10 Sexy Models Leonardo DiCaprio Has Dated Over The Years

There is no other man in Hollywood who finds it easier to get any woman of his choice than Leonardo DiCaprio and he has made his name as one of Hollywood’s greatest playboys ever.

Let us check out who those models are.

10. Toni Garrn

Back in 2013, Leonardo and Toni were spotted hanging out on many occasions in New York before they broke up in 2014.

9. Eva HerziGova

Eva and Leonardo’s relationship dates back to 1998 after they met at the premiere of ‘The man in the iron mask’ but they only lasted a month together.

8. Helena Christensen

Leonardo became lady’s favorite after he starred in ‘Titanic’ in 1997 and one of those women who wanted him at all cost was Helena.

7. Emma Miller

Emma and Leonardo’s relationship was more of a secret but they were spotted hanging on few occasions.

6. Nina Agdal

Nina and Leonardo were rumored to have had a thing for each other between 2016 and 2017 before going their separate ways.

5. Bridget Hall

Bridget was one of the most popular models in the 90’s and linked up with Leonardo in 1994 but it was a brief one.

4. Kelly Rohr Bach

In 2015, Leonardo and Kelly were seen having the best time of their life while they rode a bike together but the relationship didn’t make it to a year mark.

3. Naomi Campbell

These two young stars back then in 1995 got involved in a hot romance but Leonardo being the playboy he is called off the relationship after a short period.

2. Erin Heatherton

Erin joined the countless list of Leonardo’s exes when they hooked up in 2011 before splitting due to not having time for each other.

1. Lorena Rae

After meeting in France, Lorena and DiCaprio brought their romance back to New York and hung out many times, but like all DiCaprio’s previous relationships it quickly became a thing of the past.


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