10 Ugly Parenting Rules The Obamas Made Their Kids Follow Which Made Us Ask Questions

Even though these kids grew up in the White House, but there were so many insane rules they had to follow which will really surprised us.

Let us check out those rules.

10. No iPhones till weekends

When they were still in the White House, the Obama daughters were allowed access to their iPhones only on weekends.

9. No revealing outfit

Even though they disobeyed this rule on many occasion especially when they went partying, but anytime they were in the house they wore decent clothes.

8. The must do chores

Being the first daughters you would expect them to be free of chores, but their parents made it compulsory for them to do there chores before they were given there allowances.

7. They must learn Mandarin

Growing up as the Obama kids must have been hard on them because there dad forced them into learning Mandarin which is a Chinese language.

6. No parties

The two girls were strictly told by their parent never to go to parties and clubs but they often disobeyed this rule.

5. The healthy Diet Rule

Michelle do not approve of junk foods in her kitchen because she compelled her kids to eat balanced diet.

4. No revealing talks

Even though they were kids back then, but they were still aware of few things that went on in the White House and they were mandated never to reveal any of it to outsiders.

3. An Ivy League school is compulsory

Barrack always wanted the best for his kids and he made it compulsory for all of them to attend an Ivy League school.

2. No Tv on week days

To be honest if I was one of the Obama daughter I would run away.

No Tv for a whole week and only on weekends!

That is just like death.

1. Few chosen friends

These kids even had their mom’s say on the kind of friends they had.

They didn’t have too much friends, only kids from good families were allowed to associate with them.


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