10 Reasons Why Ben Affleck Should Leave The Batman Role

A lot of people think Ben Affleck Should call it a quit from his role as Batman and there are also rumors saying that he is not in good terms with Warner Bros and other people involved in the movie production.

Now let us check out the reasons.

10. He hated Batman vs Superman

Ben began to star as Batman in 2016 and he made his debut in the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of justice and this movie was regarded as one of the worst of the year and a lot of people blamed him for it.

It seems he took all the trollings to heart and is now about to call it a quit.

9. He was not allowed to do it his own way

There were reports back in 2016 that Affleck will be writing and directing his own Batman movie but I think the deal turned around and that really infuriated him.

8. A new director issue

After Ben Affleck was not given the opportunity to write and direct his own batman movie, Warner Bros then brought in a new director Matt Reeves who did not even bother to get some ideas from Ben.

This really made him to start considering opting out from the Batman role.

7. Jake Gyllenhaal might be ready for the job

Jake auditioned for the Batman role over 15 years ago and is set to replace Ben should he decide to leave the role for good.

6. He feels disrespected

There are reports that another reason Ben might leave the role is because he is not getting the maximum respect an actor of his caliber deserves from Warner Bros.

5. He is losing interest

One of the reasons why Ben Affleck should leave the Batman role is because of his continuous loss of interest in the role and the disputes he is always having with the production team.

4. A new face is needed

A lot of people including the Batman fans feel that a new face is needed, because a new face brings in new ideas.

3. He needs time for his other roles

Ben Affleck might be losing interest in the Batman role due to his lack of time to features in other movies.

2. He is now bigger than the movie itself

A lot of people think that Ben now feels proud and bigger than the Batman movie and without him the movie will die off.

Many people want a new face so that they can prove him wrong.

1. Other actors want the role

Who wouldn’t like to be the Batman?

It can only be an honor to take up the role as the Batman and a lot of actors want this job badly which is really not good for Ben.


Do you think Ben Affleck should go or stay?


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