10 Reasons Why Batman Will Always Be Better Than Black Panther

Batman and Black Panther are both among the strongest super heroes and have lived up to all our expectations, but the real questions is who is the best between the both?

Let us now check out those reasons why Batman is better than Black Panther.

10. Batman has no powers

Batman became the Super Hero he is through his own training and determination, unlike those other Super Heroes who wield magical powers.

9. Batman fights for a reason while Black Panther is a mandate

Batman became a Super Hero due to his own reasons and decisions and wasn’t under any mandate while on the other hand Black Panther is passed from generation to generation.

8. Black Panther is not yet experienced

Even though Black Panther have had quite a time on our screen, but we all know Batman came out years before Black Panther surfaced and has faced tougher enemies than Black Panther.

7. The magical claw difference

Black Panther’s suite is one of the most technologically advanced and also comes with artificial claws.

But Superman’s suite is a simple and doesn’t have much technology unlike the Black Panther’s suite.

6. They both have different emotions

We all know that throughout our years of watching Batman movies, cartoons and reading his comics he hasn’t shed a blood but on many occasions Black Panther has come close to doing so.

5. The Publicity difference

What makes a super hero even much loved is when people are not aware of the person behind the mask.

Everyone knows who T’Challa is and what Wakanda is all about, but the Batman still remains a mystery to many.

4. Batman does it all alone

One of the major difference between Batman and Black Panther is that Batman fights most of his fights alone whereas Black Panther has an army of both male and female soldiers.

3. Batman is way smarter than Black Panther

When it comes to intelligence, smartness, cleverness then Black Panther is still far away from Batman.

2. The cool techs

Another reason why Batman is still better than Black Panther is because he is a billionaire tech freak and uses all those cool techs when fighting villains.

1. Black Panther is way richer but does less

Bruce Wayne outside of his mask and super hero suit is worth over $9 billion while Black Panther with all his Vibranuim and resource deposit of Wakanda is worth over $90 trillion.

But Batman does more with his little money when compared to that of T’challa.


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