AdannaDavid Net Worth And 10 Weird Things About Her

AdannaDavid net worth

AdannaDavid Net Worth

AdannaDavid is a popular YouTuber, neurosurgeon and social media influencer who was born in Nigeria.

AdannaDavid as a kid loved using cameras to video herself and it got to the extent that after she was bought her first smartphone, all she did was make videos with it.

As of recent AdannaDavid net worth is estimated to be $200, 000.

Who is AdannaDavid?

AdannaDavid is a popular Nigerian vlogger, who is based in both Germany and Ireland, but regularly visits her home country Nigeria.

This young woman began her YouTube career in 2014 alongside her husband David and the channel is all about career decisions, relationship advices, travelling, fashion, motivational talks and every other thing that has to do with living a happy life.

AdannaDavid Biography and Early Life

AdannaDavid was born on a Wednesday, the 2nd of March, 1988 in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria and that makes her birth sign Pisces.

AdannaDavid as a kid didn’t have to struggle all that much as she had almost everything she wanted at her disposal because her father and the family as a whole were all members of the upper class and also politically involved.

AdannaDavid’s father is Ikedi Ohakim and he is a one-time governor of Imo State, which is located in Southeast Nigeria.

Being the daughter of a big politician she didn’t have to ask for anything as everything was all laid down for her on a platter of gold.

As a kid AdannaDavid was very much addicted to Cameras and once she saw one she couldn’t just stay away from it.

The young and vibrant AdannaDavid as of then loved making videos and it got to the point that when she wasn’t in school or during holidays all she will do is pick up a camera or phone especially that of visitors who came to her house, because it is a culture in Nigeria not to get a kid a phone till he or she is matured.

Once she got hold of any phone or camera, she would use it to video the whole house and people around.

She continued doing this until her father bought for her a camera which she now used in making her videos.

As a kid, AdannaDavid did excellently in school and she didn’t also allow her love for making videos to negatively affect her love for education and reading books.

Apart from the fact that AdannaDavid loved making videos, she also loved taking care of people especially her family members who already dubbed her nurse of the house at that young age.

In school she did very well in sciences and that is exactly why her politician father Ikedi Ohakim concluded that his daughter will have to major in Neurosurgery.

AdannaDavid Career and Rise to Fame

AdannaDavid’s career began when she was still in high school because as of then she was already making videos and could also edit them to the best of her ability.

After she graduated from high school, due to the work load in college, she then had to halt her video making addiction so as to focus on her studies.

But in February 2014, after she has done quite well in her academics she came back to full time vlogging and this time with her husband who is a white.

AdannaDavid and her husband update there YouTube channel which now has over 60, 000 active channel subscribers and over 10 million video views every week.

The YouTube channel is all about their life experiences and advices, travel talks, relationship advices, motivational talk, fashion, child care, make up tutorials, beauty and every other thing relating to women.

AdannaDavid became a mother in 2016 with the birth of her son named Kian Nnamdi.

She also uses her YouTube channel as a means to share tips with new mothers on how to care for their babies.

Not only does she do all this fun things on her YouTube channel, she also uses the channel to advocate for feminism, equality and health education.

AdannaDavid Awards and Achievements

There is no better award or achievement anybody can have than having thousands of loyal fans who are eager to consume anything you put out there and that is the case of AdannaDavid and her over 60, 000 active channel subscribers.

Not only has this young woman excelled in her YouTube career, she has also excelled as a world class neurosurgeon, but she is better known as a YouTuber.

AdannaDavid Net Worth and Salary

AdannaDavid net worth as of recent is estimated to be $200, 000 and it is only getting higher by the year.

AdannaDavid Net Worth Source

AdannaDavid net worth can said to be as a result of her two main income sources which are her YouTube channel revenues and her income as a medical professional.

As a neurosurgeon she earns over $100, 000 every year and also makes a significant amount of paycheck from her YouTube channel.

She is paid between 2 to 5 dollars for every thousand video views on her YouTube channel.

So imagine how much she would have made by now with her over 10 million YouTube video views.

Is AdannaDavid Net Worth Increasing Or Decreasing?

Without doubt AdannaDavid net worth is on a steady increase and will only get higher as the years passes by.

AdannaDavid Net Worth 2010

Back in 2010, much information wasn’t known about this YouTuber except for the fact that she is the daughter of Ikedi Ohakim who is a popular politician in Nigeria.

AdannaDavid Net Worth 2011

AdannaDavid net worth in 2011 was also unknown.

AdannaDavid Net Worth 2012

By 2012 AdannaDavid hasn’t yet created her YouTube channel, so she almost had no stream of income and therefore had no net worth.

AdannaDavid Net Worth 2013

AdannaDavid net worth as of 2013 wasn’t known and even at that time she was majorly focused on her education and haven’t yet began her YouTube career.

AdannaDavid Net Worth 2014

AdannaDavid net worth in 2014 was relatively low because it was the same year she began her YouTube channel in partnership with her husband.

AdannaDavid Net Worth 2015

By the year 2015, due to the much views and awareness her YouTube channel generated in a couple of months coupled with her salary as a surgeon, AdannaDavid net worth shot up to $42, 000.

