10 Signs That Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Would Soon Split

It may seem impossible, but these signs say otherwise and this high profiled royal couple might be on their way to divorce.

Let us check out those signs.

10. Her Ego and Ambition

Only an ambitious woman like Meghan can ditch a fast rising acting career to become a Prince’s wife and if she has a bigger ambition which may involve splitting with the Prince then she will surely do it.

9. Meghan is a commoner and not from a wealthy family

Prince William may have married Kate Middleton who is commoner but she comes from a very wealthy family, but on the other hand, Meghan is a commoner and her family is not so rich.

8. The celebrity blood

It is very common for celebrities to divorce there partners and nowadays divorce is more of a blood running in all celebrities and Meghan might divorce the prince just like how she did her first husband.

7. The family friendship

Meghan comes from an average family and of course the relationship between the royals and her family may not be all that great.

6. The American bad luck

Meghan is not the first American woman to be married by a member of the royal family, King Edward VIII got married to an American woman Wallis Simpson, but it needed in a divorce and same may happen to Meghan and Harry.

5. The religious background

Until 2015, no royal family member was allowed to get married to a catholic, even though the rules have changed but it may still be a reason for a split.

4. The boring fashion

British royalties especially the women are not allowed to wear casual or revealing clothes, instead it is mandatory to always wear long gowns and berets which would definitely be boring for Meghan.

3. She would soon break the ‘No publicity rule’

It is immune in all celebrities, especially Hollywood stars like Meghan to have the camera and media attention on them and the royals are not fans of this and very soon Meghan would shade this rule and do things her own way which will definitely land her in trouble with the queen.

2. Her family background

Unlike Kate Middleton, Meghan comes from an average background and grew up in one of the worst places in the US.

1. It may all have been a plan

Rising Hollywood stars can go to any length just to become famous and this may all have been all Meghan’s plan all along, to marry the prince, become famous and then divorce him to return to her acting career.

And once she returns to acting, every director would be trying their best to feature ‘Prince Harry’s ex-wife.’


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