.

He began to upload videos to his YouTube channel at the young age of 14 which was in 2012 and the channel has been growing tremendously since then.

Much of Bretman’s gender stereotype comes from the fact that he grew up living with only girls and didn’t socialize that much with his fellow guys.

But the main thing is that this young man is very much successful at what he does and still has many more years to even accomplish more success.

Bretman Rock Career

While growing up Bretman Rock was a huge fan of famous YouTube stars Talia Joy and Patrick Starrr and that is where his makeup inspirations came from.

After watching several of their videos, he decided to make himself up and go outdoors to see how people will react to it.

It wasn’t as bad as he had expected and he then decided to create a YouTube channel where he would be teaching people especially the females how to properly make up.

He launched his YouTube channel in September 2012 and little by little Bretman began to channel a new career for himself and till date his YouTube Channel has become one of the most popular and searched for when it comes to the perfect make up guide.

Another thing that makes Bretman’s YouTube channel very much interesting is his high sense of humor and ability to put himself into his viewer’s shoes.

Bretman is best known for his hilarious nature.

He runs the YouTube channel with his sister who is almost a twin of his, they both are fun to watch.

Bretman Rock’s YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers and over 150 million video views, his most popular uploads so far is the Full Face Pink Glem Tutorial which has gotten over 5 million video views.

Other popular videos on the channel are whisper challenge with over 4 million views, everyday school makeup tutorial with over 3 million views, how to contour with over 3 million views, and doing my sister’s make up which has over 3 million video views.

Bretman Rock net worth

Bretman Rock net worth is estimated to be at the $900, 000 mark, but there is no doubt that it is on the increase.

Bretman Rock net worth

Bretman Rock net worth source

There is no doubt that Bretman Rock’s income source is his YouTube channel which makes him at least $5 for a thousand video views and other sponsored and paid advertisements.

Much is not really known about Bretman Rock’s brand endorsements or personal investments, so that means as of now Bretman Rock net worth source is his YouTube channel.

Is Bretman Rock net worth increasing or decreasing?

This young man is simply living his best life and that means that Bretman Rock net worth is just on the increase.

Bretman Rock net worth 2013

By the year 2013, there wasn’t much information known about this YouTuber, so we can’t really say for sure what his net worth was at this point in time.

Bretman Rock net worth 2014

Just like the previous year, Bretman Rock was still an unknown name and much wasn’t known about him by then.

Bretman Rock net worth 2015

Bretman Rock net worth as of 2015 is unknown as he wasn’t all that popular then.

Bretman Rock net worth 2016

As of 2016 Bretman Rock net worth was at $230, 000.

Bretman Rock net worth 2017

By 2017 Bretman Rock net worth had already sky rocketed to an insane amount as he was then worth $560, 000.

Bretman Rock net worth and Salary 2018

Bretman’s journey to fame began in 2012 with the launch of his YouTube channel which is now a massive source of income to both him and his family.

He earns money through google ads which pays him at least $5 for every thousand ad view.

He is also into post sponsorship with big companies and brand especially those in the fashion and make up niche.

So there is no doubt that this young man is set for life.

Bretman Rock net worth is estimated to be $900, 000 and soon to hit the million mark.

He also makes a significant amount of money from his Instagram through sponsored posts.

Bretman Rock net worth

Bretman Rock Age

Bretman was born on the 31st of July 1998, so that means as of recent Bretman Rock age is 21.

Bretman Rock Instagram

Bretman Rock is most active on Instagram as he updates his profile almost every day, so if you are a fan all you have to do is follow him.

Bretman Rock House

Bretman pockets at least $100, 000 every year or even more, so there is no doubt that he has a nice crib for himself and his family.

Bretman Rock net worth

Bretman Rock Cars

Every YouTuber that gets millions of views on his or her videos is known for living a life most people can only dream of and Bretman is one of those famous YouTubers.

So driving expensive cars wouldn’t be much of a problem for him at all.

Bretman Rock sister

Bretman doesn’t run his YouTube channel alone, he does so with the help of his sister Princess Mae who is also as hilarious and talented as Bretman.

Princess Mae is very popular on Instagram as she has over 900, 000 followers and she became a mother back in 2016.

Princess Mae net worth

Princess Mae is also as famous as her brother both on YouTube and Instagram as she has built a huge fan base for herself.

Princess Mae net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Bretman Rock YouTube Channel

Bretman Rock has made a name for himself with his YouTube channel, he regularly updates the channel and get almost new 10,000 subscribers every week.

The Sexuality issues

Bretman Rock sexuality stereotype has been much of an issue for a long time now, but according to him he is a gay and he came open with it back in 2017.

He once shared a picture of him and his mysterious boyfriend.

Bretman Rock Boyfriend

Bretman is openly into men, so it is not a secret but nothing much is known about his boyfriend, so it seems he is trying his best to keep his personal life private.

Bretman Rock education

Bretman graduated from Campbell high school, but apart from that nothing much is known about his education background.

But for sure he hasn’t been to college.


10 Weird Things about Bretman Rock

For sure, we can’t finish this post without the 10 insane things about this amazing young man.

1. Bretman Rock is a make-up addict

Bretman grew up living with girls, so it wasn’t much of a surprise to see the way he has decided to live his life.

2. Bretman Rock still have issues with his dad

After his mother divorced his father when he was just seven years of age, Bretman have since found it hard to patch things up with his dad.

3. He is openly gay

Yes, he is and he is fighting for equality.

4. It all began in 2012

Bretman began his money making YouTube Channel in 2012 and it has been growing ever since then.

5. His sister is a millionaire

Bretman’s sister who is also an Instagram sensation has a net worth which is in millions.

6. Mother like no other

Bretman is who he is today all thanks to his mother who has been supportive.

7. He feels better on make up


This dude is a bit awkward, but I must say he is one of a kind.

8. Bretman Rock would soon be a millionaire

As of recent Bretman Rock net worth is at $900, 000 and would be in millions very soon.

9. Talia and Patrick Starrr

While growing he always watched Talia Joy and Patrick Starrrs YouTube channel and that is where the idea of a make-up YouTube channel came to his mind.

10. 10k subscribers each week

As mind blowing as it is, Bretman Rock YouTube channel gets new 10, 000 subscribers each week.


Bretman Rock net worth may be in thousands now, but trust me when I say this young man is going to become a millionaire in a matter of years.

Believe the process Bruh!


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