AdannaDavid Net Worth 2016

In 2016, she was already very successful in her medical profession and had a lot of things going on for her on her YouTube channel.

So as of then AdannaDavid net worth was estimated to be $90, 000.

AdannaDavid Net Worth 2017

Due to the continued growth of her YouTube channel, by 2017 AdannaDavid net worth was at the $125, 000 mark.

AdannaDavid net worth

AdannaDavid Personal Life

AdannaDavid have so far had the perfect love life any woman could ever dream of.

Some years back she got married to her longtime boyfriend whom she met while schooling abroad.

There have always been a stereotype when it comes to whites marrying blacks but all that didn’t matter as Adanna happily got married to David.

The couple had their wedding ceremonies in Nigeria, Ireland and Germany.

In February 2016, AdannaDavid gave birth to her first child and son Kian Nnamdi and gave birth to his second son Noah David on the 23rd of march 2018.

So without doubt I can boldly say that AdannaDavid’s personal life is going very perfect for her.

AdannaDavid Age

AdannaDavid was born on the 2nd of March, 1988, so that means as of recent this vlogger and mother turned 31 years old.

AdannaDavid House

AdannaDavid is a very busy woman and her work involves her jostling from one corner of the world to another on a regular basis.

But for sure she has a nice apartment in Ireland and Germany and for sure a mansion in her home country Nigeria.

AdannaDavid Cars

There are a lot of women who have zero taste in luxury and one example of those kind of women is AdannaDavid.

She is not the type that flaunts her cars on social media, but for sure a person of her caliber should definitely have a car or two.

AdannaDavid Education

AdannaDavid was very brilliant and did very well in her studies and it was at a very young age that she already knew the path she wanted to take in life and that was to become a successful YouTuber and surgeon.

She attended elementary and high school in Nigeria before going abroad to further her education.

AdannaDavid Real Name

A lot of YouTubers are known for using nick names and other cool names but AdannaDavid decided to go with her real name.

So this vlogger’s real name is AdannaDavid.

AdannaDavid Height, Weight and More

AdannaDavid is 150cm tall and weighs less than 65kg.

She is also dark in complexion and have a black hair color.

AdannaDavid net worth

AdannaDavid Children

AdannaDavid has two sons whom she birthed with her husband.

Their sons names are Kian Nnamdi, he was born in February, 2016 and the second son Noah David was born on the 23rd of March, 2018.

AdannaDavid Parents

AdannaDavid comes from a wealthy and politically involved family as her father Ikedi Ohakim was a one-time governor of Imo State, located in southeast Nigeria.

Her mother Mrs. Ohakim was also a onetime first lady of the state.

AdannaDavid Siblings

AdannaDavid grew up in a large Igbo family, so for sure she has many siblings, but much is not known about them.

AdannaDavid Pets

AdannaDavid for sure is a good mother, but she may not also be a great pet lover as there is no indication that she or her kids have any.

AdannaDavid Social Media Presence

This young woman has built a huge fan base for herself on social media as she has over 60, 000 active channel subscribers on her YouTube channel.

She is also on Instagram with over 10, 000 followers, AdannaDavid also has a huge fan base and following on twitter and a host of others social media platforms.

AdannaDavid net worth

AdannaDavid Controversies

The only controversy that AdannaDavid has gotten herself in to is that of marrying a white man.

As an Igbo woman, there have always been this stereotype that an Igbo woman must marry an Igbo man, but that is all in the past as this is the 21st century.

Things are changing!

10 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About AdannaDavid

Let us check them out.

10. She comes from a rich family

Being the daughter of a former governor and a politician only means one thing and that is that she comes from a rich and powerful Nigerian family.

9. She is a neurosurgeon

It is rare to see YouTubers who are also succeeding in other professions, so AdannaDavid is simply unique.

8. She is a mother

Coupled with her work load as a wife, YouTuber and medical professional, this young woman is also has a child to take care of.

7. She is into Literature

It is weird to see a medical professional who studies science all through in school having anything to do with literature.

6. She is a fan of Chima Amanda Adichie

This YouTuber and mother is a fan of one of Africa’s literary icons Adichie Ngozi.

5. She loves travelling

From Nigeria to Germany, and to Ireland, that is her usual route.

4. Cooking is her hobby

As a woman who has been to different countries, what makes her more interesting is that she can cook Nigerian, Ireland and German dishes.

3. She is not a show off

Unlike most other successful YouTubers, AdannaDavid prefers to live a quiet and happy life with her family.

2. Her Unique African style

When it comes to top notch dressing, then AdannaDavid is the woman for you as she is simply a slay queen.

1. AdannaDavid net worth and Education

A lot of people usually think that for them to make it big in life, they have to drop out of school

But you are looking at a young woman who excelled in her education and also succeeding in her profession as a YouTuber.

So it is not a must that for you to be a YouTuber you have to drop out from school.


AdannaDavid net worth is a proof of her hard work and dedication to both her medical profession and YouTube career.

She is definitely an inspiration to many women out there.

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