10 Celebrities Who Dated And Married There Female Fans

Most celebrities might be carried away by the tremendous love they receive from their fans especially the female fans and may decide to take advantage of it and maybe sleep with them or use them or sometimes make good use of it by dating one of them which sounds a bit cool.

So in this post we are going to look at those 10 celebs who dated there fans.

1. Joe Jonas

Joe was part of the most famous boy bands back in 2008, and it was reported many times that Joe made out with his female fans and occasionally dated some.

2. River Cuomo

Kyoko Ho was a college student back in the 90’s and she was a huge fan of Cuomo, the two will later meet in the United States and after a decade of their first meeting they got married.

3. Kelsey Grammer

In 2010, Kelsey divorced his previous wife, only to get married to a flight attendant Kayte Walsh who was one of his biggest fans.

4. Steve Harvey

In 1990, Steve Harvey while on a show made one of the most reputable future prediction of all time when she told one of his female fans at the audience section that he would marry her one day, after 15 years of making this prediction, they got married.

5. Elvis Presley

Back in the 1950’s Elvis was known as the king of rock n’ roll and a lot of his female fans were going crazy for him.

In 1956 Priscilla Wagner, who was a 14 year old female fan of his, caught his eyes and this later led into a relationship.

6. Adam Sandler

Jackie was an actress in the early 2000’s and also a huge fan of Adam, after starring with him in a couple of movies two of them got married.

7. Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey was the star of the popular movie ‘Greys Anatomy’ and he got married to his hair stylist who was huge fan of his in 1999, until they went their separate ways in 2015.

8. Billie Joe Armstrong

Singer, Billie Joe crossed paths with his future wife when he was on his first music tour in 1990. After Andrienne Nasser who was a huge fan of his asked for a copy of his album, he picked interest in her and one thing led to another and they got married in 1994.

9. Conan O’Brien

Conan met Liza who was a big fan of his in 2000 while shooting a skit, after they got to know each other and dated for over a year, they got married in 2002.

10. Hanson

Hanson was a boy band group in the 90’s which was made up of three brothers and each of them married a female fan.


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