10 Drake Songs We All Hate

Drake makes hits after hits, but there are some which a lot of people really hate.

The simple truth is that you cannot satisfy everyone, so there is bound to be hate.

So let us check out those hated songs of his.

10. Grammys ft Future

Drake in this song talked about how he is the real deal and of course most people misunderstood the lyrics and thought he was bragging.

9. Closer ft Adreena Mill

This was shot in 2007 and features a much younger and unpopular Drake, not many people know this song therefore only few appreciate it.

8. Jungle

Drake killed this song with cool rhymes and matching lyrics and it was cool to listen to but there are also different unhappy views about this song.

7. Weston Road Flows

It was all about his roots, where it all began and this story didn’t make sense to people because they think that Drake have said his story over and over again and it is now boring to the ear.

6. From time ft Jhene Aiko

You would almost call this song a poem or a conversation and many people did not like this song.

5. Too much ft Sampha

Sampha began it cool and steady but Drake later came out strong with heavy lines and that really messed up the song.

4. 9AM in Dallas

It made it to the billboard charts but many people hated the song because Drake used it to address all of his haters.

3. Camera

The lyrics were nice, more of a truth telling lyrics than a love one.

2. Now and Forever

Drakes talks about his future, dreams, hopes and fears in this song and the song really was good but fans of rap hated the song because they wished a rap partner was featured by Drake.

It would been better if rap was infused.

1. Fear

Who wants to hear what trying to rise to fame cost you and the anxiety it brings to you.

To people that is very boring and that is why this is Drake’s most hated song.


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