10 Most Insane Things Scott Disick Has Spent His Money On Since His Split With Kourtney Kardashian

Ever since his split with Kourtney Kardashian he has gotten the freedom he has been yearning for and now spends his money any how he chooses, even on the most insane things we can ever imagine.

Let us now check those things out.

10. All Gucci

He may not be a Gucci master like most celebs, but on few occasions he has rocked it and it really fits him.

9. The unique vacations

One of the best advantages of being an ex to a Kardashian is that you still remain in the limelight even after the break up and Scott is making the best out of it with his expensive vacations.

8. Wristwatches like no other

Wearing Wristwatches to Scott is not all about telling time rather it is all about the show off and he’s got the best of them.

7. Boat rides

Scott is one of those celebs who love spending most of their time on beaches, having the best time of his life while taking the most luxurious of boat rides.

6. His exotic house

Being a millionaire celebrity like Scott means you can get the best houses for yourself no matter the cost.

5. His Car garage

One trademark celebrities are known for are expensive cars and Scott is no exception because his garage is all expensive.

4. The Sun Glasses

One thing that Scott cannot stay away from when it comes to fashion is Sunglasses and he spares no money when it comes to getting the best.

3. The jet way

Most celebrities if not all can’t take commercial airlines, they love traveling in luxury and in style.

2. Filling the belle

No celebrity with lots of cash can ever go hungry and Scott being a rich celeb loves to eat the best of foods.

1. The partying style

Since his split with Kourtney, Scott has reactivated his party lifestyle and is really enjoying his freedom.


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